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Order cards now those that have not played Aeons and before, this, game has a random, turn, order, so, these are going to determine who, goes when again you're supposed to write the name of your character, in this place here, but we're just gonna call blue and yellow and in a two person, game you're, going to use two, of their.

Oh - each, person is going to get two turns and then nemesis going to get two as well if you're to play a four-person.

Legacy Eggs

Game you're, going to use a different card that's actually split in half and you're, gonna use two of those and therefore, the person the people that, you're playing with can decide who goes win but everybody, does have to take one turn during the round so, we're going to go ahead and put these on our player on our mat it's.

Then says we get our starting, cards, if we, look closely at our player board here it, says starting hands for crystals, one sparks we got one crystal one two three, four sparks, this, is going to be our starting hand again. Aeons end is a little bit different from other deck. Building games for those that have never played before you. Actually have the same starting hand and starting, deck every.

Turn game and as, you play you're going to build your deck now the difference, that this one has from others is you never shuffle, the deck your, deck once is empty is just going to flip to this side so that gives you an ability to create combos, or hopefully. Get cards quicker, into your hand so it's good if you have a good memory of what's coming and what's going I don't. Really have that so we're gonna see how it goes so in our starting.

Deck we, get four crystals and one. Spark, so we're gonna put them right, here in, our, deck and then this is our, starting here, we also have the same thing for our other character, the yellow one and every. Character does, start, with the same setup. Next thing we're going to do is open our chapter, 1 envelope. The ordeal, and we're gonna place the nemesis on the mat we're also going to open cards, 1c, this is going to create your, nemesis, deck and also, your asset, deck these.

You don't shuffle and we're, gonna go ahead and do that. If we take our ordeal, chapter. And it starts with Health, so, we're going to go ahead and set our tracker, to. And we're going to go ahead and put it right up here, now. If we continue to read it, says additional rules when assets.

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Resolve draw the top card of the asset, deck and resolve it then, place it in the asset, discard, pile this is not the same as the Nemesis, discard, pile when. The Game ends resolve the last card in the asset, deck. Able, then. Continue, reading the, front of the legacy, card 0 3 now on the back it also has some additional setup. Place, the asset, deck without shuffling, it next to the mat facedown and draw the top, card of the Nemesis and place it into play. And it, does have some flavor text down here and it, says, we.

Don't know where the Maelstrom, came from or, how it traveled, to this place but. It is drawn in an, extra. Nin by an experiment.

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Conducted by, the breach maid Zanna Zach, sews, who. Is seeking, to learn more about the nature of our breaches, we. Have never before seen a, nameless as large, or as powerful, as this one it's, spinning. Blades are heavy enough to crush buildings. In one blow and it, fights with an army, of deadly. Minions, if it, is allowed to reach grave hold I fear. We, are all doomed. We're gonna go ahead and put our nemesis, card right, there, we're. Then going to take our. Top card from the top and we're gonna remove it we're. Going to gain our asset, deck this. Deck is just gonna go right.

Gonna put it all let's, see how, about right here and then, we're going to put our nemesis, deck right here now these are pre-built you don't shuffle, them you don't create them and that, is how you set up your nemesis. Last step we're gonna be opening is the legacy deck, now, this deck basically, you just open it and start from the top card and begin reading and do what it tells you on the cards of course the rest of this says if you ever drop it have somebody else put it together and. That's, really about all that we're gonna do for step 5 it's.

Like I said we're just gonna take the top card of our legacy deck discard, it and we're gonna begin with chapter, 1 the introduction. We're gonna go ahead and read our intro, but before I do I just want to warn you I'm terrible, at reading names so if I pronounced any of the breach mage is wrong I apologize, the, cool thing about this game is they do actually reference, some of the breach mages, from the original Aeons, end world.

So, it's kind of cool that they're bringing. It all together. It, says on the. Morning of your ordeal, you'll, wake to your barracks door slamming, open Bramah. And mist, enter lifting. A wounded, breech maids axis from. This stretcher, to one of the empty beds you, arrogant fool brahma chides, sexist. Clutches, his injured side we, need the, power he, groans I didn't. Know you. Have doomed us all miss, snaps pressing. Two fingers against, her temple trying, to concentrate.

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Bells ring, as an, earthquake shakes, the very foundation. Of the building in the distance you hear explosion. Miss, looks grave it's. Here, Zak. So face white, with terror moans no. The back of this card. And mist leaves EXO's, as they, rushed to defend grave hold and you. Follow, knowing. You must do whatever you, can to help you.

