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Of the 17 other Afghans killed, offi- cials said, two were police officers and the rest were civilians. Anoth- er 32 people were wounded — all civilians, ap Ready for some ultimate summer fun? Unlimited golf and mountain biking. Within reach. AP fessions to competition. Samaras, 61, was sworn in three days after his New Democ- racy party won the second nation- al election in six weeks but lacked enough votes to form a govern- ment on its own.

The democracy advocate praised the role Oxford played in helping her see humankind at its best during her long house arrest in Myanmar. The ceremony capped an emotional homecoming to Oxford, where , Suu Kyi studied between and Join us this summer and unleash your laughter!

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Baltimore Jefferson County www. COM 1 - - www. Complete the coal story with a trip undergriDimd into an autherLtic coal mine, tour our railroad museum, and watch several hundred coal trains run through our county. Riders can bring water into the transit system and consume it on buses and trains and in stations Wednesday and Thursday. But there are things, besides staying hydrated, that you can do to help yourself and your fel- low riders.

Here are some tips for the summer. At the next station, try another car. The cars have their own cooling equipment. Temperatures within the sta- tions also vary. Move around. In one of the portal stations, Like Union Station, it may be slightly cooler on the side farthest from the outside air. During the sum- mer, Metro puts big fans on some hot platforms. It can help. The operator will call that in. Metro has maintenance staff- ers along the lines so they can board the cars and try to fix the problems. A hot car is a sufficient emergency to use the intercom.

There are three doorways on each side of the car to suck in hot air and release the cool. The transit agency said Wednes- day morning that the part was found during a routine inspection, rather than being reported by a cus- tomer or a Metro employee. The friction ring, a part of the braking system, was found near the Rhode Island Avenue station on the Red Line. A friction ring fell from a rail car in December, snarl- ing service on the Orange and Blue lines and prompting an investiga- tion.

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Scan here to request more infornoalCn. This large increase reflects both wider testing of people who were previously unaware of their sta- tus and possibly a still-rising rate of new infections in that high-risk group, officials said. The disease remains at epidemic levels in Washington. In releasing the study. The new recommendations are in keeping with new federal guidelines. Washington is preparing to host the International AIDS Conference next month, the first time the global gathering is returning to the United States in over two decades. For exam- ple, The annual snapshot also gives a more accurate picture than in previous reports for the num- ber of people living with HIV or AIDS because of an improved tracking system that eliminates duplication.

There were 14, residents, or about 2. That prevalence rate — the total percentage of people in a popula- tion with the condition or disease at a given time — is among the highest for any U. A Metro Transit detective shot and killed a year-old man Wednes- day when they exchanged gunfire on a Lanham neighborhood street, as police investigated an attempt- ed abduction from a bus stop, tran- sit officials said.

The detective came to the block of Lory Lane in Lanham to follow a lead from a report of an attempted abduction in D. Temps are expected to reach up to 99 degrees across the region on Thursday. Five Evening D. Five Mon. Drawings that occur after Express' deadline will be published two days later.

A management program focused on your federal career NEW! Location: Hall of the States, Room , N. Capitol Street, N. For more information and to R. The Catholic University Of America Metropolitan School of Professional Studies If you need accommodations for a disability, contact us at the email or phone number above.

The Catholic University of America admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability. Picture them laid out on a brown paper-wrapped picnic table: steam- ing hot Maryland blue crabs, cov- ered in Old Bay. Add to that fresh corn on the cob, steamed shrimp, fried chick- en and hush puppies, with steam rising off the whole setup.

Is your mouth watering yet? Best of all, this year the crabs are bigger, more plentiful and cheaper. He buys from crabbers and sells to restaurants. The other day a man got bushels in his cooler. Oleksak said that at Higgins, the first couple weeks of June are not typically very busy, but busi- Crabbers say that the supplyofMd. Because of the mild weather this winter, watermen and sea- food retailers have said they start- ed seeing blue crabs earlier than normal.

The warmer winter most likely affected marine life, accord- ing to fisheries officials with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, brian shane ap Negligence Suit From Va. The April 16, , rampage on the Blacksburg campus was the deadliest in modern U. For more information, visit wmata. The party-line vote at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee meeting came hours after President Obama invoked executive privilege, the first time he has done so, to withhold doc- uments related to a botched gun- trafficking investigation. House leaders said they would schedule a vote of the entire cham- ber on the matter next week unless Holder hands over the documents before then.

If the full House votes to find Holder in contempt, the U. In a statement. Usually, administration officials cite executive privilege in refusing to share information, but eventually turn over requested doc- uments, according to the Congres- sional Research Service. But Issa declined the offer. The operation, named after the popular movie, was run out of the Phoenix division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives between and ATF agents targeting the Mexico- based Sinaloa drug cartel did not interdict more than 2, guns they suspected of being bought ille- gally, in the hope of tracking them to the cartel.

The ATF lost track of most of the firearms, some of which have been found at crime scenes in Mexico and the U. Bush for using, risked opening itself up to further criticism for secrecy. The White House says presidents have asserted that privilege 25 times since Presidents at times have claimed a murky power to guard the inner workings of their administrations from Congress.

That authority, ex- ecutive privilege, has proved effective to keep witnesses or documents from congressio- nal investigators: Q: How can a president shrug off a subpoena from a congressional committee? A: Presidents say they should be free to engage in private deci- sion-making with their advisers without fearing how their inter- nal memos might look.

Q: Where does the idea of execu- tive privilege come from? A: If s based on the constitution- ally mandated separation of powers — the idea that the exec- utive branch. Congress and the courts operate independently. The concept dates at least to , when President George Washington and his Cabinet de- cided the president had the right to refuse to turn over documents if disclosing them would harm the public. A: Not really. The court ordered Nixon to surrender the tapes in a criminal investigation.

But it also found a constitutional basis for executive privilege. Q: Why not go to court to settle questions about executive privi- lege once and for all? A: There's too much risk. Presi- dents worry that if they lose, courts will weaken the power of the office. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. I need him. I need him to get right. I real- ly like where his arm strength is at. But I really need him to get back comfortable. Wang has been rushing through his deliv- ery, which causes his arm to drag behind his body and prevents him from getting his hand on top of the ball. The result is a fast- ball that lacks its trademark sink and instead moves wildly across the plate.

The glitch has made Wang inef- fective. Wang has a 6. Detwiler relieved Wang and again showed how dominant he can be at his best. Very aggressive after the hitters. With Henry Rodriguez and Drew Storen nearing returns from inju- ry, Johnson feels comfortable with the state of his bullpen even with Wang, who because of the shoul- der surgery he recovered from last year requires extra time to warm up.

Cars on lot same price as internet, not like other dealers. A [musical group] from [small poor country] heals national wounds by opening [quirky business]. Silver Spring This Is Hardcore charged-up kids with a teen angst made par- ticularly sharp by virtue of Living in the belly of the government beast.

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While Dischord may have Led the poLiticaL-punk wave, reggae-hardcore-punk band Bad Brains set itself apart — and not just because an all-black punk band was a rarity. For details, visit wmata. The film tells the story of Arnel Pineda, a Filipino musician who became a YouTube star for his covers of Journey songs — and eventually attracted the at- tention of the real band. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, dance and party hearty in the daylight hours. E9 events dining We hit the road to explore the hidden dining gems of Waldorf, Md. E26 dance D. Tickets on sale now! A new exhibit showcases Jasper Johns' innovative work as a printmaker Museums Jasper Johns broke into the art world in as a painter.

Within two years he had become a printmaker as well. It stretches from his first lithograph to work Johns, 82, completed just last year. And why not do it in a way where you can show him working from I to ? Johns collaborated with Gemini to devise a new process to achieve the result he wanted. Stare intently atthe reverse-color banner on top, then switch to the gray one on the bottom, it should briefly provide the illusion of being in the customary red, white and blue.

