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For a full overview of the results, visit the THE subject rankings page. This ranking measures the scientific performance of more than major universities in 55 countries, based on Web of Science indexed publications from Quality assessment The Keuzegids assesses several aspects of our education. The quality of English as the language of instruction at UM is also ranked top of the table.

Most UM programmes score particularly high for their practice-oriented approach, their facilities and their curricula.

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In , the following UM programmes are ranked:. Fiscal Economics is the most improved course in terms of student assessment. Management of Learning also has very satisfied students this year. The quality of university programmes is regularly evaluated by national and international accreditation organisations. The six-year, university-wide accreditation means not only that UM has first-rate education, but also that it is supported by an overarching system that ensures the continuous high quality of the curricula. For this certificate, NVAO evaluated, among other things, the quality assurance system, the planning and control cycle, the way in which programmes are improved, the governance and organisational structure, and how the process of university decision-making promotes the quality of education.

The ECA is the first quality assurance agency to assess the quality of internationalisation in compliance with current international quality assurance practices. NVAO quality certificate for the excellent achievement level of its graduates In , University College Maastricht was the first to receive an NVAO quality label for the excellent achievement level of its graduates. It is an exceptional additional certificate, on top of the regular accreditation, for programmes that excel in a specific area. The Continental Congress appointed him to be one of the four Major Generals in the War of Independence, commanding the northern department, headquartered in Albany, New York.

His position was a critical one, because the northern department had to deal directly with the British who still had full control of what is now eastern Canada, consisting of Ontario and Quebec. A combination of health problems and political maneuvering created considerable problems for Schuyler and he was forced to temporarily appoint Richard Montgomery to command the planned invasion of Canada.

When Montgomery became disabled, General Schuyler was able to step in to direct the expedition to Johnstown in Considerable bickering within the fledgling Revolutionary Army caused Schuyler to permanently resign from the Revolutionary Army in April For a period of time, during the year , he remained a military advisor to General George Washington.

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During the colonial period, preceding the Revolutionary War, Schuyler had been able to accumulate considerable expeditionary war experience in the Colonial Provincial Army during the Seven Year War. He had quickly risen to the rank of Major General and participated in the battles of Lake George in , Oswego River in , Ticonderoga in and Fort Frontenac also in His background during these campaigns against the French and the Indians had prepared him well militarily and he was an obvious solid choice to command the northern command when he was appointed by the Second Continental Congress.

During the early revolutionary period, Schuyler had been a delegate to the Continental Congresses, and in , he became the first U. Senator from New York State in the newly formed U. All year long I organize events for the Atlanpole network business meetings with VCs, thematic breakfast roundtables, conferences, company visits …. Next year I will make sure I help you discover the best of Nantes and of its innovating ecosystem. Louise Lennersten has extensive experience in Human Resources and organizational development.

Through a previous career as a consultant and agency manager, she has specialized in change management and performance management as well as leadership training and coaching. She is well-versed within the IT and tech sector. Louise has become a part of the start-up community through positions as COO in the startup rocket Narrative and has also worked with scaling up startups and supporting in resource and investment matching at the incubator LEAD in Sweden.

Since June , Louise is the CEO of the Swedish visualization company Interspectral that develops the 3D software Inside Explorer for analyzing and investigating digital twins for multiple markets and solutions.

Salvatore Majorana is the Director of Kilometro Rosso www. Prior to join Kilometro Rosso, Salvatore served as Director of Technology Transfer at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, a top tier research center active in the fields of robotic, materials and life science. He teaches courses on innovation and new business development and is a renowned speaker on these topics.

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Working experience is through two domains : — International Business Development within small, medium-sized companies, and a large group in the steel industry. Karl MARTIN works to promote the Advanced Materials Ecosystem internationally in order to stimulate multi cross sectorial partnerships between entrepreneurs, small medium-sized companies, large groups , researchers, education, technical centers, public authorities and the community in order to generate a positive socio-economic impact for the territory : job creation and value creation. He supports the internationalisation of firms and moves forward to attract new settlement projects.

