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Don't spend too much time worrying about the professional. He's probably after bigger stuff than you've got, and there isn't a lot you can do to stop him anyway. The real worry is the semi-pros and amateurs because there are a lot of them around, and they often blend into the scenery.

A high percentage of "easy" home burglaries are committed by male teenagers who live close by. The semi-pro may scout a neighborhood for a week or more, while an amateur may spend only a few hours casing a residence. Either way, once he's made the decision to rob a particular house, he'll be in and out in just a few minutes. How it's done. The most common home burglary modus operandi in my area goes like this: once a house has been targeted, the burglar will park his car around the block and walk over.

Police: ‘Cat Burglar’ Arrested, Suspected In Home Invasions Across Metro Detroit

He'll go right up and ring the front doorbell. If someone comes to the door, he'll pretend to be selling something door to door or have a story that he's looking for a different house. If there's no answer, he'll typically head around to the back of the house, seeking a way in without attracting too much attention.

He'll first try to force the back door. Most burglars don't bother picking locks. They know they'll be able to quickly gain entry by cruder methods. If he can't get in through the back door, he'll try a window or possibly the garage door. While burglars would prefer to work in darkness, they do not want to confront anyone, and generally choose to operate during the day when the house is more likely to be unoccupied.

They don't much care if your alarm goes off. They know that most neighbors won't pay attention and the police won't arrive for quite a while. The burglar is usually in and out within eight minutes or less. He'll go straight for the master bedroom, looking for jewelry, money, and drugs.

If he finds a gun or laptop computer or something else that's relatively small and of high value, he'll grab that. He may take a quick sweep through other areas of the house, especially the living room, dining room, and den.

Burglar explains how he breaks into homes

He will never go down in the basement, up in the attic, or into any confined area for fear of being trapped there should the homeowner or police arrive. That's why he also prefers single story homes two story homes often have the master bedroom on the second floor. How you're targeted. Real estate agents talk about "curb appeal," how attractive and desirable a home looks from the street. Well, so do burglars. They usually make the decision about which house to rob by first cruising your neighborhood. Your challenge, therefore, is to make your house appear "hard" to a burglar, yet inviting to everyone else.

There are some simple things you can do. For example, keeping your lawn well manicured; it implies you pay close attention to your home. An overgrown lawn suggests vacancy, and invites closer inspection of the home as a possible target. Corner houses aren't targeted as frequently as homes in the middle of the block; they're too visible.

Houses located in cul-de-sacs are at higher risk due to less frequent police patrols and proximity to woods good hiding places. Townhouses often have poorly secured sliding glass doors and small enclosed back yards, attractive elements for the burglar. How to Stop It from Happening to You. I'm sure you've seen the burglar proofing tips published by your local police department or community association.

They provide good information, but always make a crucial mistake. Here's why. I'm writing this article on an airplane waiting to take off, and the flight attendants just started their safety spiel. They have some very important information to relate So, how do they start? By showing you how a seat belt works!

Uh, hello, we know that already. Unfortunately, burglar proofing instructions always start off the same way: put timers on lights, keep shrubs trimmed back from windows, install deadbolt locks, etc. Yeah, yeah, we know that already But meanwhile there are many little-known yet highly effective strategies you can employ to reduce your chances of being the victim of a home burglary — and I'll start with those right now:. Instant dog kit. Burglars hate dogs big or small, it doesn't matter. If you've already got a dog, great. Now get one of those beware of dog signs. Get one even if you don't have a dog.

For added realism, put a dog bowl and chain out by the back door; that really works well. However, those motion-sensitive electronic dog barking devices won't fool anyone. Get a real security camera. Not those fake ones they sell in catalogs. Criminals aren't fooled by the fakes and real cameras don't have blinking red lights. If you don't want to spend the money on a full video system, see if you can buy a burned-out security camera or just mount a real one but don't hook it up make sure the wiring looks real though.

Don't advertise. Burglars want different things these days than they used to. A few years ago, the prime targets were your home entertainment electronics. Now, thieves are mainly after cash, drugs pharmaceutical and otherwise , laptop computers, guns, and jewelry. They want stuff that's small, valuable, and easy to sell.

However, whenever you buy a big-ticket electronics item, you should take measures to hide the "evidence. Pull into your garage first, if possible. Likewise, don't leave the big new box out by the curb; cut it up first. It's not so much that a burglar wants your home theater equipment. Rather, he thinks that if you can afford to buy one, you probably have lots of other nice things to steal.