These include pri- mary colors and stenciled numbers and letters, as well as his trademark targets and flags. In his later work, the artist adds autobiographical images, abstract patterns and references to such artis- tic influences as French surrealist Mar- cel Duchamp. But she just might pre- fer the prints. Part of Homegrown: The Music of America.

Presented in cooperation with the Embassy ofisrael. Washington, D. Choral Festival This performance showcases some of the best choral talent from around the world, including Countermeasure and Imilonji KaNtu Choral Society. Go Go swing, the showmanship of the Rolling Stones, and the versatility of a Parliament party.

Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation, Jaylee M. Deborah Rose and Dr. Jan A. Stolwijk, Thomas W. Haas Foundation, and the U. Department of Education. Live Internet broadcast, video archive, artist information, and more at kennedy-center. Become a fan of Millennium Stage on Facebook and check out artist photos, upcoming events, and more! Tour hours: Monday thru There is no free Friday, 10 a. For information, call Step Afrika!

Stepping — a performance style common in African American frater- nities and sororities that combines synchronized movement and sound — has been around for almost years, and its traditional roots out- side the United States go back even further. Hip-hop, meanwhile, is still a young genre. But they complement each other in intriguing ways. And C. Brian Wil- liams, executive director and found- er of D. The new show, rather than using images, focuses on sound — the music accompanying each piece as well as the sounds the performers make with their feet and hands.

Another piece is set to a go-go beat, a decision that was made months before Chuck Brown died, says WUiams. Peppered throughout the evening will be performances by guest artist Kenny Muhammad, a nationally acclaimed beat-boxer who has performed with the New York Philharmonic. I wanted something fun and smart and meaningful. Drawing from those ideas. Burhenn started a photographic project called the New Revolution- ists Thenewrevolutionists.

Linwood Ave. RusseB ihompkins Jr. New look. New feel. Your monthly education section just got better. II express I To advertise, call His titular heroines. Mistress Ford and Mistress Page, conspire to outsmart the conniving Falstaff as he drives to seduce and swindle them.

This is set right after World War I, when the British class system was really changing. How does class affect relationships in the play? One of the strug- gles in this play for me has been not being a queen or a pauper. I have a leading lady! In his 30 years, the D. Four years ago, for instance. Baker offered to drop trou in court to prove his innocence in a financial fraud case.

In , Bulger followed Baker to South Africa, moving into his seclud- ed home there for two months. He was really challenging. Sustaining that daily abuse was pret- ty hard without giving up. This is going to be such a good movie! Sustaining that daily abuse was pretty hard without giving up.

My entire life I have been delusionaUy confident, and I think I really appreciated [Baker] call- ing me out on my own bull[expletive] on a daily basis. It made me really take it seriously and work hard. Silver Spring What do you hope people come away with when they see this film? A deep understanding for someone who could easily have been misunderstood. I hope they come away understanding who Ginger Baker is on a very person- al level, deep-to-the-core humanity. Conner Contemporary Art, Florida Ave. NE; through June 30, free; , Connercontemporary.

The newcomer to this scene is the Mother Trucker festival, which will happen every few weeks over the summer. When you need a break, grab a cocktail I from one of the poolside bar stations or head out to the parking I lot for an inflatable water slide or to patronize the food trucks that I will be at every Mother Trucker all summer, f. Navy Yard Daytime Playtime Some people can stay out until the sun starts to rise. Burgers and hot dogs sizzle on the grill, attendees are pretty mellow bring a book, maybe and poolside bars provide enough alcohol to keep things that way all afternoon, f.

Derek and Tom Brown of the Passenger have carted 70 tons of sand into the parking lot behind the bar and created a whole new bar. NW; , Nyavebeachbar. Back in the day, gay party promoters would organize daytime dances to avoid getting raided. And he also dresses up sort of like Courtney Love and performs as alter-ego Edie Sedgwick or sometimes not dressed up, as alter-alter-ego E.

Either way, the music is funky and dance-y and awe- some. You wish you had so many talents. And outfits. His band is one of the first acts of Fort Reno — watch this space for weekly picks for the annual summertime fest.


The film enshrines him on a veritable Mount Rush more of cinematic commanders in chief, k. Strangelove" gets to govern during a full-scale nuclear war. Which is difficult, it turns out. Obviously the situation is ripe for comedy. There are only three weeks left for Earth and the people on it. When the report ends, she looks at him and then, without a word, sprints away from the car. His wife gone. Dodge must decide how to spend his last three weeks on his own. A picaresque adventure through the end times ensues, as does romance. Just a Little Bit.

Most of it is thanks to his hip-hop alter ego. Childish Gambino. Birchmere: David Sanborn, Brian Culb- ertson, p. Blues Alley: Firm Roots, 8 p. Empire: Jefferson Starship, 7 p. Red Palace: Orgone, the 8 Ohms Band, p. Twins Jazz: Emy Tseng, 8 p. Blues Alley: Angela Winbush, 8 p. Bohemian Caverns: Ravi Coltrane, p. Crossroads: Benjai, 10 p. DC9: "Liberation Dance Party", 9 p. State Theatre: The Legwarmers, 9 p.

Twins Jazz: IPA, 9 p. Warner Theatre: Steven Wright, 8 p. Air Guitar Champi- onships [mdash] D. Regional", 8 p. Birchmere: Sonny Landreth, Milton, p. Black Cat: "Sugar and Spice", p. Crossroads: Pan Jam, 3 p. Due to the nature of theatre booking: all shows, dates and times are subject to change. Twins Jazz: Soren Moller, 9 p. NOI: Peter and the Wolf. Crossroads: Beres Hammond, 4 p. NW; , C, through Sept. NW: Katzen Arts Center, Massachu- setts Ave.

Sonreir Project, opening Sat. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: "Art of Darkness: Japanese Mezzotints from the Hitch Collection," approximately 20 prints and copperplates show Japanese artists' innovative uses of the European technique of mezzotint, through July 8. Open indefinitely, "Masters of Mercy: Bud- dha's Amazing Disciples," kano Kazuno- bu's phantasmagoric paintings reflect the lives and deeds of the Buddha's disciples, which have never before been displayed outside of Japan, through July 8. The vase has a silent video projected onto itthatshows hands arranging flowers and washing vases.

COM E To advertise a job, call - - SW; , Asia. SE: , Chaw. WDC Tix Ticketmaster. Rodriguez-Wallberg,a b b a A. Johansson, A. Much of the risks identified in ART pregnancies had been attributed to multiple births, which are per se explanatory of adverse obstetric outcomes leading to perinatal mortality. As regards to singleton born after ART the data have been rather inconsistent.

The aim of this study was to investigate infant early neonatal and post-neonatal up to one year of age and late child mortality in a population based cohort of singletons born after ART compared to naturally conceived singletons born during the same study period. Of those, 43 children were conceived through ART. Also a significantly higher mortality risk was observed in children born after transfer of cryopreserved embryos adjusted HR 1. Nevertheless, the number of deaths in infants was overall low. There was no increase in late mortality risk after 1 year of age in children conceived through ART.

There seems to be no increased late child mortality risk after the infant period. The results are quite reassuring with regards to the long term mortality risk in ART children. Inconsistencies in the literature may be due to definitions of the mortality period. The infant period, up to one year of age, seems to be the most crucial time and risks could be associated to adverse perinatal outcomes.

