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Main article: Saluva dynasty. Main article: Tuluva dynasty. Main article: Kingdom of Mysore. Main article: Wodeyar dynasty. Main article: Gajapati Kingdom. Main article: Kingdom of Cochin. Main article: Mughal Empire. Main article: Sisodia. See also: Mewar and Udaipur State. Main article: Suri dynasty.

Main article: Chogyal. See also: History of Sikkim and History of Ladakh. Main article: Maratha Empire. See also: Bhosale and Chhatrapati. Main article: Kolhapur State. See also: History of Satara district and Satara state. See also: Peshwa. Further information: Thanjavur Maratha kingdom.

Further information: Nagpur kingdom. Main article: Holkar. See also: Indore State. Main article: Scindia. See also: Gwalior State. Main article: Gaekwad dynasty. See also: Baroda State. Main article: Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad. See also: Oudh State. See also: Hyderabad State and Nizam of Hyderabad. See also: Savanur State. See also: Travancore. See also: Sikh Empire. See also: Emperor of India and British Raj. See also: Dominion of India. See also: Dominion of Pakistan. Pearson Education India. Encyclopedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations.

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Journal of Indian History. IX : — Motilal Banarsidass. Bhosle of Nagpur and East India Company. Publication Scheme. Retrieved 3 November The London Gazette. Middle kingdoms of India. References and sources for table. Flood, Gavin D. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use Indian English from November All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English Use dmy dates from September Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with links needing disambiguation Articles with links needing disambiguation from October Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from December All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Palaeolithic 2,,—, BC Madrasian Culture. Neolithic 10,— BC Bhirrana Culture. Edakkal Culture.

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Chalcolithic — BC Anarta tradition. Ahar-Banas Culture. Pandu Culture. Vedic Civilisation. Pradyota Dynasty. Haryanka Dynasty. Three Crowned Kingdoms. Maha Janapadas. Achaemenid Empire. Shaishunaga Dynasty. Macedonian Empire. Seleucid India. Pandya Empire. Pallava Empire. Maha-Megha-Vahana Empire. Parthian Empire. Kuninda Kingdom. Indo-Greek Kingdom. Indo-Scythian Kingdom. Indo-Parthian Kingdom. Western Satrap Empire. Bharshiva Dynasty. Nagas of Padmavati. Sasanian Empire. Indo-Sassanid Kingdom. Vakataka Empire. Kalabhras Empire. Kadamba Empire. Western Ganga Kingdom.

Vishnukundina Empire. Maitraka Empire. Kabul Shahi Empire. Chalukya Empire. Maukhari Empire. Harsha Empire. Tibetan Empire. Eastern Chalukya Kingdom. Rashidun Caliphate. Gurjara-Pratihara Empire. Umayyad Caliphate. Rashtrakuta Empire. Paramara Kingdom. Yadava Empire. Chaulukya Kingdom. Western Chalukya Empire. Lohara Kingdom. Hoysala Empire.

Eastern Ganga Empire.

India's Last Maharaja

Kakatiya Kingdom. Zamorin Kingdom. Kalachuris of Tripuri. Kalachuris of Kalyani. Chutiya Kingdom. Late medieval period — Delhi Sultanate. Chitradurga Kingdom. Reddy Kingdom. Vijayanagara Empire. Bengal Sultanate. Garhwal Kingdom. Mysore Kingdom.

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Gajapati Kingdom. Deccan Sultanates. Keladi Kingdom. Early modern period — Mughal Empire. Madurai Kingdom. Thanjavur Kingdom. Marava Kingdom. Maratha Empire. Colonial states — Portuguese India. Company Raj. Periods of Sri Lanka Prehistory. Early kingdoms period. Anuradhapura period.

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Polonnaruwa period. Transitional period. Crisis of the Sixteenth Century. Kandyan period. British Ceylon. Contemporary Sri Lanka. Bindusara Amitraghata. His son, Kunala , was blinded, and died before his father. Asoka wasa succeeded by his grandson. The Mauryan Empire had shrunk by the time of his reign. Assassinated by Pushyamitra Shunga. His title Maharajadhiraja "king of great kings" suggests that he was the first emperor of the dynasty. It is not certain how he turned his small ancestral kingdom into an empire, although a widely-accepted theory among modern historians is that his marriage to the Lichchhavi princess Kumaradevi helped him extend his political power.

Defeated several kings of northern India, and annexed their territories to his empire. He also marched along the south-eastern coast of India, advancing as far as the Pallava kingdom. In addition, he subjugated several frontier kingdoms and tribal oligarchies. His empire extended from Ravi River in the west to the Brahmaputra River in the east, and from the Himalayan foothills in the north to central India in the south-west; several rulers along the south-eastern coast were his tributaries.

Continued the expansionist policy of his father Samudragupta : historical evidence suggests that he defeated the Western Kshatrapas , and extended the Gupta empire from the Indus River in the west to the Bengal region in the east, and from the Himalayan foothills in the north to the Narmada River in the south. He seems to have maintained control of his inherited territory, which extended from Gujarat in the west to Bengal region in the east.

