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Writing in The New Republic , Shrivner says:. Advances are down.

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Typically for fiction these days, my latest novel has sold roughly two for the author, less lucrative e-books for every hardback. Besides, your talents are equally endangered when a book does make a splash. If you really want to write, the last thing you want to be is a success.

With so many demands on a the time of a writer, when is an author expected to actually sit down and write? I'm aiming for a similar , but instead of two books, I plan on writing three. One of the books as you might expect will be the third in the Humanastra series.

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So, while I will be releasing more titles this year, I'll actually be writing fewer words. It's not my intention to scale back the effort I'm putting in.

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On the contrary, I'm going to have three books to edit , which is just as much if not more work as writing the novel itself. It's during the editing process that I add depth to the characters and the world they roam, and where I often draw on ideas that I want to stretch into the next installment.

That's no easy task, and is going to be strenuous, but I'm up for the challenge and look forward to expanding the Humanastra universe. Share on.

Humanastra Wiki A guide to the universe of Humanastra. As all wars must come to an end, so would this war, but not before a series of unlikely events that forever changed the course of galactic history, and it began aboard a human starship in We allow you to read the first page of a book, look at its cover and then buy it, but only if you like it. Nothing beats sampling a novel.

Humanastra I: The Hidden World

Experience the simple pleasure of finding novels that you like, fast, with BooksGoSocial. Humanastra on Amazon US or Humanastra on Amazon UK We allow you to read the first page of a book, look at its cover and then buy it, but only if you like it. If you are a writer or a publisher who wants to be featured visit BGSAuthors - our dedicated site for authors and publishers.

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