Linked data research: a valuable tool in the ART field. Hum Reprod. Obstetric and perinatal outcomes after either fresh or thawed frozen embryo transfer: an analysis of , singleton pregnancies recorded in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority anonymized dataset. Kenny A. Rodriguez-Wallberg is supported by a grant to clinical researchers from the Stockholm County Council and Karolinska University Hospital. Archer,a O. Antunez Flores,b N. Leyland,c H. Palac,b b da P. Peloso, N. Vie Inc. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of elagolix, an oral, non-peptide gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist, on bone turnover markers in women with endometriosis-associated pain who were treated for up to 6 months M during two, phase 3 studies and did not enroll in the extension studies.

Women who prematurely discontinued treatment, declined to participate in, or did not qualify for the continuous use extension studies entered a Post-treatment Follow-up Period PTFU for up to 12M. Differences between treatment groups in mean change from baseline to each time point was analyzed using one-way ANOVA tests. Additional bone turnover markers were assessed i. CTx levels decreased after elagolix discontinuation. Surrey,a c c c K. Chwalisz, K. Gordon, J. Ng, B. Here we evaluated the degree of estradiol E2 suppression following treatment with elagolix or LA in women with endometriosis-associated pain.

DESIGN: In this randomized, double-blind, phase 2 study, women received oral elagolix or mg once daily, placebo, or 3. Following the first 12 weeks of treatment, women who received placebo or LA were re-randomized to one of the elagolix doses for an additional 12 weeks and women originally randomized to elagolix continued to receive their assigned elagolix dose; data from the first 12 weeks of treatment are presented. Serum E2 concentration was evaluated at baseline Day 1; cycle day , every 4 weeks during the treatment period, and at 6-weeks post-treatment. Determination of E2 concentrations in human serum was performed using a validated method of liquid.

E2 levels were lowest among LA-treated women. The non-overlapping confidence intervals for LA and elagolix mg and mg once daily highlight potentially clinically meaningful differences. Palmor,a A. Shafrir,b A. DiVasta,b L. Farland,c,a A. Vitonis,d M. Laufer,d D. Cramer,c K. Terry,c S. The objective of this study was to investigate patterns of immune diseases cooccurring with endometriosis among a younger population. Participants with endometriosis were also more likely to report a past mononucleosis infection OR: 1.

No association was observed between endometriosis and systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, or eczema among this young cohort. Clinicians should consider these co-morbidities in their screening and management of endometriosis in adolescent and young adult populations. Clinical and covariate phenotype data collection in endometriosis research. Supported by: Supported by the J. Willard and Alice S. El-Zayadi,a S. Mohamed,a M. Arafa,b A. Systemic lupus erythematosus Rheumatoid arthritis Inflammatory bowel disease Psoriasis Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome Allergies Asthma Eczema Mononucleosis.

Our hypothesis is aiming to assess the role of usage of anti-IL-6 as alternative line of treatment in cases of endometriosis in vivo, using Tocilizumab Actemra; Roche, Switzerland , a humanized anti-IL-6 receptor monoclonal antibody DESIGN: Prospective randomized controlled trial.

M biweekly for four weeks, then the animals were re-opened, peritoneal cavities with endometriotic lesions were photographed, tissue samples were taken from the lesions to confirm the presence of endometriosis. After four weeks, the animals were euthanized, opened and the lesions photographed, endometiosis was taken from the ectopic lesions and the eutopic endometrium was taken from the intact left uterine horns.

All tissue specimens were processed as paraffin embedded tissues. The presence of endometriotic vesicles was confirmed by the presence of epithelial lining. This epithelium was evaluated as being intact or attenuated. Immunohistochemical staining was performed using antibodies against IL The immunoreactivity was indicated by the presence of cytoplasmic staining in the epithelium of the endometriotic vesicles. Capillary electrophoresis was performed from blood samples taken from the rats before and after treatment and from the liver and kidneys of the animals after sacrifaction.

The drug could not be identified in the liver and kidney samples of the animals using capillary electrophoresis, reflecting its safety. Diagnostic accuracy of interleukin-6 levels in peritoneal fluid for detection of endometriosis. Archives of gynecology and obstetrics. Pro-inflammatory cytokines for evaluation of inflammatory status in endometriosis. Central-European journal of immunology. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma induces regression of endometrial explants in a rat model of endometriosis.

Fertility and sterility. Ward,a V. Argyle,a P. Cederholm,a R. Depot leuprolide acetate LA is used to treat endometriosis symptoms. A significant number of patients have little or no improvement with LA therapy, and metabolism of the drug is likely to be affected by several polymorphisms in cytochrome P genes, but to date there are no published pharmacogenetic studies regarding LA in the literature. We have discovered endometriosis associated genetic markers as described in another abstract submitted to this meeting.

Subjects were divided into two groups. Patients with minimal or uncertain benefit were excluded, DNA samples were tested for low-frequency variants associated with endometriosis and a genetic risk score was calculated. The comparison of the genetic score for the two study groups was performed using one-sided T test. Both responders and non-responders have higher genetic scores than population controls 0. Women who responded to LA therapy were likely to carry a higher burden of gene variants than non-responders.

Work is underway to pinpoint the subset of DNA markers with greatest effect and to understand the biology of their association with LA responses. Peterson,a D. Yeum,b C. Peterson,b K. Women with prior surgically confirmed endometriosis were excluded. Women in the operative cohort were diagnosed by surgical laparoscopy or laparotomy; women in the population cohort were diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging.

Mean number of pregnancies among women with versus without endometriosis did not differ in the operative cohort 2. In contrast, operative cohort women with versus without endometriosis had a lower prevalence of live births aPR: 0. Direction and magnitude of estimates were similar in the population cohort aPR: 0. Future population-based prospective studies among larger samples that capture endometriosis pathology prior to pregnancy outcomes are warranted.

Buck Louis, G. Group, E. Incidence of endometriosis by study population and diagnostic method: the ENDO study. Fertil Steril, 96 2 , Cameron,a M. Sammel,b J. Ginsberg,c J. Mersereau,d H. Su,e C. This study sought to model factors associated with the rate of recovery of measures of ovarian reserve OR after cancer therapy. Changes in OR from pre- to post-treatment were quantified using linear regression models; for the longitudinal recovery after therapy using mixed effects models adjusted for baseline OR, use of alkylating agent, and exogenous hormone use; and for the probability of return to baseline using multivariable logistic regression models.

RESULTS: women mean age 27, range with at least 1 pretreatment and 2 post-treatment study visits were included mean follow-up 18 months. Measures of OR demonstrated statistically significant changes during cancer therapy. Alkylating exposure and baseline OR were associated with both the magnitude of OR impairment acutely and the rate of recovery Table 1.

These measures recover slowly in the months after treatment is complete, and the likelihood of returning to near baseline levels is dependent on age. When counseling women regarding the impact of cancer therapy on their OR, it is important to emphasize the main effect of their age at the time of treatment. Stern,b C. Liu,c H. Cabral,d R. Knowlton,e S. Gershman,e H. Diop,c S. Subfertility was derived from a combination of birth certificate and hospital stay data.

The most common cancers were thyroid The cancer was treated with surgery These data should be useful in counseling newly diagnosed cancer patients intending future pregnancy. FSH and E2 also adjusted for reported exogenous hormone use in the past month. Lam,a S. Stark,a B. Whitcomb,b H. As chronic disease and disease burden are related to voluntary childlessness in other populations, we tested the hypothesis that cancer treatments and comorbidities are associated with lower desire to have children in female adolescent and young adult AYA cancer survivors who are childless.

Participants were ages , diagnosed with cancer as AYA aged , completed primary cancer treatments, and had at least one ovary. The primary exposures were cancer treatments and comorbidities. The primary outcome was no desire for future children, assessed by questions from the National Survey for Family Growth. Logistic regression models were used to test associations between participant characteristics and voluntary childlessness, adjusting for confounding.

