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This is the second generation of web. Web 2. The basic idea behind the introduction of Web 2. The following are the characteristics of Web 2. The technology aims to keep the pages as interactive as possible. Limitations :. Technologies in Web 2. This has in turn led to an overdose of information. Web 3. Some of the technologies in Web 3. Resorting to the use of a less-developed device may not yield the desired output. How do the web technologies differ from each other? The Future.

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Ruby 2. Scala 2. Python 68 3. JavaScript Flash 3. Silverlight 0. Bootstrap Modernizr Underscore 3. MooTools 2.

Popper 2. Bootstrap 3. HTML XHTML HTML5 2.

The Evolution of the Web

HTML 3. UTF-8 ISO 2. Windows 0. Shift JIS 0. UTF-8 2.

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Windows 5 3. PNG JPEG GIF SVG BMP 0. SVG 1, 2.

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CSS Compression Default protocol https Cookies Default subdomain www Default protocol https 1, 2. RDFa Meta-tag-based formats Microdata Microformats 0. Twitter Cards 3. IdenTrust Sectigo DigiCert Group GoDaddy Group 4. GlobalSign 1. IdenTrust 1, 2.

GoDaddy Group 57 3. Facebook 7. Twitter 6. AddThis 2.

Web Technologies of the Year

Pinterest 1. Reddit 1 2. Google Hosted Libraries CDNJS 9. Yandex Libraries Hosting 0.

Platforms and technologies

CDNJS 2. Google Analytics Facebook Pixel 8. Metrica 5. WordPress Jetpack 4. Hotjar 2. Facebook Pixel 41 2. Snowplow 32 3. Google Ads Amazon Associates 0.