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Obviously, that lasts approximately two seconds once Ivan turns up, and they get engaged within a month of their first kiss. In short, it's typical romance novel territory, which really isn't my thing at all. And the writing echoed that. There was talk of the "awesome bulge" in Ivan's jeans, and Stephanie's vagina apparently hums when she's horny, which would probably go down a treat on Patpong Road.

But it also feels incredibly dated. Sure, Evanovich updated some stuff when it was republished, but it still feels like a book from the late 80s. Ivan tells Stephanie how sexy her full length nightgown with long ruffly sleeves is, and Stephanie wears high tops and slouch socks a lot. The point of view jumps constantly between Ivan and Stephanie, often within the same paragraph, and it was really grating to read. Honestly, the only thing that saved it from one star territory was the supporting characters, who were oddly hilarious.

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There were occasional funny moments, and it was a fast read. But that wasn't enough to save it from a trip to the great big bookshelf in the sky. Sorry, book. You're on the discard pile. View 1 comment. Jul 18, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: , janet-evanovich. I definitely liked the story and I loved the characters in it.

I think listening to it on audio book added more dimensions to the characters and I had more insight into their personalities. I really liked the relationship between Steph and Ivan. They were funny together, and matched up very well. I also really enjoyed the storyline with the ghost of Tess, and the mysterious dead body that kept appea This is not my first Janet Evanovich book, but it IS the first one I've listened to on audio book. I also really enjoyed the storyline with the ghost of Tess, and the mysterious dead body that kept appearing everywhere at Haben Haven?

I was listening so I'm unsure how to spell it. The only issue I had was that it was almost like there were TOO many stories going on at once. First they were on the boat and there was the ghost with the knife, then there was the ghost of Tess in the house that was causing all the problems there I could have done without all of those plots going on at once, but it was still a great book that made me laugh and kept me occupied while I walk on the track. Evanovich is always a great easy read, I'll definitely try to read more of these re-released pre Plum books.

Jan 24, Tialisa rated it it was ok. I listened to this book just to check out the author after being referred by a friend. I thought it was extremely juvenille with lack of any conflict what so ever. Most romance novels have an ounce of maybe he or she doesn't feel the same about me as I do them, but not this one.

The author chose to, instead have the couple enamoured at first sight and bore me half to death with the rest. Even when you thouht it might be going somewhere it fizzled out. I like my romance steamier.

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I like my suspe I listened to this book just to check out the author after being referred by a friend. I like my suspence more suspencful.

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  • If I were to allow my pre-teen to read a romance novel this would be it but she would probably put it down too. This was a fun book to read and a really good ending. Feb 14, Ashton Noel rated it liked it Shelves: book-club-challenge-book. I felt like the romance wasn't very realistic and seemed too "instalove" to me.

    Love Overboard

    Some of the conversations the 2 main characters had seemed highly unrealistic as well such as her disclosing her past relationship details and very personal details so openly to a seemingly complete stranger. It wasn't bad, I just didn't enjoy some parts of this and found myself rolling my eyes a few times. Aug 30, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: funny , romance. When I first read this back on July 16, , I felt it Had the lighthearted part with its romantic conflicts but it lacked the depth of her other romances.

    That said, now that I've read it again — and it may well be that I needed something very lighthearted — I enjoyed this more. Evanovich says this is second in the Loveswept Romance series, but I think she means this is the second of the nine "red-hot screwball comedies" that were originally published by Loveswept. This story revolves around St When I first read this back on July 16, , I felt it Had the lighthearted part with its romantic conflicts but it lacked the depth of her other romances.

    My Take It's too funny and Evanovich leads us along, dancing those words just ahead of us, as she touches and teases, just waiting to sink in the rest of the conflicts. It's only eight pages in and already I'm almost sinking under 'em, laughing as I go! Dang, Stephanie has got her work cut out for her! She's supposed to cook for twenty-six people on a wood stove, and she can barely heat food up in the microwave. Strangely enough, Ivan is attracted to her and keeps coming up with excuses to not try anything.