In multivariable analysis, prior chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, comorbidities and cancer type were not significantly associated with reproductive intention. Survivors of older reproductive age and GSM identification were more likely to report not desiring future children. Survivors with a history of infertility were more likely to desire children in the future Table. Similar to the general population, survivors of older age and GSM identity were more likely to report the intention not to have children in the future.

Contrary to our hypothesis, cancer treatment exposures and increasing number of co-morbidities were not associated with voluntary childlessness, demonstrating the need for fertility and pregnancy care across this population, regardless of prior treatment.

Supported by: HD Heterosexual Partnered vs. None History of Infertility vs. None Chemotherapy vs. None Radiation vs. None Surgery vs. Meacham,a,b,c R. Williamson Lewis,a B. Cherven,a J. Gilleland Marchak. Surveys were administered at baseline and at 6 months after the educational intervention. Using components from the PLISSIT model[1] and teach back methods[2], patients were educated during a private session about their personal risk for infertility, including interpretation of prior reproductive lab results Phase 1. The impact of the educational intervention on survivor knowledge was evaluated at the midpoint and the educational intervention was modified to include a personalized handout Phase 2.

Significant improvements in knowledge were only seen in Phase 2. Annon, J. J Sex Educ Ther, Forum, N. Gilboa,a G. Koren,b R. Katz,c R. Rotem,b E. Moreover, pediatric cancer rates have been rising for the past few decades without an established cause. Several studies have raised concerns that children conceived by ART, and especially IVF, may be at an increased risk for pediatric cancers. The results however have been so far inconclusive, mainly due to small sample size and the rarity of pediatric cancers. The objective of the present study was to compare the cancer risk among children conceived with or without ART.

We linked data on all children born in Israel between and after ART, with data from the Israeli Registry of Childhood Cancer to identify all children in whom cancer developed before 16 years of age. The overall risk of pediatric cancer was compared to the risk among children conceived by ART. At the. Overall, 85 cancers were identified in this cohort, as compared with cancers out of , MHS insured children born during the same time period who were not conceived by ART Odds Ratio 0. For the cohort consisting of IVF treatments only, these treatments were also not associated with an increased risk of any of form of cancer Odds Ratio 0.

The median duration of followup was 14 years in the general population and These encouraging results are based, to the best of our knowledge, on the largest cohort of children born after ART published so far. Liat Lerner-Geva et al, The risk for cancer among children of women who underwent in vitro fertilization, Cnacer , 2. Murugappan,a S.

Lathi,a V.


Infertile women were identified though diagnosis and testing codes and compared to a control group of women seeking routine gynecologic care including contraceptive management. Women with a prior cancer diagnosis or with a cancer diagnosis within one year of data collection were excluded. The risk of cancer was assessed using a Cox proportional hazards model while adjusting for age, index year, nulliparity, race, smoking, obesity, number of visits per year and education. RESULTS: A total of 59, women with a diagnosis of infertility or who underwent infertility testing were identified with an average age of The majority of patients were followed for at least 4 years from diagnosis.

The overall risk of malignancy was increased in women with an infertility diagnosis 2. In the infertile group, the risks of uterine, ovarian and lung cancer and leukemia were increased compared to controls 0. Further investigation is warranted, including controlling for potential con-. Slocum,a K. Richter,b M. Tucker,c J. Graham,d E. Fresh transfer outcomes from IVM oocytes were very poor 1. The end result was 0. Good birth rates can be achieved by vitrification of the select few developing in vitro to high quality blastocysts.

In vitro maturation Rescue ICSI cycle and oocyte numbers Live births per fresh embryo transfer Live born infants per freshly transferred embryo Cycles with blastocyst vitrification Number of vitrified blastocysts Live births per vitrified blastocyst transfers Live born infants per vitrified transferred blastocyst Live births per cycle Live born infants per oocyte Oocytes treated per one live born infant. Schiewe,a,b K. Domagala,c N. Nugent,a J. Faced with the potential challenge to cryopreserve sperm in a large volume ml for possible interstellar in-flight experimentation, we aimed to understand how fluid volume and surface area influenced post-thaw motility.

Subsequently, experiments compared 1ml, 2ml and 3 ml solid or halved volumes. Finally, the advantages of increasing surface area in solid sperm suspension columns in 0. Cryovial contained sperm served as freezing controls. Residual QC and potential donor semen analysis samples deemed for discard, were used for comparative cryopreservation experimentation prior to disposal. Both washed and dilute unwashed semen samples were exposed to a Half of the syringes then had their plungers extended to twice their volume max of 5ml for the 5ml syringe experiments.

Within min, capped samples were cooled rapidly and frozen by direct exposure to LN2vapor phase for hr before beng warmed for 10 min sandwiched between two zip-lock bags containing 37oC water. Whereas, solid columns in 1 ml syringes exhibited normal post-thaw motility. From a clinical perspective, 1 ml syringe freezing could have practical value for post-thaw direct IUI use. In retrospect, considering the adverse effect of air expansion under zero gravity conditions 5ml syringes would be a poor choice for large volume storage.

Rapid adaptation to microgravity in mammalian macrophage cells. Scientific Reports. Kelk,a Y. Liu,a S. Nichols-Burns,a J. Lo,a M. Reed,b K. Monitoring systems for liquid nitrogen LN2 storage tanks are essential and widely used, but there is little knowledge of the time frame involved when a tank fails. This study evaluates the time it takes for a standard 47L LN2 storage tank to warm following vacuum jacket failure. To simulate normal storage conditions, the six 4" storage canisters were filled with canes.

A temperature probe was set low 8cm from the bottom where vitrified embryos would be located. A second temperature probe was set high 33cm from the bottom where a level sensor would typically be located. The tank was filled with LN2 to the neck and reweighed at The temperature of both probes was continuously monitored and tank weight measured every 30 minutes until the temperature reached 0oC. The tank was then refilled with LN2 and monitored for a second replicate trial. Within 5min, LN2 vapor billowed from the tank lid and by 30 minutes, frost was apparent.

By 6h, pressure inside the jacket reversed as evidenced by air blowing from the hole as the tank continued to warm. It took 18h for An overview of results and observations is displayed in Table 1. In this trial, 19h elapsed between vacuum breach and estimated time of sample exposure to critical glass transition phase approx. If this had been a true vacuum failure with an alarm threshold of oC, notification would have activated 9h post-breach when the tank was completely frosted over, leaving 10h remaining before sample exposure.

Temperature monitoring requires precise threshold limits. Storage tank failure is rare, but consequences are devastating. Probe placement must be optimized for each tank and visual observation is useful for early detection. Study of additional tank failures would provide further valuable data. Albertini,a,b Y.

Ohara,c A. De Grand,c V. Kushnir,a,d D. Barad,a,e N. Using Olympus IX73 semi-motorized inverted microscope and a DP74 detector Waltham, MA , images were taken at 3 focal planes using a combination of relief contrast Hoffman and polarization optics for single oocytes prior to and following hyaluronidase-induced removal of cumulus cells.

Using a juxtaposition algorithm, CellSens software was used to combine multimodal images for the evaluation of nuclear and cytoplasmic properties of oocytes in addition to oriented structures within the zona pellucida ZP. In all M2s there was a pronounced contraction opposite the first polar body where a highly birefringent cortex was observed that was absent in immature oocytes.

Finally, filopodia were detected in the perivitelline space and ZP at degrees opposite the site of first polar body extrusion. Here we show that distinct COC features extracted with a combination of optical modalities may provide reliable indicators of meiotic status and oocyte quality, thereby enabling clinical decision making without the need of removing somatic cell support.

