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God was and continues to humble me.

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After both sons graduated from Bible College and worked in the youth ministry, I thought I was home free. They are grown and walking with the Lord.

Now, I will enjoy them as young adults and await marriage and grandchildren. Was I in for a shock! The enemy set his trap and little by little, my sons began to follow worldly pleasures. So after the am phone call, there have been a series of events that have caused a long painful road of broken dreams and unanswered prayers. Although my husband was heart-broken, I noticed that he did not experience the prodigal journey the same way I did.

The mother-child bond, given by the Lord to protect and nurture a little one to adulthood can be overwhelmingly painful when living with a prodigal. I hated it! How did we get to this place? Where did I go wrong? As a Christian leader, I have been aware that there are many hurting moms whose children are not following the Lord. Now I had joined the sisterhood in the shame, grief and isolation, the overwhelming sense of failure.

E for Moms of Prodigals was born. I realized that the Body of Christ provides connection and support for moms of toddlers and teens. But when the child grows to adulthood, a mom is on her own. If that adult child makes poor choices and turns her back on the ways of the Lord, the journey can be lonely and devastating.

The evidence of His hand often appears suddenly in an atmosphere of faith, trust and belief. There is so much of this journey that is out of our control, while we wait with hopeful expectancy.

But there ARE things we can do. There ARE strategies for prayer. There ARE mindsets that will ease the pain and we share the journey with other sisters. H is for humility. We have spent a lifetime loving, nurturing, comforting and praying for our child. When our child hits the rough patches in life, we attempted to smooth it over, to fix it. Our adult child must walk through this one on his or her own.

And so in humility, we release our child to the ONE who has all power, all knowledge and loves our child more than we ever will. His ways are greater than our ways. Isaiah O is for obedience.

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We listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit. We ask the Lord to show us what needs to be change in our own hearts. We confess sin to the Lord and to our adult child as the Holy Spirit leads.

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Whatever He says to do, we do it. We keep the love line open with our child, sending texts and cards, assuring him of our love. We keep our commitments. We serve the church and build His Kingdom. We fight against the temptation to isolate, to complain about where is God in this situation, to have an anger that slides into bitterness. No matter what the outcome, let the Lord find us obedient to His ways and will! If you love me, keep my commands.


John P is for praise and prayer. We are aware that our words have power. And as the enemy desires that the prodigal journey would draw us away from God, the Lord bids us to draw close.

Offering God's Hope to Families with Prodigals Part 2 - Pastor Jim and Pastor Bill Putman

Run with open arms, welcoming their child home. All of us have played the part of the prodigal. Wandered far from home. Resisted the only relationship that can truly satisfy us. But it is one thing to be the prodigal and quite another to be the parent of one. There are many parents still waiting and watching. Looking and praying. Hoping for their lost son or daughter to come home. The pain of being a parent of a prodigal is unique.

Every Christian parent longs to see their children walk in the truth 3 John 4. Could you use a few parenting tips? Kirk and Chelsea Cameron have you covered with a new six-week course. The good news is that there is hope for the parent of a prodigal whose heart is hurting, but still waiting for their son or daughter to return. If this is your story, then here are three reminders as you prayerfully wait for your own prodigal, to come back home. We brought them into the world and we worked hard to bring them up in the world.

We gave them their first bath. Watched them take their first steps. Helped with homework.

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Disciplined them. Laughed with them, cried with them, and of course, had our fair share of disagreements with them. More than anything — we loved them. But as much as we love our child, we have a Father who loves our son or daughter even more.

The Power of Hope for Prodigals: Prepare the Way Home

The good news is that because God loves them he has not left them. He is still pursuing them. In Jesus, God came to us.

He is a lover who makes the first move. He is not willing that any should perish 2 Peter He wants all to come back to him — including your son or daughter. He is patient, good, and graciously inviting your child to return. Even though they may be beyond your control or influence, God is pursuing them. In different ways, through different people, in many different circumstances, God has not given up.