Anywhere in the master bedroom, living room, or dining room. You may want to get a decoy spray can safe or a hollow book safe. Both types are highly effective, although I have a slight preference for the book safe, feeling it's less likely to be thrown away by mistake. Decoy box. A typical burglar will be in your house for less than eight minutes. He's not going to spend much time evaluating whether a piece of jewelry has a real diamond or a cubic zirconia in it.

If you put out some decoys, he may scoop them up and leave without hunting for your real treasures. If you have a pretty jewelry box on the dresser, keep all your inexpensive pieces in there and put your valuable stuff in a plain box, or better, in a safe. Actually, you should have two safes: a real one and a decoy. The decoy should be semi-visible and the real one well hidden. A thief will assume the decoy is filled with goodies, but won't usually try to open it on site; he'll take it with him.

If you secure the decoy safe to the floor, use some small screws. Resist the urge to place a "Nah-nah, fooled you! Instead load it up with some costume jewelry and maybe some worthless papers you were wondering what to do with those Enron and Global Crossing stock certificates anyway.

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Mark your stuff. You can buy an electric engraving pen for less than twenty dollars or borrow one free of charge from your local police department. Some authorities recommend engraving your Social Security Number on your possessions but I don't. The risk of identity theft is high enough already. Your driver's license number or phone number may be a better choice. Engraving your name or number on your valuables helps deter robbery in two ways: First, you discourage the thief since marked property is much more difficult to sell.

Second, if a thief does steal your property, it is much easier to catch and prosecute him when he is discovered with goods is his possession that are easily identifiable as stolen. To protect smaller valuable items such as jewelry, silverware, etc. It's also a smart idea to take your video camera and do a complete "walk-through" of your house.

Narrate the tape as you make it, describing the objects you're filming. After you have marked, photographed, and videoed all your valuables, make a detailed list of these items and keep it in a safe place. Keep a copy in the office or some other offsite location. When new items are acquired, add them to your list. As other valuables are sold or discarded, cross them off the list. Know who's looking around. Anytime you allow someone new to enter your home, you increase your risk of being robbed at a later date. Even a person who's been in only once or twice has a good feel for the layout of your home, the value of your possessions, and the type of security system you have.

Be distrustful of repair people, deliverymen, or salespeople in your home, even if they seem "nice. Do not mention work schedules, vacation plans, etc. Be especially suspicious of telemarketers or door-to-door salespeople. They may appear polite by asking, "When would be a more convenient time to speak with you? Do I need to remind you to never leave notes on your door saying when you'll be back?

If you've got teenagers, don't let them have "open house" parties. You don't know who'll be casing your home. Get a complete perimeter alarm. Just don't have a false sense of security from it. An alarm won't keep anyone out of your house, but it should alert you if there is a break-in. If you have a burglar alarm system in your home, don't keep it a secret. Make sure you have a metal sign on your lawn and alarm decals on your windows. Even if you don't have an alarm system, you should make it look like you do.

Get some of those stick-on window break sensors, the lawn sign, and the window decals. Don't be a "chicken little. Likewise, make sure everybody in your house is very familiar with the alarm's operation, to minimize false alarms. If you have a lot of them, and your siren goes off every week, your neighbors won't even look out their windows but they will curse your name. What you really want are "nosey neighbors. Police detectives say an active tip about a crime in progress is one of the only ways they ever catch a house burglar.

You seem to have no problem degrading the Rosh Yeshiva with you Hotzolah emails, and have no problem outbidding the Yeshiva Ktana for a building that you have no use for. Try to have a little self esteem and not drag your own name through the mud. And while I agree with you that there is no machlokes about the patrol and that the person who did all the things of which you accuse him is nothing but a trouble maker and worse, Gary is still just a self promoting hot air bag and we should all be ashamed that he claims to represent us. It was this very technique that was able to get the vast majority of the German people so united behind Hitler Yemach Shemo.

Unfortunately, in Passaic, our leaders and those who follow them use the same technique. Everything that goes wrong and every problem is blamed on a small group of individuals, i. This scapegoating deflects criticism from our leaders, since they just point their fingers at others. Baruch Hashem, I see and hope our community is finally waking up, and it appears that this technique may not be working any more. I think DK is right about us in Passaic. There are many people ready, willing and able to help him pack up his personal vans you know, the ones with the lights, sirens and EMS decals that he uses to go shopping and point him in the direction of Brooklyn.

And there would be few tears shed if the other baak machlokos gedolos went with him as his own rosh yeshiva told him to do six years ago. In fact let them take the rav one of them brought to Passaic with whom he had, surprise, a machlokes too. Might as well clean house once and for all time. Today is a new day my friend. The winds of change have blown into town. May Hashem grant us continued sucess. You make a bunch of serious allegations which I say are false.