Hozaien,a K. Elqusi,a E. Hassanen,a A. Hussin,a H. Alkhader,a S. El Tanbouly,a S. El-qassaby,a H. Randomization done with Microsoft excel. Pregnancy is considered ongoing when exceeding 20 weeks of gestation. There were no significant differences in male age, female age or sperm DFI between the four groups. The data collected and the P values calculated were as in the Following table.

These findings should be backed with larger sample size to achieve statistically powered results. Meintjes, S. Li, M. Dunning, T. Lipids in these membranes are the main substrates for peroxidation, producing reactive oxygen species ROS. ROS induce sperm oxidative stress, leading to sperm dysfunction and reduced motility. Therefore, the objective of this study was to test the protective effect of antioxidants on sperm after gradient separation and also under stressed and non-stressed in vitro culture conditions.

In Experiment 1, each sample was split into 4 treatment groups,using a 2x2 factorial design - with or without an oil overlay and with or without anti-oxidants. In Experiment 2, each sample was similarly tested with goodor poor quality oil and with or without anti-oxidants. The sperm pellet was then washed with G-IVF media with or without anti-oxidants. Motility evaluations were conducted on days 1, 2, 4 and 5. Similarly, sperm processed and cultured with anti-oxidants had a higher motility than sperm cultured without anti-oxidants In Experiment 2, sperm cultured under good quality oil had a higher motility than sperm cultured under poor quality oil Again, sperm processed and cultured with anti-oxidants had a higher motility than sperm without anti-oxidants As expected, the protective effect on sperm motility by anti-oxidants in the sperm-.

The results from this study suggest that one should consider anti-oxidant supplementation of sperm-handling media for all assisted reproductive procedures to include sperm preparation for IVF or intra-uterine insemination. Carpinello,a b c K. Richter, M. Yamasaki, M. Hill,a,c A. DeCherney,a K. Moon,b K. Single women and lesbian couples were included, as well as couples with male factor and no female factors if they used donor sperm or if the male partner produced a good sample for insemination. Women over 42 years or with subfertility diagnoses including but not limited to endometriosis, PCOS, ovulatory dysfunction, tubal factor, uterine factor, and unexplained infertility were excluded, as were inseminations with fewer than 8 million total motile sperm.

Ovulation induction was by oral administration of clomiphene citrate or letrozole no gonadotropins. Clinical pregnancy was defined by ultrasound confirmation of an intrauterine gestational sac, with multiple pregnancies having multiple gestational sacs. Effect of anti-oxidant-supplemented sperm handling media on sperm motility and survival after 5 days. Stewart,a L. Spratt,a W.

Craig,b J. Olshan,c D. T doses ranged from mg per week. All FTM patients were amenorrheic on T therapy alone. The mean serum E2 concentration was Oral E2 doses ranged from mg per day. Serum total T values for the 24 MTF patients were all within the target range median 8. Thus, all MTF patients had effective biochemical suppression of testicular function without GnRH agonist or progestin therapy. Additional unnecessary endocrine therapies to suppress ovarian or testicular function incur a significant expense and potential adverse effects without providing a clear change in clinical outcome.

J Clin Endocrinol Meta , Moravek,a H. Kinnear,b E. David,b E. Marsh,a V. Padmanabhan,c A. OBJECTIVE: Multiple national and international medical organizations, including ASRM, recommend fertility preservation counseling prior to starting gender-affirming hormone therapy in transgender patients; however, there is a paucity of data on the reproductive effects of long-term hormone therapy, particularly in transgender men. The objective of this study was to develop a mouse model to investigate reproductive effects of T administration for female-to-male FTM gender transition.

Daily vaginal cytology and weekly serum hormone analysis were performed. Mice were sacrificed after 6 weeks of injections, serum collected, and organs harvested. AMH levels were increased in the 0. There were no differences in FSH, estradiol, or progesterone levels. Clitoral area was significantly increased in T-treated mice compared to controls 9.

Ovaries of all T-treated mice had a multi-follicular appearance and complete absence of corpora lutea. Liver weight was significantly increased in mice receiving 0. There were no significant differences between groups in body weight change, or uterine, ovarian or brain weights. Two mice in the 0. Due to vaginal prolapse in the 0. Leung,a,b S. Pang,a K. Thornton,a,c N. However, there are no studies of substantial sample size that examines ovarian hyperstimulation outcomes in this underserved patient population.

Given the increasing demand for ART services by transgender patients and lack of information for providers treating these patients, we seek to inform this area of medicine. This information will serve to counsel transgender patients and their providers on ART outcomes in this population. DESIGN: This study is a retrospective analysis that investigated a female to male transgender cohort who underwent ART services and compared their outcomes with matched controls. Each transgender patient was matched with three control patients with tubal factor infertility, using the following factors: age, body mass index BMI , and anti-mullerian hormone AMH levels.

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS were excluded. Only ovarian stimulation outcomes were examined, as the majority of the transgender group underwent ART for the purpose of oocyte cryopreservation. Therefore, no embryo data or pregnancy outcomes were analyzed. The mean number of oocytes retrieved in the transgender group was Similarly, the transgender group had higher numbers of mean mature oocytes Our results show that transgender men have excellent controlled ovarian hyperstimulation outcomes, in many cases exceeding those of patients with tubal factor infertility.

Armuand, G. Light, Alexis D. Maxwell, Susan at al. Supported by: No disclosures. McCracken,a A. Nangia,b K. Roby,c H. McLaren,c M. Gray,c C. OBJECTIVE: This pilot study was undertaken to compare semen quality, hormonal status, and social factors in transgender women seeking fertility preservation with those of cis-men. Long range goals are to establish standard practice measures to ensure optimum semen quality for cryopreservation and fertility preservation in transgender women. Exclusion criteria included use of hormones in the prior three months.

Follicle stimulating hormone, estradiol and testosterone and risk factors that may alter semen parameters were measured and compared. Study participants completed a questionnaire via a secure online portal. Data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney or Student t-test. In addition, total motile sperm in transgender women was significantly lower than controls There were no differences in the number of cycles received, relative dose 0. Black patients with advanced stage or recurrent endometrial cancer , treated on 4 Gynecologic Oncology Group GOG protocols, had similar dose intensity and severe chemotherapy-related toxicity compared with white patients, suggesting that previously described racial disparities in survival among patients in GOG trials may have an novel etiology.

Supportive care for children with cancer. Guidelines of the Childrens Cancer Study Group. The use of nutritional therapy. Nutritional support for children with cancer is predicated on the belief that optimal nutrition promotes tolerance of anti-neoplastic therapy and preserves immunologic responsiveness.

The use of nutritional support is based on the assumption that there is effective therapy for the primary disease and that there will be a predictable period of nutritional stress. The most common nutritional problem is posed by the failure of sick children willingly to eat enough to maintain nutritional homeostasis. Supplementation of oral intake with a nutritional formula given by a small-bore nasogastric tube is simple, effective, and economical. If the sum of oral and tolerated nasogastric tube feedings is less than that required for optimal nutrition, unmet needs may be satisfied by nutrients given into a peripheral vein.

Total parenteral nutrition, given by central vein, is reserved for situations in which the combination of enteral and peripheral venous alimentation is inadequate. Purpose: To determine the patterns of radiotherapy practice for pancreatic cancer in Japan. Detailed information on patients from 34 radiation oncology institutions was accumulated. Results: The median age of all patients was 64 years range, , and Concerning radiotherapy RT , The treatment field consisted of the primary tumor bed only in Computed tomography-based treatment planning and conformal RT was used in Chemotherapy was used for patients Gemcitabine was the most frequently used drug, followed by 5-fluorouracil.

