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It was supposed to appear in the Forest level as a placeholder boss but it was later replaced by the White Demon. It is a more powerful and a much stronger version of the Forest Vampire with HP and its size is quintuple x5 of the Forest Vampire size. It is the most dangerous and harmful enemy in the Catacombs level, he uses the same model as the Transformed Vampire but only smaller, he holds a barrel which has the string to it already lit. The Barrel Vampire will drop his barrel when he is close enough to the player causing a explosion which will kill him and do a massive amount of damage to the player.

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On higher difficulty it can instantly kill the player. Despite the fact that the barrel's string is lit, it will never explode by itself like the Suicide Vampire. The Suicide vampire is an exact replica of the Barrel Vampire, with the only exception that he has only 1 HP and he will die if 7 seconds have passed.

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They will only appear in a group of 2 in the Catacombs level near the brick wall which they will ambush after you have killed every single monster. They will spawn only if you get close enough to the brick wall.

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The Suicide Vampire may serve as an introduction to the Barrel Vampire so that the player will get used to their behavior and pattern. Also the suicide after 7 seconds may tell the player that they will explode on impact. Also the Suicide Vampire's barrel's explosion will deal way less damage than the Barrel Vampire. This was done so that the player will not die to an enemy that they never meet before.

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