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Habits changed and so did I. Our house changed and so did everything. The sparrows never returned to remind me and so I never thought about them anymore. Spring returned, leaves grew on the tree, but it could attract sparrows never again.

What remained with me was a guilty feeling and few memories. I want to be your friend once again. Will you ever forgive me? I lived with my parents and three sisters in a place called Gyogon, which was a few miles away from Yangon Rangoon in Myanmar Burma.

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We lived in a beautiful teak wood house built on stilts with a lovely flower garden and a vegetable garden. A few mango trees, a tall tamarind tree, papaya and the most delicious 'martaban' banana plants grew in our garden.

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We lived with nature. Snakes, scorpions, lizards fell on our shoulders causing utter chaos while we studied at night. During the monsoons, menacing leeches hung on to us. We must have loved birds because we were alert trying to save the sparrow nestlings when they fell from their nests. They were featherless creatures and helpless. My elder sister and I used to pick them up, wrap them in cotton wool and take them into the kitchen to keep them warm by the fire.

They were fed with drops of sugar water and we hoped that they would survive but alas, these little ones would just slip away from this world. After shedding our tears we arranged for their burial. Mud was dug up behind our Mali's quarters and the little one would be laid to rest on leaves covered with mud and flower petals. The Mali cooperated with us in burying the sparrows. Weeks later, we four children would decide to see the condition of the buried bird as we were told that they became dust. How disappointed we were when on digging up the buried ground, all we saw were red ants!

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This infuriated the Mali who threatened to report us to my father but of course, he was kind enough not to do so. Sadly, the war with Japan started and leaving this beautiful house we fled to India in February to start life anew.

New Yorkers won’t give up tossing bread crumbs and junk food to critters, even if it kills them.

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Popular Features. New Releases. They continue to provide storylines full of humour and drama, with familiar settings and characters. The wordless stories introduce the characters and children learn that the pictures tell a story, where a story begins and how to turn the pages. They will also begin to identify sounds for objects they see in the pictures. For two of those decades, I was licensed by the state and federal government as a wildlife rehabber.

“Does feeding wild birds cause more harm than good?

Researchers also have amassed data about how bird feeding, done incorrectly, harms birds. For generations, Audubon, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and other organizations have been using this information to educate people about best practices so their bird feeders can be as beneficial for birds as they are for us. They are an important source of protein for bluebirds, and research has shown feeding to be beneficial. Careful data collection by people running bluebird trails affirmed that during harsh springs, bluebird survival improved with artificial feeding—an important consideration in efforts to restore bluebird numbers to historical highs.

These bluebird aficionados developed feeders designed for small cavity-dwellers, and like birds visiting traditional bird feeders and feeding stations, bluebirds learned to associate the feeders, not people, with their meals. From the start, bluebird conservationists also publicized the dangers of letting bluebirds eat too many mealworms.

Two other groups regularly provide live meals for birds: Owl researchers and photographers.

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  6. But setting out live or dead rodents to lure owls differs from traditional bird feeding in a fundamental way. There is no rodent dispenser that owls can visit whenever they want.