Conclusion: This study describes the general patterns of RT practice for pancreatic cancer in Japan. Chemotherapy with gemcitabine was commonly used in conjunction with RT during the survey period. Trastuzumab shows clinical activity in human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER-2 -positive early and advanced breast cancer. The primary end point was time to progression. We randomly assigned 78 patients to capecitabine and 78 patients to capecitabine plus trastuzumab. Sixty-five events and 38 deaths in the capecitabine group and 62 events and 33 deaths in the capecitabine-plus-trastuzumab group occurred during Median times to progression were 5.

Overall survival rates were Overall response rates were Continuation of trastuzumab beyond progression was not associated with increased toxicity. Continuation of trastuzumab plus capecitabine showed a significant improvement in overall response and time to progression compared with capecitabine alone in women with HERpositive breast cancer who experienced progression during trastuzumab treatment.

Raising cancer awareness in minority ethnic groups. Awareness of cancer and uptake of screening is lower among some black and minority ethnic groups than in the white British population, yet incidence of some cancers is higher. The National Cancer Action Team has set up a pilot with a number of BME communities to improve screening uptake and understanding of early signs and symptoms of cancer by increasing cancer awareness and dispelling myths and misconceptions.

Farley, John H. Scott; Brown, Carol L. Tate; Fleming, Gini F. There were no differences in the number of cycles received, RD 0. Modeling breast cancer progression and the effect of various risk is helpful in deciding when a woman should start and end screening, and how often the screening should be undertaken. We modeled the natural progression of breast cancer using a hidden Markov process, and incorporated the effects of covariates. Patients are women aged older and younger years from the Canadian National Breast Screening Studies. We included prevalent cancers , estimated the screening sensitivities and rates of over-diagnosis, and validated the models using simulation.

We found that older women have a higher rate of transition from a healthy to preclinical state and other causes of death but a lower rate of transition from preclinical to clinical state. Reciprocally, younger women have a lower rate of transition from a healthy to preclinical state and other causes of death but a higher rate of transition from a preclinical to clinical state. Different risk factors were significant for the age groups. The mean sojourn times for older and younger women were 2.

In the study group , the sensitivities of the initial physical examination and mammography for older and younger women were 0.

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In the control groups , the sensitivities of the initial physical examination for older and younger women were 0. The present work offers a basis for the better modeling of cancer incidence for a population with the inclusion of prevalent cancers. The Cancer Biomarkers Research Group promotes research to identify, develop, and validate biological markers for early cancer detection and cancer risk assessment. Activities include development and validation of promising cancer biomarkers, collaborative databases and informatics systems, and new technologies or the refinement of existing technologies.

Cancer survivors face many challenges, and cancer support groups provide a range of support. Several reports have shown the benefits of support groups. However, it is not clear how Japanese cancer survivors use them. This study aimed to examine cancer survivors' awareness of and reasons for participation or non-participation in cancer support groups. We conducted a cross-sectional questionnaire survey with ambulatory patients with cancer across eight designated cancer hospitals.

In total, questionnaires were distributed, and responses were received from patients with cancer. Of these, patients were aware of support groups and 23 had participated in a group. Patients who were aware of support groups were more likely to be young, female patients. Many patients learned about support groups from hospital notices. About half of participating patients were unaware of support groups. Even among patients who were aware, many did not attend a support group. Developing a better understanding of support group use in cancer survivors may enhance provision of adequate care based on individual needs.

A qualitative focus group study to identify the needs of survivors of stage II and III colorectal cancer. Prior survivorship research has largely focused on issues faced by survivors of childhood tumors, breast cancers , or hematologic malignancies. Relatively little is known about the needs of other prevalent survivor groups. Our aim was to identify the specific concerns of colorectal cancer CRC survivors in the key domains of physical functioning, psychological wellbeing, and social relationships. Patients were asked to describe how their diagnosis and treatment impacted their lives, to outline deficiencies in the care that they received, and to suggest ways of addressing any unmet needs.

A content analysis was subsequently conducted to identify major themes. Thirty CRC survivors participated in six focus groups. Individuals reported some degree of dissatisfaction with the amount and type of diagnostic and treatment information they received at their initial clinic visit. Distress from toxicities, such as peripheral neuropathy, was also common among the survivors. Similarly, the majority faced challenges adjusting to their lives and daily activities, especially in caring for their colostomy. CRC survivors face many barriers after their cancer treatment.

Issues with colostomy are unique to this survivor group. Interventions to improve CRC survivorship care should also incorporate opportunities for patient advocacy. Biologic determinants of tumor recurrence in stage II colon cancer : validation study of the gene recurrence score in cancer and leukemia group B CALGB A greater understanding of the biology of tumor recurrence should improve adjuvant treatment decision making. We conducted a validation study of the gene recurrence score RS , a quantitative assay integrating stromal response and cell cycle gene expression, in tumor specimens from patients enrolled onto Cancer and Leukemia Group B CALGB CALGB randomly assigned 1, patients with stage II colon cancer to treatment with edrecolomab or observation and found no survival difference.

RS was assessed in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor samples with quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction by using prespecified genes and a previously validated algorithm. Association of RS and recurrence was analyzed by weighted Cox proportional hazards regression. This is consistent with the importance of stromal response and cell cycle gene expression in colon tumor recurrence. RS appears to be most discerning for patients with T3 MMR-I tumors, although markers such as grade and lymphovascular invasion did not add value in this subset of patients.

Venook, Alan P. Purpose A greater understanding of the biology of tumor recurrence should improve adjuvant treatment decision making. Patients and Methods CALGB randomly assigned 1, patients with stage II colon cancer to treatment with edrecolomab or observation and found no survival difference. Cervical cancer prevention-related knowledge and attitudes among female undergraduate students from different ethnic groups within China, a survey-based study. The purpose of this study was to understand cervical cancer prevention-related knowledge and attitudes among female undergraduate students from different ethnic groups within China.

We conducted a survey among ethnically diverse female students from the Minzu University of China, in Beijing in October, Compared to the Han Chinese, the members of the other six ethnic groups had lower cervical cancer knowledge levels. The knowledge scores of Mongolian and Korean students were significantly lower than those of the Han Chinese. The willingness to accept cervical cancer prevention efforts also differed across different ethnic groups.

After adjusting for age and place of residence, the acceptance of cervical cancer screening among the Tibetan, Uyghur, and Korean groups was significantly lower than among the Han Chinese, with different related decision-making factors in each group. Cervical cancer prevention-related public education is an urgent need in China. Extra consideration of ethnic differences should be taken into account when designing and improving new current cervical cancer prevention programs.

Diagnostic and referral intervals for Manitoba women with epithelial ovarian cancer - the Manitoba Ovarian Cancer Outcomes MOCO study group : a retrospective cross-sectional study. Love, Allison J. Background: Epithelial ovarian cancer has the highest mortality of all gynecologic cancers. The poor survival rates are often attributed to the advanced stage at which most of these cancers are detected. We sought to examine the effects of patient demographics, comorbidities and presenting symptoms on diagnostic and referral intervals by location of first presentation emergency department v.

Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis of chart and medical record data for ovarian cancers , with the exceptions of sex cord and germ cell tumours, diagnosed between and in Manitoba, Canada. Data were collected on baseline characteristics, time to diagnosis and referral, number and type of physician visits and emergency department visits.

Results: The final cohort consisted of patients.

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Sixty-three percent of patients received their diagnosis within 60 days of initial presentation, and The median diagnostic interval for all stages of patients presenting to the emergency department was 7 days, compared with 55 days for patients presenting elsewhere. Early stage patients not presenting to the emergency department had their diagnosis a median of These patients likely required more urgent attention for their. Clonal evolution and heterogeneity in metastatic head and neck cancer -An analysis of the Austrian Study Group of Medical Tumour Therapy study group.