Emerge into chaos. Grave, hold is burning, and screams, fill the air above. You a breach, swirls. The largest. You have ever seen expelling, a colossal. Orb of blades. Pelt the nameless, but, its minions are plentiful, you, can, only watch, as one, mage is torn to pieces by, a bladed, warrior. As the. Flames push, back the darkness you, see the hulking, form of your foe descending. By its ruthless, army Brahma, staggers, away from the fray coughing. And cradling. A freshly. Wounded, arm. The front of lo3. Desmo, dia and malloced are holding, the line but, we are overwhelmed.

You have much, to learn but there's no time to spare gather, your wits and, hold off the creatures however, you can, focus. On the minions to protect, the breach mages, you, must work together, give, them the openings. They need and let, us focus on the nameless, each of you are a, link, in the chain do.

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Not break. We've read malice from set up instructions, now, bite. Maelstrom, and save grave hold. The, end of the game versus Maelstrom, if you've won read the back of this card if you've lost read.

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The front of lo4. So that is the beginning of our story man. It's just really cool can you just imagine this huge giant thing coming down upon grave hole and the breach mages you've known from the last few games are. Doing, Their best to try to hold this thing off again I, just think this is great to. Start our game we're gonna go ahead and draw our turn order, card first, oh and.

Of course we. Stir with the nemesis, so. Nemesis is gonna move first if I also forgot to do this really quick draw the top card of the Nemesis deck and place it into play this is part of the setup so, we're gonna go ahead and do that gonna draw our first card and put it into play and it is a minion.

It's a doom crawler it has a persistent, effect this effect will take place whenever the Nemesis, card is drawn during the turn order deck and it says any player, suffers, one damage this, is how much life it has so we have to do four damage to it you're gonna put these in order from oldest, to newest. So, we're gonna put this one here since, it will be our oldest one we, are then going to give it for life now. These don't come in the base game this is part of the upgrade pack that I purchased, with the game in the Kickstarter, normally.

It comes with just these little cardboard tokens, but he starts with 4life so. Now that the Nemesis is entering its first turn we have to start with its minions, or his cards down here we're gonna go from oldest, to newest and resolve their effects, this, one says any player, suffers, one damage so, we're gonna go ahead and take our yellow guy he thinks he's hot stuff he's, gonna go down one life with.

The cards down here resolved, we're gonna go ahead and take our first Nemesis. Card and it says. Vault under siege as. You, are not prepared, but you must fight so, it says if you are playing with, one or two or three players discard. The top four, for two cards, of the, Nemesis deck.

Place, these cards in the Nemesis discard, pile then draw a new nemesis, card so, since we're playing with four I'm, going to discard the top four cards, so, we're gonna go ahead and take one two. And we're gonna put these in the discard pile and. We're going to draw a Nemesis, card and, it says. It says unleash. Is an ability well first I'll explain that, this is an attack attacks. Happen autumn and then they just disappear, if they don't go down in this area so, only minions, are gonna go down here and power so we haven't seen one of those and we probably will though so, an attack just happens, once it's resolved, it will be discarded, so it says unleash.

Nemesis, has an Unleashed, power our. Nemesis, here says unleash. Grave, hold suffers, three damage, so, our lose conditions, I should mention are, if. Hold goes to zero or. Both of our characters, are exhausted. Which, means they would drop to zero, life we. Win if we, can get the nemesis, to zero or we, can completely, go through this deck and survive.

This says unleash and our, unleash power was grave hold suffers three grave, will starts at 30 we're gonna go ahead and take this down to Card and, your next point, on here says assist, so we're gonna go ahead and grab, an assist card, and. Our assist card says. Battle, rages on and the air is filled with ash, clouding. Your vision suddenly. Mist, whips, a lava, tendril, from the fog, striking. The nameless hard enough to crack its outer shell miss. Steeles ten damage to maelstrom, and I just want to pause right here and say.

That that card looks awesome. Is awesome. I just love that art on this card look at how cool that looks all, right so she we, are gonna go ahead and deal 10 damage to. The Maelstrom it is now at Is the end of the Nemesis phase let's, go ahead and draw another turn.

Ordered card. Next person to go is, our. Yellow, character. Our yellow sword-wielding, guy is, going to go ahead and take his hand now he has 4 gems. And one spark so, the order of our turns is first we're gonna cast our spells we don't have any spells I'll explain that step when we have spells our second, step is we're gonna go into our main phase during. Our main phase we're, allowed to play gems or relics from our hand also. We can gain cards, from the market. Can focus breaches. We can open breaches, we, can also prep spells into breaches, and we can also resolve, wall prepped, or.

