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Hinson joined the police department in and commands the investigative bureau, which oversees the criminal investigations division. The branch includes the family victims unit which is in charge of investigating all cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and crimes against juveniles. The report, which spans 54 pages and can be found in its entirety online, alleges that Hinson and Chandler dismissed the allegations brought forth by a year-old male client who claims that a staff member sexually abused him on two separate occasions.

The report does not explicitly list the client or Hinson or Chandler by name. Both Hinson and Chandler, who were reached by phone on Monday, declined to comment for this story. The statement also he was assaulted. According according to the report. The group home, located on Glenside Drive in Greensboro, is currently vacant according to Johnny Whitaker, who owns the property. Whitaker said that Center of Progressive Strides moved out about two months ago and that a woman who is a friend of Hinson and Chandler is planning to open a new group home in the facility.

The staff member said that the division has not received a new mental health licensure application for the same location. It was not the first time [staff 9] heard this from a kid in the group home. In June, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan vowed go after landlords who ignore ballooning civil penalties for housing-code violations on units deemed not fit for human habitation. The city made good on the threat, filing suit last month to collect the civil penalties. The city currently has 11 civil suits in play.

If that does not yield the desired result, then a lawsuit is filed. Smith, an attorney who owns two rental houses off Indiana. Avenue on the north side of the city. Acting as housing conservation administrator, Brown made a determination that the property was unfit for human habitation, and issued an order for repair or demolition. The order provides opportunities for the property owner to make repairs or appeal the decision before any punitive action is taken.

The city filed suit to collect the civil intervention to maintain safe housing. On Aug. Code of Ordinances. The suit goes on to allege that the simply ran into difficulty repairing a We have a great housing rehabilitation Agapion family has disregarded city furnace, explaining that while he did office.

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Rudy Rizk said he was in his home country of Lebanon when the city issued a complaint and notice of hearing for housing-code violations on his rental property on Thurmond Street. The tenant has repeatedly told the defendant before the issues are resolved she would own said property. Anderson also said his wife, Vickie, suffers from dementia. In four cases, the city has alleged that the dwellings were occupied in violation of the orders finding them not fit for human habitation.

In 19 other cases, the property owners subject to outstanding civil penalties have set up payment plans, according to a list provided to Triad City Beat by the city. The city is currently researching three cases, and preparing for to initiate litigation in three others, while two of the deadbeat landlords have been identified as deceased. Smith could not be reached for comment. Other defendants are more voluble in their legal pleadings. Responding through his attorney, James A.

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The Loyal White Knights of the KKK are by Jordan Green so radioactive that Jason Kessler, the lead organizer for the disastrous Unite the Right rally, pleaded with them to not come to Charlottesville in because it would damage the reputations of the other constituents in the white-nationalist coalition. Although no one should doubt the capacity of Klan members to commit acts of devastating violence, their kooky robes and multiple-felony rap sheets do not exactly raise a profile attractive to the best prospects of a successful mass movement towards fascism.

Going back to , a Klan member and Greensboro Police Department informant named Edward Dawson led a caravan of Klan members and neo-Nazis into a black housing project, where they opened fire on antiracist demonstrators and killed five people. If we were to view the Greensboro Massacre as an historical anomaly, we might be tempted to think: Lesson learned at a tragic cost.

My people want to be there in peace, but your chief is not putting his used to kill Muslims, according to an affidavit by an FBI special agent. So a bloodbath will be on him! How my people die. So if I was you, I would check everyone in the crowd. If not, my people will did this possibly sneak up on the police in Hillsborough? This will be on you, I would check everyone in the crowd. After two mass shootings in Texas, an bullets used in military-style weapons.

Starting Thursday through Sunday, authors, musicians and performers will descend upon the two cities and bring with them unique live performances as well as impressive works of the written variety. The Bookmarks Festival takes place from Thursday through Sunday. More info including a schedule of events can be found on their website at bookmarksnc. More info including a schedule of performances can be found on their website at ncfolkfestival.

Both events are free and open to the public.

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Black excellence demands black cultural tradition. The constant downgrading and erasure of black achievement and black brilliance makes necessary a ritualized custom of celebration. You can still go on to do amazing things. In our book Satchel Paige, he spent time in a reform school. But it prepared him for the Negro Leagues. And Major Taylor: Champion Cyclist, he was the object of hostile racism, but it motivated him in a way that major circumstances may not have. It would be hard to imagine a more tangible expression of black pride than a university marching band.

Find out more at ncfolkfestival. Being an immigrant is kind of like having a superpower. Like being a chameleon who adapts quickly to different situations, with an increased empathy for those not like us. Eventually, he made his way to New York City, where he met a group of diverse musicians and perWriter Rajia Hassib formers who would form the global nine-person troupe. The group even has a tap dancer. Their debut album, Emergence, which came out in August, offers a live recording of their setlist. I think that minorities are underrepresented in general.

She eventually left her home country and moved to the United States and began writing her own novels in English.

For Hassab, portraying Arab women helps to deconstruct stereotypes. I think so many of the problems that we are facing today… are rooted in hate stemming from misunderstanding. But once [immigrants] are able to express themselves, we can unpack this fear and understand that there is no need to fear the other.

Jon Sundell musicalizes folktales and educational stories, while McAnulty authors books for middle schoolers and new readers alike. She credits her background as an engineer for what she does after the question. And then you make that draft. And then you reevaluate that idea. And then you make that draft better. At the North Carolina Folk Festival, he will perform on the Family Stage, singing out tales from Southern folklore, English myths and picture books alike.

He spins folk tales into songs, twisting in interactive movements, questions and choruses like a Winston-Salem-based Musician Jon Sundell bard. As much as Sundell employs acoustic instruments and plot, he saves a slot in his musical toolbox for balloons animals to keep smaller children engaged. One work involves Sundell building a balloon dog as Daniel Boone superglues a halved dog back together.

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Visit ncfolkfestival. Both Kiran Ahluwalia and Dhonielle Clayton find their experiences as women of color affecting their creative careers. Composer and songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia strings together the cultural influences of being born in India but raised in Canada using her music. Meanwhile author Dhonielle Clayton draws from a childhood of searching for more African American literature to guide both her creative and administrative work.

The musician began learning Indian music at the age of five, and from there continued to merge her heritage with Western influences she picked up while living in Canada.

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Her latest album, Seven Billion, is a culmination, exploring social issues such as the need for feminism and cultural acceptance. Clayton, who appears at the Bookmarks Festival to discuss fantasy and diversity in literature, fills her schedule as the co-founder of Cake Literary and the chief operating officer of We Need Diverse Books. Clayton says the drive came from her own childhood want of a greater variety of books representing herself. Now, from working as a schoolteacher to writing to administrative work, she finds she can ease the search, promoting fun in books for children of marginalized backgrounds.

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Dogg still drinks too much and eats junk food, when he can find it, but the pack of wolves listens to his every command. Ben can't do anything special, and he is pretty much the same as before.

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But being big, strong and kind is a good thing. At least the half a dozen orphaned children he collects from the ruins think it is. Frightened of a stranger at first, Ben soon wins them over and protects them as best he can. He and the few survivors across the world must struggle to deal with a universe where magic has replaced science and all of mans inventions no longer exist. Starship First Steps to Empire. Elizabeth Tales of the Triad book 7.

Conquest KotS Book 2. Militia - Berserkers.