Tumour heterogeneity and clonal evolution within a cancer patient are deemed responsible for relapse in malignancies and present challenges to the principles of targeted therapy, for which treatment modality is often decided based on the molecular pathology of the primary tumour. Nevertheless, the clonal architecture in distant relapse of head and neck cancer is fairly unknown. For this project, we analysed a cohort of patients within the Austrian Registry of head and neck cancer. We identified 26 patients with material from the primary tumour, the distant metastasis after curative first-line treatment and a germline sample for analysis of clonal evolution.

After pathological analyses, these samples were analysed using a targeted massively parallel sequencing MPS panel of genes known to be recurrently mutated in head and neck cancer plus a genome-wide SNP-set. Despite histological diagnosis of distant metastasis, no corresponding mutation in the supposed metastases was found in two of 23 8.

We observed a branched pattern of evolution in This pattern was associated with a shorter time to distant metastasis, compared with a pattern of punctuated evolution. Targeted MPS demonstrated substantial heterogeneity at the time of diagnosis and a complex pattern of evolution during disease progression in head and neck cancer. Copy number analyses revealed additional changes that were not detected by mutational analyses. Mutational and structural changes contribute to tumour heterogeneity at diagnosis and progression.

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Preparing breast cancer patients for survivorship PREP - a pilot study of a patient-centred supportive group visit intervention. The process of breast cancer follow-up has psychosocial benefits for patients, notably reassurance, although attending hospital appointments can increase anxiety.

Discharge from hospital follow-up can also invoke anxiety as many patients seek reassurance from continued specialist follow-up. Inevitably, due to increased survival and associated resource issues, opportunities for follow-up and support will be reduced. We delivered and evaluated an intervention which supported the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor, for breast cancer patients being discharged to primary care.

We delivered and evaluated a pilot of a patient-centred group intervention 'Preparing Patients for Discharge', aimed at reducing distress. The qualitative analysis of questionnaire data indicated key factors were 1 shared experience, 2 support and reassurance, and 3 positive views about cancer and being discharged. The interview data revealed that the intervention enabled participants to: share experiences, focus on emotional needs, and have open discussions about recurrence, while increasing confidence in being discharged and using alternative support services. Providing a structured group intervention approach for breast cancer patients offers an early opportunity to support cancer survivors and facilitate and encourage self-management.

Langholz, Bryan; Skolnik, Jeffrey M. Background Dactinomycin AMD and vincristine VCR have been used for the treatment of childhood cancer over the past 40 years but evidence-based dosing guidance is lacking. Data of women with histologically proven EC who received primary surgical treatment between January and December were retrospectively abstracted from seven institutions with prospectively maintained databases.

Time to the first EC recurrence in a specific site was evaluated by using cumulative incidence analysis Gray's test. Results from two International Breast Cancer Study Group randomized trials of chemoendocrine adjuvant therapy. Maiorano, Eugenio; Regan, Meredith M. Purpose A minority of early invasive breast cancers show a pattern of central necrosis and fibrosis CNF.

Previous studies have documented an adverse prognostic impact and association with other adverse pathological features, but its predictive importance for therapy selection is unknown. Methods We examined the prognostic and predictive value of CNF in two randomized clinical trials comparing chemoendocrine therapy with endocrine therapy alone in patients with node-negative breast cancer.

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  • A total of patients randomly assigned to treatment groups comparing endocrine with chemoendocrine therapy, and with centrally-assessed CNF, ER, PgR and HER2 were included in the analytic cohort. The median follow up was 10 years. Results CNF was present in 84 of trial patients 4. It was associated with tumor characteristics suggesting poor outcome, but was an independent adverse factor for disease-free survival. In the presence of CNF outcome was worse regardless of tumor grade, whereas in the absence of CNF, patients with grade 3 tumors had poorer outcome than those with grade tumors. Conclusion The results suggest that the presence of CNF reflects a biological difference in early breast cancer that is important in modulating the efficacy of standard therapies.

    Accordingly we believe that its presence should be routinely reported. AB0 blood groups and rhesus factor expression as prognostic parameters in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer - a retrospective multi-centre study. AB0 blood groups and Rhesus factor expression have been associated with carcinogenesis, response to treatment and tumor progression in several malignancies. The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that AB0 blood groups and Rhesus factor expression are associated with clinical outcome in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer EOC.

    AB0 blood groups and Rhesus factor expression were evaluated in a retrospective multicenter study including patients with EOC. Their association with patients' survival was assessed using univariate and multivariable analyses. Neither AB0 blood groups nor Rhesus factor expression were associated with clinico-pathological parameters, recurrence-free, cancer -specific, or overall survival. In a subgroup of patients with high-grade serous adenocarcinoma, however, blood groups B and AB were associated with a better 5-year cancer -specific survival rate compared to blood groups A and 0 Yet, this was not significant in multivariable analysis.

    AB0 blood groups and Rhesus factor expression are both neither associated with features of biologically aggressive disease nor clinical outcome in patients with EOC. Further investigation of the role of the blood group B antigen on cancer -specific survival in the subgroup of high-grade serous should be considered. Association of ABO and Rh blood groups with breast cancer. The aim of this study was to determine the association of "ABO" and "Rhesus" blood groups with incidence of breast cancer. The research papers were selected by using the primary key-terms including "ABO blood type", "Rhesus" blood type and "breast cancer ".

    The research documents in which "ABO" and "Rhesus" blood types and breast cancer was debated were included. After screening, we reviewed 32 papers and finally we selected 25 research papers which met the inclusion criteria and remaining documents were excluded. Blood group "A" has high incidence of breast cancer Blood group "A" has highest and blood group "AB" has least association with breast cancer.

    To reduce breast cancer incidence and its burden, preventive and screening programs for breast cancer especially in young women are highly recommended. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting is less controlled at delayed phase in patients with esophageal cancer : a prospective registration study by the CINV Study Group of Japan. Chemotherapy is an indispensable therapeutic approach for esophageal cancer. Although chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting CINV is one of the most crucial adverse events, the current state of CINV in patients with esophageal cancer remains unclear.

    This multicenter prospective observational study analyzed data for patents with esophageal cancer who underwent moderately emetogenic chemotherapy MEC or highly emetogenic chemotherapy HEC. Multivariate logistic regression analysis for VAS revealed that motion sickness, age, and use of other antiemetics were risk factors for delayed nausea.

    Identification of individual risk factors, such as female sex, will help develop personalized treatments for CINV. In the clinical setting for esophageal cancer , regimens that include nedaplatin might need to be treated as HEC. Assessing risk of breast cancer in an ethnically South-East Asia population results of a multiple ethnic groups study. Gail and others developed a model GAIL using age-at-menarche, age-at-birth of first live child, number of previous benign breast biopsy examinations, and number of first-degree-relatives with breast cancer as well as baseline age-specific breast cancer risks for predicting the 5-year risk of invasive breast cancer for Caucasian women.

    However, the validity of the model for projecting risk in South-East Asian women is uncertain. Motivated by lower breast cancer incidence in many Asian countries, we utilised race-specific invasive breast cancer and other cause mortality rates for Singapore women to produce GAIL-SBSP. By using risk factor information from a nested case-control study within SBSP, alternative models incorporating fewer then additional risk factors were determined.

    Except for women who had two or more first-degree-relatives with breast cancer , satisfactory prediction was present in almost all risk categories. This agreement was reflected in Chinese and Malay, but not in Indian women. We also found that a simplified model S-GAIL-SBSP including only age-at-menarche, age-at-birth of first live child and number of first-degree-relatives performed similarly with associated concordance statistics of 0. GAIL can be refined by using national race-specific invasive breast cancer rates and mortality rates for causes other than breast cancer.