Thus, I challenge you to prove me wrong and show evidence backing your trash talking. Thus, unless you can back it up your accusations, then perhaps you should look at yourself before you pop off about others. You forgot to mention pro-toeiva. See the NJ law forcing us to accept Toieva that was sponsored by Mr.

Personal Data Collected

You can stop your negative remarks about Gary as he has stepped up to the plate bigtime. Thus, what do you have to say for yourself now? Some one called tonight at pm from Brook ave of a suspicous car looking into houses. You should have said it was a mini van driven by a frum woman dropping off kids in a car pool and she stopped more than 12 inches from the curb. Its about time the police spend time and effort in the areas that pay taxes.

Maybe the PD can reassign one of the 3 police officers stationes outside each school for the entire school day? Who is paying for all that? Downtown passaic, or passaic park? We did. We named him Gary. All he does is make loud noises at those of us who feed him and he ignores those who are stealing from us and keeps silent when one of us is threatened with harm. It could be worse. Remember the developmentally disabled guy who a cop beat the daylights out of on a street corner?

And the video that proved she stood there and watched the whole thing from 10 yards away? This should embarrass the Passaic police department and the local frum members WE put on the board who seem to be powerless against such pettiness. All of a sudden, regular balei batim have become reckless drivers? We are on our own. This issue has nothing to do with machlokes and is being addressed in ways that are a credit to the achdus of the community. Therefore, it is time for you to start believing. The issue has nothing to do with machlokes until three separate factions decide to launch their own groups.

Regarding the volunteer patrol, there had been one in Passaic that operated for many years in cooperation with the police dept. There were typically two or three cars with a specific area to patrol operating on a given shift. The patrols were disbanded, I think, for lack of an adequate pool of volunteers if I remember correctly, one had to commit to a 2-hour shift once every two weeks. We are no longer willing to be lambs to the slaughter because you want us to be. These breakins are nothing new in Passaic, they have been going on for years, not to mention assaults.

Here it comes. Keep a loaded firearm in your home safe from the kids. Jews being unarmed and unwilling to fight is the reason Jews are considered easy target by criminals. We had a major property issue that involved the city and county some time ago. It was Chaim Munk who stepped forward to help navigate all the red tape. Gary did not return our phone calls. I noticed a fellow in a car, jotting down notes in front of my house in Passaic Park.

When I inquired as to what he was doing, he replied that he had made a delivery next door — then promptly drove away. I can only speak about the efforts to make our community a safer and more secure place to live. In what general area of town do you live? The part of town that has been suffering for because our Council Speaker is too busy defending the PPD policy of treating minor traffic infractions as serious felonies and serious felonies like traffic infractions to take a breath and listen to anyone but himself. As you are as concerned about community security as much as I am, you must be very happy that there has been a very well thought out, proactive, and thorough initiative undertaken to help prevent burglars breaking into your house, as well as prevent general criminal activity in the community.

A great deal of time energy and effort has been exhausted to put forth a plan that allows you and your family sleep well at night. We just finished our 4am shift. Fact is that since we started patrolling the streets on May 4th, there has only been one attempted break-in. As Gary has been intimately involved in getting the initiative off the ground, as well as keeping it moving foward, I hope that you are willing to give credit where credit is due and give it up to Gary. OK, I give him credit for shutting his mouth and getting his butt in gear in a hopefully futile attempt to save his job.

Last I heard. Shomrim was not allowed. Is it really up and running? Or was it told not to operate.? Our first initiative is a Citizens On Patrol program that is aimed at helping local police do their job. We had our first patrol last Tuesday night. Tonight, we patrolled from 10pm to 4am. Since we started, there has been one significant arrest and only one attempted burglary which happened to a person that had his back door open. How much credit we can take with the reduction of the burglaries is unknown especially as the local police have added police at night.

However, we think that we are making a significant dent in deterring crime in our community. I would like to hear what you think is needed in the community and how we should go about implementing it. As a new resident of Passaic I do not know the political games unique to a community so populated by Jewish presence. Despite what you may have been hearing these past weeks in town-hall meetings or on the streets — the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the NJ State Penal Code was not written exclusively for the criminal. Start asking questions and do not stop until you get a clear direct answer.

Demand a profile of these burglaries!

Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala

This is our basic right as citizens of this country. The police department works for the public. The officers are hired by appointed personnel of elected officials. Most important question you can ask: Are they doing their job? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in.

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