Discard, effects, I'll explain, those as they go a couple, of them pertain to right now. Let's go ahead and look at this breach right, now it says to open, I have to pay for if. I want to I can play pay, too, sorry. It to focus it you're gonna turn it and, the. Closer you get to word, is to. This point it costs, less to, open now.

Once you get it to this point you can pay to to open this breach and it acts like this one now what do these breaches, do these, breaches, are how you're going to actually damage the, minions, and the Maelstrom, so. Is where you're going to prep your spell's if you, prep a spell into, an open breach which is what I'm going to do we're, gonna take our spark which deals one damage we're.

Gonna go ahead and prep it into that open breach in. My next turn at the beginning, of my turn I can choose if I, want to to cast spells from open breaches, if, I have, focused. A breach on my last turn and paid. The two to, focus it and I, can then prep a spell into that one if that, happens. I have, to cast that spell when, it comes to my next turn I can't hold it you, can hold spells in your open breach I hope that makes sense all, right so we're gonna prep that spell the, next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna use our four gems to, buy something, from the market so, we're gonna go to the market and find what card we want.

We have a lot of options here we could buy one of these we. Could buy some gems, or we could buy some spells, I'm. Gonna go ahead and buy incinerating. Fist it's gonna cost us all four, of our gem. Points, or aether or I probably, get a called mana. You purchase a spell you're, going to go or anything from the market you're gonna go ahead and put in your discard, pile and that is going to be before you, discard.

The rest of your cards so then we're gonna go ahead and put these cards into our discard, pile once. That is done we're, gonna go ahead and take from our draw deck and take, five cards, one two three, four and five and we, already know what these cards are because of knowing.

What our starting deck has, it's going to have four crystals and another spark so we're gonna go ahead and keep those right there, our yellow guy now, I know that turn took a little while but, I just want to make sure that those that have not played Aeons and before understand, how this is happening it's gonna go faster, as we get going, our. Next Player is going to be our. Yellow, guy again all right at. The beginning of the turn we have to choose whether or not we want to shoot this spell I'm, gonna go with yes we're, gonna fire this spell and we're gonna go ahead and hit our doom.

Crawler, for one damage, to, signify, this we're just going to go ahead and turn our die to three. Then going to move into our main phase and again we're gonna take our cards we're gonna prep our spark. Into, our open breach and again, we have four crystals, to do what we want with so.

Let's go ahead and buy another card from the market. I am tempted to buy another spell from this market but we might think, about buying some gems so we could purchase more, powerful. As the turn goes on now. We're gonna go ahead and take another and sin turning fist oh I, probably. Shouldn't, I should probably start, buying some of these other cards but it's so cool to do damage so. We're gonna go ahead and take our incinerating, fist put it into our discard, pile take, the four gems we use to buy that card, and put them here now since, we have no cards in our draw deck we just simply take this deck flip, it and draw.

Next, player to go or nemesis, is going to be it's, going to be the nemesis alright let's take him on so. Starting, with our oldest cards we're gonna go ahead and take. To any player our, blue character is now gonna take 1 damage going to 9 with.

See a Problem?

That complete we're going to go ahead and draw our next Nemesis card and it says. Grave hold suffers, two damage, oh we don't want grateful to suffer any damage that's no good, so, we're gonna go ahead and put, a 4 on to, this character. It's no surprise who's gonna be next it's actually both cards for the blue character we're, just going to go ahead take two turns, our.

First turn is gonna be very similar to our yellow mage he's gonna go ahead prep. That spell we're, gonna take our four gems and buy a card, since. Our yellow guy seems like he wants to just shoot everything I'm actually going to take this neural wreath and hope this works, I can focus any players breach any, player. May Prep a spell in hand, in that's gonna be hopefully pretty good hopefully we get multiple spells into that yellow guys breaches. Gonna put that into our discard, pile and then take all our gems and put, them into our discard, pile we're.

Then gonna draw five cards one, two three four five and surprise surprise I know what these are it's, gonna be a spark. And for gems, we're. Now gonna take our second turn with our blue character he's, gonna go go, ahead and cast the spark spell and that's, gonna deal one damage. Sadly have two minions out here I don't like either one of them but I don't like grave hole taking damage we're, gonna go ahead and take one damage to that one we're.

Then gonna prep our spark, and we're. Gonna go ahead and buy another, card, with, our four crystals, and. With our four crystal she's gonna go ahead and buy this branching. Radiant, which is gonna give us two unless I have multiple spells prep to make an additional, one I know, it's probably not gonna help too much they didn't actually buy any spells with her but hopefully, later this will become advant advantageous.