    A revised model. Background Gail and others developed a model GAIL using age-at-menarche, age-at-birth of first live child, number of previous benign breast biopsy examinations, and number of first-degree-relatives with breast cancer as well as baseline age-specific breast cancer risks for predicting the 5-year risk of invasive breast cancer for Caucasian women.

    Conclusions GAIL can be refined by using national race-specific invasive breast cancer rates and mortality rates for causes other than. Irinotecan in patients with relapsed or cisplatin-refractory germ cell cancer : a phase II study of the German Testicular Cancer Study Group. Despite generally high cure rates in patients with metastatic germ cell cancer , patients with progressive disease on first-line cisplatin-based chemotherapy or with relapsed disease following high-dose salvage therapy exhibit a very poor prognosis.

    Irinotecan has shown antitumour activity in human testicular tumour xenografts in nude mice. We have performed a phase II study examining the single agent activity of irinotecan in patients with metastatic relapsed or cisplatin-refractory germ cell cancer. Refractory disease was defined as progression or relapse within 4 weeks after cisplatin-based chemotherapy or relapse after salvage high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell support.

    Irinotecan was administered at a dose of mg m -2 every 3 weeks. Response was evaluated every 4 weeks. Fifteen patients have been enrolled. Median age was 35 years. Patients had been pretreated with a median of six cisplatin-containing cycles and 13 out of 15 patients had previously failed high-dose chemotherapy with blood stem cell support.

    Median number of irinotecan applications was two Fourteen patients are assessable for response and all for toxicity. In one patient, no adequate response evaluation was performed. Toxicity was generally acceptable and consisted mainly of haematological side effects with common toxicity criteria 3 degrees anaemia two patients , common toxicity criteria 3 degrees leukocytopenia one patient and common toxicity criteria 3 degrees thrombocytopenia three patients.

    No response was observed to irinotecan therapy. Currently, 13 patients have died of the disease and two patients are alive with the disease. This study aimed to reveal the habits of using internet by cancer patients and their relatives to access health-related information and services in Turkey. An item questionnaire survey was applied in cancer patients and their relatives. A total of patients male, The responders had been using internet to obtain health information about oncological diseases, once a month After diagnosis of cancer was made, participants more frequently Some Still Cancer patients and their relatives showed a higher tendency to use health-related internet information which may mislead them, and can result in treatment incompliance.

    Health professionals should offer evidence-based information to the patients and their relatives through internet. The Prostate and Urologic Cancer Research Group conducts and supports research on prostate and bladder cancers , and new approaches to clinical prevention studies including cancer immunoprevention. The group develops, implements and monitors research efforts in chemoprevention, nutrition, genetic, and immunologic interventions, screening, early detection and other prevention. The Cambridge Prognostic Groups for improved prediction of disease mortality at diagnosis in primary non-metastatic prostate cancer : a validation study.

    The purpose of this study is to validate a new five-tiered prognostic classification system to better discriminate cancer -specific mortality in men diagnosed with primary non-metastatic prostate cancer. We applied a recently described five-strata model, the Cambridge Prognostic Groups CPGs , in two international cohorts and tested prognostic performance against the current standard three-strata classification of low-, intermediate- or high-risk disease.

    The main outcome measure was prostate cancer mortality PCM stratified by age group and treatment modality. The PCBaSe cohort included 72, men, of whom died of prostate cancer. The CPG model successfully classified men with different risks of PCM with competing risk regression confirming significant intergroup distinction p group division p cancer deaths, the CPG model outperformed the three strata categories C-index 0. CPG5 significantly discriminated PCM outcomes after radical therapy or conservative management p study of nearly 75, men confirms that the CPG five-tiered prognostic model has superior discrimination compared.

    Association studies of excision repair cross-complementation group 1 ERCC1 haplotypes with lung and head and neck cancer risk in a Caucasian population. Haplotypes were estimated using expectation maximization EM algorithm, and haplotype association with cancer was investigated using Haplo. The genotype and haplotype frequencies matched previous estimates from Caucasians. No associations were found when stratifying lung cancer cases by histology, sex, smoking status, or smoking intensity.

    Value of molecular monitoring during the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia: a Cancer and Leukemia Group B study. Disappearance of the Philadelphia chromosome during treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia CML has become an important therapeutic end point. Treatment consisted of repetitive cycles of interferon alfa and low-dose subcutaneous cytarabine. Blood and marrow Southern blot quantitation of BCR gene rearrangements was compared with marrow cytogenetic analysis before the initiation of treatment and of specified points during therapy.

    Reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR analysis was performed to detect residual disease in patients who achieved a complete response by Southern blot or cytogenetic analysis. Quantitative molecular monitoring by Southern blot analysis of blood samples was found to be equivalent to marrow monitoring at all time points. RT-PCR analysis detected residual disease in five of six patients in whom no malignant cells were detected using Southern blot or cytogenetic analyses. Quantitative Southern blot analysis of blood samples may be substituted for bone. Determination of psychological problems will shed light on the terms of solution and provide support to patients about these problems will ensure the patients' coherence to the treatment and will enhance the benefits they receive from treatment.

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    In this study , we aimed to determine these psychosocial problems and the interactions with each other in colon cancer patients. In this study , patients with colorectal cancer were included. Male patients had significantly higher European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer Questionnaires Quality of Life-C30 function scales and global quality-of-life scores than female patients. Golombok-Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction scores of female patients were significantly higher than that of male patients.

    European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer Questionnaires Quality of Life-C30 function scales and global quality-of-life scores of the patients with high depression scores were significantly lower, conversely symptom scale scores of the patients with high depression scores were significantly higher than that of the patients with low depression scores. Patients with low anxiety scores had significantly higher European Organization for Research on Treatment of Cancer Questionnaires Quality of Life-C30 function scales and global quality-of-life scores than the patients with high anxiety scores.

    Symptom scale scores of the patients with high anxiety scores were significantly higher than that of the patients with low anxiety scores. The scores of Golombok-Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction except premature ejaculation and vaginismus were significantly higher in patients with high anxiety scores and a significant difference was determined in touch. Evaluation of a brief pilot psychoeducational support group intervention for family caregivers of cancer patients: a quasi-experimental mixed-methods study. Family caregivers of cancer patients often experience an impaired quality of life QOL and emotional distress as a result of their caregiving duties, which may potentially influence the quality of care of their care recipients.

    The COPE Caregivers of cancer Outpatients' Psycho-Education support group therapy intervention was developed as a response to the lack of work done among family caregivers of ambulatory cancer patients in Asia. This group intervention comprised four weekly sessions simultaneously targeting psychoeducation, skills training, and supportive therapy. The present study sought to evaluate the pilot COPE intervention using both quantitative and qualitative measures.

    These instruments were measured at baseline pre-intervention, and immediately post-intervention. A waitlist control group design was adopted. A subset of caregivers from the intervention group were invited for a semi-structured interview post-intervention. Quantitative analyses suggest that while QOL remained stable in control group participants, intervention group participants experienced QOL improvements - both in overall QOL and in the specific domain of burden.

    There were no significant differences in the trajectories of depression and anxiety in both groups. Qualitative analyses suggest that this might have been a result of the intervention not only equipping participants with the relevant coping skills, but also providing a platform for emotional expression and situational reappraisal. The COPE intervention has shown some efficacy in helping family caregivers of cancer patients, but more work is required before this can be implemented.

    Registered 17 April Retrospectively registered. This study aimed to investigate in a multicenter cohort study the radicality of colorectal cancer resections, to assess the oncosurgical quality of colorectal specimens, and to compare the performance between centers. One German and nine Swiss hospitals agreed to prospectively register all patients with primary colorectal cancer resected between September and June The median number of eligible patients with one primary tumor included per center was 95 range