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The Time Traveler’s Almanac: The Threads of Time by C.J. Cherryh

I chose this quote because I think that what this quote says is the most important thing in this story. It could be used as a really short summary: the main idea in this text is that people can build their future but not change their past.

It also is the main idea of my analysis of the text, which is basically that people can prepare for their future, get educated and work hard to have a good future but the errors people make are not erasable. Figurative language:. Plot elements: -Exposition: the narrator explains how the notion of time works in his.

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World and how people travel in time. Present time. He has. Tone: sincere, melancholic, poetic, unsure. The reason why I chose this picture is because I think the theme is about making good choices in life and thus having good education to get a good future. The psychoanalytic criticism is best here because there is a hidden message beyond the text.

A psychoanalytic critic would say that this story represents choices we make. It was already made, but they made copies.

The Threads of Time (by: C.J. Cherryh)

These copies let them travel not to just distant planets, but to distant years. All the way up until the End of Time, which no one as dared had the courage to go through.

The only rule about using the Gates is that no one is permitted to travel back in a Gate once they have gone forward to prevent any time paradoxes from occurring. The qhals in charge of this responsibility are called Agents, and they are permitted to travel forward and backward. It is a strange life Agents live, having no true home or time, and Agent Harrh is starting to miss spending time with his family.

This was what really gave me that head ache. Harry is from the year since First Gate. Makes perfect sense.

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But the Now, is currently the year since First Gate discover… How is that possible to know? If time is continuous on one time line, and they have the ability to go froward and back, from any gate, to any time, then how could you possibly know when the real Now is?

Samurai Jack and the Threads of Time: Episode 3 - The Great (Fan Dub)

Every year since First Gate should be considered the Now. Unless I missed something from that intro paragraph, the only explanation I can think of that would give someone that knowledge, would be if each Agent had some type of time recording machine, separate from the effects of time-travel, and has been counting up since First Gate. If I travel from to , then yes I have missed 5 years with my family.

They have no idea I traveled 5 year into the future and stayed there for 2 years. To them, I was gone 20 minutes. Meaning: Gate A originally takes me to the year since First Gate. But, if the Now has elapsed 10 years, that means that next time I use Gate A, it would take me to year since First Gate. Difficult to wrap the brain around, maybe, but I could go with it, and it would explain why he has those missing years. Which I will not get into XD.

"The Threads of Time" by CJ Cherryh

Cherry makes is clear that Gates let to you travel to different times, Harrh is an Agent who protects the Gates, and when something is changes in the past, it affects the future. The mechanics of time travel has zero impact with the plot.

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  • And the actual paradoxes that traveling into the past can create aka the butterfly effects , that all made perfect sense to me and I really like how that played out in the story! He's known for his vicious nature on the battlefield. Sa Lum - Sa Kyung's older sister. She is the one that pulled Moon Bin underwater in the pool, and therefore responsible for his trip to the past.

    The Time Traveler’s Almanac: The Threads of Time by C.J. Cherryh | MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape

    Ultimately raped and killed by Sali Tayi. Before her death, her body was in a comatose state, yet her spirit - both while she was living and dead - often visited Moon Bin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic series. For the Cherish the Ladies album, see Threads of Time album. Other publishers. Anime News Network. Retrieved 2 August