It is stated that he restored the fallen fortunes of the Gupta family, which has led to suggestions that during his predecessor's last years, the Empire may have suffered reverses, possibly against the Pushyamitras or the Hunas. He is generally considered the last of the great Gupta Emperors. He had close ties with the rulers of Kannauj and together they sought to run the Alchon Huns Hunas out of the fertile plains of Northern India. Vishnu-Gupta Candraditya. United the Yuezhi confederation during the 1st century CE, and became the first Kushan emperor.

Alias The Great Saviour. His empire covered northwestern Gandhara and greater Bactria towards China , where Kushan presence has been asserted in the Tarim Basin. Under his reign, embassies were also sent to the Chinese court. The first great Kushan emperor. He introduced gold coinage, in addition to the existing copper and silver coinage. Most of the gold seems to have been obtained through trade with the Roman Empire.

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Came to rule an empire in Bactria extending to Pataliputra on the Gangetic plain. His conquests and patronage of Buddhism played an important role in the development of the Silk Road , and in the transmission of Mahayana Buddhism from Gandhara across the Karakoram range to China. He was the last great Kushan emperor, and the end of his rule coincides with the invasion of the Sassanians as far as northwestern India, and the establishment of the Indo-Sassanians or Kushanshahs from around CE.

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It is likely he lost part of his empire to the Kushano-Sassanians. May have been a subject of Samudragupta from Gupta Empire. Jayasimha I. Founder of the dynasty. He ruled the area around modern Bijapur in the early 6th century. He ruled parts of the present-day Maharashtra and Karnataka states in the western Deccan region of India. Brother of Kirtivarman. Expanded the Chalukya power in present-day Gujarat and Maharashtra after defeating the Kalachuri king Buddharaja. He also consolidated his rule in the Konkan coastal region of Maharashtra and Goa after conquering Revati-dvipa from the rebel Chalukya governor Svamiraja.

His reign ended when he lost a war of succession to his nephew Pulakeshin II , a son of Kirttivarman I. Son of Kirtivarman I , he overthrew his uncle Mangalesha to gain control of the throne. Suppressed a rebellion by Appayika and Govinda, and decisively defeated the Kadambas of Banavasi in the south. Consolidated the Chalukya control over the western coast by subjugating the Mauryas of Konkana. He was victorious against the powerful northern emperor Harsha-vardhana.

Vengi Eastern. Brother of Pulakeshin II. Ruled under him as viceroy in Vengi, and then declared independence in Jayasimha II. First son of Pulakeshin II. Probably ruled under the Pallavas. Vijaya-Bhattarika regent. He restored order in the fractured kingdom and made the Pallavas retreat from the capital. Mangi Yuvaraja. His long reign was marked by general peace and prosperity.

Vijayaditya also built a number of temples. He fought against the Pallavas and extracted tributes from Parameshwar Varma V. Jayasimha III. Ajay Jadeja , former cricketer who played between and , playing in 15 Test matches and One Day Internationals. Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar , a cricketer who played for England. Chetan Chauhan , former cricketer who played 40 Test matches for India.

He played in the capacity of vice-captain in the Olympic Games. He was the captain of the Indian team at Helsinki Olympics Games. The Indian team won a gold medal on both occasions. Hanuman Singh , former basketball player from India. He was awarded Arjuna Award in Apurvi Chandela , an Indian shooter who won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Vikram Singh Solanki , Indian-born English cricketer, who plays county cricket for Surrey having previously spent 17 years at Worcestershire.

He served as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan three times, from to , to and to Jaswant Singh born 3 January of Jasol. He has previously held several national political offices and previously served as Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh from to , from to , and from to He was an elected member of the Lok Sabha in , , , and in Previously, he had served as the 9th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, a central Indian state, for two terms from to He served as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh three times.

He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has also served as a Member of Parliament, having been elected to the 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th Lok Sabhas. He was also a member of the Rajya Sabha from to He was the four times chief minister of Gujarat. He has also served as the President of the BJP twice, — and — Major General H. Sir Shahu Chhattrapati Maharaj , G.

The Maurya Empire

Maharaja Sir Madan Pal , of Karauli. Maharaja Jaswantsinhji Bhavsinhji , of Bhavnagar.

The History of India: Every Year

Maharaja Takhatsinghji Jaswantsinghji , of Bhavnagar. Colonel H. Knights Commanders K. Major H. E, of Bikaner , 24th June Maharana Sri Bhawanisinhji Hamirsinhji , of Danta. Raja Sir Bijai Chand , of Bilaspur. Raja Bijai Sen , of Mandi , cr. Major-General H. Companions C. Raja Ram Pal , of Kutlehar , 24th June Thakore Sahib Balvirsinhji Karansinhji , of Lakhtar. Raja Shiv Raj Singh , of Kashipur. Raja Mangal Singh Bahadur , of Bhinai.

Raja Bhawani Singh , of Mainpuri. Raja Narendra Chand , of Nadaun , cr. Raja Sir Bijai Chand , of Bilaspur , cr. Maharaj Fateh Singhji , of Raoti. Rajkumar Bir Bikram Singh , of Sirmur , cr. Field Marshal Hon. Maharaja Sadul Singh Bahadur , of Kishangarh. I, of Bikaner , 24th July Sir Bhagwatsinghji Sangramsinghji , of Gondal ,