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Professor Medvedev: "The problem amongst our leaders may not be so much in having to accept your movement, but to accept that the Vedic culture could have very well been the original culture here in Russia. You know in Russia practically all the scientists accept that the Vedic culture once flourished here, the centre being in the Volga river region.


The debate among our scientists is only if the Aryans came from India or they originated here. There is much evidence to the fact that Vedic culture existed here, most notably the Russian Veda". The central figure of the Russian Veda is a personality called Krishen. He is the upholder of spiritual truths and the killer of many demons.

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His killing of a witch and snake are exactly like the history of child Krsna killing the putana and aghasura demons in the bhagavat puranas. But the Russian Veda is not intended for children. It is full of spiritual truths. Sanskrit meaning. Salvation, goal of all Rishis.

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Rishis seeking spiritual power. Russian town named after Lord Krsna. The locals still call their land Shibir. White as in white snow covered region. Svetlana, the name of Stalins daughter is from the Sanskrit word svetanana meaning fair faced. During the nineteenth century when Europe was greatly appreciating the Vedic culture, Sir Henry Maine, a scholarly member of the viceroy of Indias council declared about Germany "a nation has been born out of Sanskrit".

Below we provide evidence of the Vedic influence throughout Germany and Europe. Land of the Daityas. Daitya refers to mother Diti and Kashyapa muni, the Dutch also share this link. The Daityas were also known as the Danuv community due to Kashyapa munis marriage to Danu, who is also known as one of the primary Goddesses of the celts.

City dedicated to Lord Buddah. Skanda is the son of Lord Siva. Naviya is Sanskrit for naval settlement. Scandinavians were the mariner descendants of the Vedic ksatriyas who worshipped Skanda. In the history of the world the Vedas fills a gap which no literary work in any language could fill. The Yadu dynasty which Lord Krsna appeared in. It is common for the y and j to become interchangeable hence, Yaduism, Yeduism and finally Judaism.

The township of Lord Krsna. Yadu - dynasty of Lord Krsna, Isha — God, alayam — abode or place. The abode of Isha — God. The abode of God. Ishalayam - shalayam - shalome.

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Tal is Sanskrit for palm. Mud comes from mudra which means imprint or script, hence Talmud is Sanskrit for palm leaf manuscript. The first or most ancient man. A simplified version of the sri yantra, connected to the Goddess Laxmi Devi. Drawn in front of many Hindu homes. Bestowed by the mother Goddess. Semites were the descendants of Shem which originates from Shyam, Lord Krsna.

She was the mother of our philosophy … of our mathematics … of the ideals embodied in Christianity … of self government and democracy…mother India is in many ways the mother of us all. Author of the ten volume, story of civilisation. Zeus the Greek God of heaven, travels planet to planet on a mystical six horse chariot wielding a trident. Indra the Vedic king of heaven also travels on a mystical six horse chariot wielding a thunderbolt. Arjuna, devotee of Lord Krsna. In the lineage of Hari Krsna. Peeth means place of education. God, the warder of calamities. One whose conduct is meritorious.

Three important precepts when practiced lead to heaven; self restraint, charity and conscientousness. The Heliodorus column, erected in B. Over years ago the Greek ambassador worshiped Visnu.

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  7. Greek Silver coins made by Agathaclose, a Greek ruler from the 2nd century B. Abode of the Vedic sage Guatam. Lord Rama, the illustrious scion of Aja. Their kings were named Ramses meaning Rama the God. Visnu, Lord of the Anguli country. The suffix sthan comes from the Sanskrit word stan meaning land.

    Arabia comes from the word Arvasthan. And finally … Throughout the last two thousand years, many changes have taken place.

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    The most influential being the rise of Christianity, followed by the religion of Islam. While the world was being converted to these new religions, anything that contradicted or existed before them was eradicated. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. This is an amazing book that not just every Indian, but every person all over the world should know. Because this is the history of the world.

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    It explains so many things that I never understood before and makes me proud of my rich heritage. If people embrace the knowledge in this book, there will be renewed understanding between people all over the world. We are all ONE, we originate at the same place It is of dire importance and we all understand our common heritage and common ancestry! Hence the title statement. This book just blows your mind IF your mind is available to understand the contents in an open, unbiased manner! Have doubts regarding this product?

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