You guys notice my mistake you're. Not supposed to discard these cards until after, you've bought your spell or gem, or whatever you bought that, goes first then, we go ahead and put these down we're, then going to take our discard, pile flip it back over and take five cards one two three four and five and we're, gonna go ahead and see what we got it should be hopefully, some cool stuff so we got that murals wreath now, hopefully. In the way this works we're, hoping that our yellow guy goes, before the blue guy that's, just what I'm hoping for.

That our turn order deck is exhausted, we're gonna go ahead and shuffle this up and. We're gonna place it back down here now hopefully our blue, guy or yellow guy goes before our blue one. Yellow guy does go before the blue one yes, the. First thing we're gonna do is go ahead and fire our spark, spell again. One damage to. This crushed, Smasher. Then going to go ahead and prep this spell and we, then have one, two three four. To go ahead and buy a card, I think. It's time for him to buy one, of these crystals.

Place that in his discard, and will also discard, all of his crystals, and draw five new cards, one two three four and five we're. Gonna see what we got now, here, is what I'm talking about he has two spells, if I. Can get our yellow or blue person to go first she, can hopefully prep, this spell into. His breach because she has. Wreath, let's. See how it all plays out all. Right come on blue come on blue come on blue oh no, nemesis. Nemesis is actually the last person I wanted to go because he's gonna miss his little, critters out here are gonna deal one damage to any player our blue player is gonna go ahead and go to eight now.

Here's the bad one I'm gonna grave hole is gonna suffer two damage, one two, going to twenty-five, yuck. That those two have activated we're gonna go ahead and draw. Our next Nemesis, card, it. Says crack any player. Suffers, to damage, any. Player, discards a, gem and then assists Oh yuck alright so the first thing we do is any player suffers, two damage well our yellow guys at nine he's going to seven all right that, was pretty easy next, is any player discards a gem I'm, gonna have our yellow player discard, a gem the. Last Thing to do is assist, so again we're gonna grab an assist card we're, gonna flip it over and it says.

Desmo, Diaz assault, again, look, at how awesome that looks it's. Just so, cool. Alright, des motya drops, down from above her, hand is beginning to glow as power spreads.

Along her arms a burst. Of light escapes, her crashing. Into Maelstrom, as it. Lets out a pain, screech. Does, motya deals ten damage. To Maelstrom we're going to discard that card so, our Maelstrom, goes from eighty nine to, seven. Are then gonna discard, that attack card I. Hope I actually kind of hope our yellow guy goes now cuz I want those guys dead.

Good at least one of our guys goes it's better than the nemesis, at. The beginning of his turn he's going to use incinerating. Fist to deal three, damage, and. I kind of screwed up it's gonna kill this guy off cuz I don't like him at all I should have shot that one at him that's my fault, with. The remainder of his cards he, is going to go ahead and prep, his. Fist there, he's. Going to pay to.

Focus this, breech turning, it one space that way and then, prepping, his spark, spell he's.

Commander: Sharuum Control (Competitive 1vs1)

Able to prep it because I focused, the breach, we're, then gonna discard, our two cards draw, one since, we don't have any more we flip our deck one two, three. And four and he, also has in his hand another. Spark, spell this, is gonna be really good I hope pretty soon, the. Next one to go is alright.

Our blue guy, so. Our blue girl I keep calling a blue guy it's actually a girl so I should be calling your blue girl she's, gonna go ahead and fire off her spark spell I'm, choosing, to do one damage, to, our doom, crawler, I'm. Then gonna go ahead and play. My cards we're, gonna play four, crystals. To, buy something. Gonna start getting into the action she's. Gonna grab two of, these, fire chakram.

One, thing I want to mention as we, might not happen but, if you ever run out of cards in the market that's it you can't buy anymore for that game but. We're gonna buy these two for now and go ahead and put them in our discard pile the. These are the days of high adventure! Production on these new offerings are currently under development, with an expected shipping date of May The company has also been nominated for and won several industry awards, including the prestigious Harvey and Eisner Awards.

Lynnvander Studios Inc. Founded in July, by Thomas M. Beyond their board game successes, they have also developed role playing games including their own Legacy of Mana, a world all magic must fear. Lynnvander Studios works in the new world of transitional media to ensure that the properties they work with are treated with the utmost respect for both their owners and their fans. Unfinished Man. Friday, September 27, Like this: Like Loading