    Stephanie does have a few tricks of her own to keep him off. Yep, it's an Ace on the make, and he's praying a ship's captain can't really marry anyone.

    It's a fun story with a woman who desperately needs to learn how to have fun again, how to reconnect with life, how to use a woodstove to cook with, a man with too many worries, and a massive conspiracy behind the scenes as ghosts swing in and out, conspiracy comes to light, and Evanovich turns the tropes on their heads, lol. To top it off, they have the punkish Melody with her everchanging hair and an embalmed swinger.

    The Story Stephanie will do anything for a free plumbing job, even if it does mean cooking for Ivan the Terrible for a week. That swindler sold her a house that was falling apart! Only, Ivan knows there was nothing wrong with that house. In spite of the ghostly Aunt Tess. Steve had been her boyfriend for four years; Roger is the roommate he decided to marry.

    Uncle Ed left her all his money when he died.

    Love Overboard by Gladys Knight & The Pips on TIDAL

    Savage , a hundred-year-old sailing schooner, a windjammer. Red Rasmussen , an ancestor, was a pirate. Aunt Tess is three hundred years old, Red's wife, and a ghost who haunts Haben.

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    Rasmussen Leather Products is a shoe factory. Lucy Pederson is Ivan's cook and Stephanie's cousin. Ace is her gallery helper and the pampered son of a corporate lawyer. Kramer , Mr. Dembrowski , and Melody , the stowaway. Kowalsky is hopeful, the Jacksons , the Billings , and more. Stanley Shelton is the plumber Lucy ran off to marry. Amos Anderson is a federal agent. Ted Grisham , the factory foreman, owns the truck and taught Ivan how to make the best bombs. Whiskers will be the new wing chair cat. The Cover and Title The cover is a welcoming and cozy scene of an old Victorian in plum and lavender, perching above a rocky seawall with a path leading to its stairs and surrounded by a manicured lawn and framed by trees under a lovely summer sky.

    The author's name is in an embossed and deeper lavender while the embossed title is in script, arching above the house in a soft royal blue. The title is what happens when the unexpected occurs and Love Overboard falls deep within a conspiracy. Early Evanovich romantic nonsense with over the top scenarios and broad humour, the characters are pretty two dimensional and it is one of those books where they are either seemingly enemies or seemingly lovers with no middle ground, Pretty dire really. Aug 09, Kara Jorges rated it it was ok.

    It begins with pirate descendant Ivan Rasmussen standing on the deck of his schooner when he sees Stephanie Lowe go tumbling down a hill. Stephanie has to cook on a woodstove, and has a few mishaps, but rallies okay. Ivan watches her with bemusement and a growing attraction. Throughout their working cruise, Stephanie and Ivan flirt a lot.

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    Melody, another character they meet on the boat, also comes to stay and work at the inn the house has become. The house is supposedly haunted, and a corpse keeps showing up and disappearing. Embarrassed, Stephanie leaves town for a couple weeks, but decides she really does love Ivan. Ivan had waited for her, and they live happily ever after. Feb 11, Nadine rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in Here she meets Ivan, the descnendent of a famous pirate, the captain of the ship and former owner of her new house. I have a massive problem with the writing style of Ms.

    Evanovich, the perspective flips from the male to the female protagonist and we get insight into both heads during a conversation. I don't mind the perspective switching from chapter to chapter, this can be interesting, but in one scene I want to stay with one protagonist. She did the same in the only other book I read by her The rocky road to romance. The characters are ok, quite likeable, but described in a stereotype and often cheap way. I often felt like the author thought of her readers as not very bright but keen to read as many descriptions of the flawless chest of the male hero as possible.

    The setting was wonderful, the boat and the old mansion really came to life and were a great background for the story. I did however enjoy the flow of the story and felt quite entertained. Mar 15, Kimberlie rated it liked it Shelves: This was a re-print of a book originally released in in the Loveswept series. I occasionally like to read these "snack" stories because they are quick and entertaining without being verbose. The new live auction service adds new features to auction bidding. You can see bids from other auction bidders as they are placed enabling you to compete for the items you want.

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