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Mariella has 15 years of experience as an IP attorney-at-law handling all aspects of intellectual Mariella has 15 years of experience as an IP attorney-at-law handling all aspects of intellectual property created through innovation. She has also authored several articles on IP matters from a European and comparative law perspective, including the role of IP as a key to internationalization for start-ups and SMEs, the increased value of IP in open innovation environments, know-how protection, and the doctrine of equivalence.

But all the trains were full. It was finally his sister, then living in Rouen, who took him. And on the road, he realized that most cars were empty. He then realized that there were free places to go home: only they were not in the trains but in cars! He regularly speaks on topics such as entrepreneurship WonderLeon, The Galion Project … , the building of trust in online communities, global marketplaces and the mobility of the future.

He has been a lecturer of international law and English Language at Azad University since and is a patent attorney in Iran.

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With a specialty and several years of work experience and research in International area studies, intellectual property, patent, innovation; his professional interests include disruptive technologies associated with Industry 4. Her previous positions that involved data pooling and creating networks for relevant organisational goals. She is also the Founder of Grand Africa Initiative, a non-governmental organisation that grooms, educates and mentors GEM young people across Africa to discover and harness their unique talents and contribute meaningfully to the society with the goal of achieving a safer society for all.

Chinwe holds a B. His responsibilities include various fields: investments, finance, internationalisation, innovation, infrastructures, etc. This program was one of the pilars that allowed Asturias to be recognized as European Entrepreneurial Region She has collaborated in several programmes and activities related to start ups at international level, both in the EU ecosystem and in Latin American countries, being an expert evaluator of SMEs of the European Commission, and independent expert in the mid-term evaluation of the Eurostars 2 Programme.

Previously she managed for 10 years the European Business and Innovation Centre CEEI, oriented towards innovative and technological companies, where he developed his skills, mainly through his previous experience, working in the venture capital market for 8 years. During the period she worked at the venture capital firm SRP, she was an investment analyst and later coordinated the investment department. He has also completed graduate courses on diverse subjects such as strategic planning, quality assurance systems, research and technological development.

He held this position from January to September Before that, he made a career as Chief Technology Officer in private companies such as Vitro and Cydsa, which are internationally recognized. In , he founded Innovation and Competitiveness, SA de CV Inncom , an expert consulting firm on competitiveness and innovation, advising governments and companies on issues of strategy, technology and organization, to making them more valuable through technology and innovation management.

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In , he was appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Texas in the area of postgraduate science, technology and innovation studies, where he participates as a global fellow of the International Council on Competitiveness and Innovation Institute IC2. His contributions to the field of Science, Technology and Innovation have been acknowledged by several countries and institutions, such as the Order of Merit of the German Republic, which gave him the Decoration in the degree of Grand Officer.

He is Vicepresident of the Mexican Academy of Engineering and, in recognition for his contributions to administrative and legal reforms to the science and technology and international cooperation policies, he was honored as a member of the Mexican Academy of International Law.

Member of Laboratorios Silanes Council. MSB CBiol. He moved from his academic post in to create for the University its Surrey Research Park. He has been active in supporting the commercialisation of science and technology for over 35 years. He has written and lectured extensively on the subject while also gaining commercial experience through starting and selling two companies. He has also been active in the business community in his region for more than 35 years and was honoured in with an OBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his work on Education and Industry links.

He has promoted several hybrid organizations taking the partnership model University-Industry-Public Administration. Among other projects, he has participated in the team of Barcelona European Capital of Innovation. He has published several papers in publications and congresses on Innovation Ecosystems, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

He is a diagnostician on ScaleUps and their growth. He is an author of several best-reader articles on entrepreneurial know-how sales, marketing, business strategy, leadership, talent acquisition, … and of a book on public-private partnerships. His passion lies in creativity, in connecting high-impact people, exploration of know-how and tech, music and hiking. He has a degree in business administration — focus: innovation, marketing and leadership — as well as sports management.

He was self-employed for 4 years before coming to LSTP. He refers to a wide understanding of the role of STPs in matters of interdisciplinary cooperation and operational innovation. Gavin served in the Royal Air Force for more than 20 years as an engineering officer. Starting as Starting as an apprentice and finishing as an advisor to the defence ministerial team in government he commanded many squadrons and wings with diverse functions from ground and air engineering to bomb disposal units.

Upon leaving the military service, Gavin joined the Centre for Social Justice, eventually leading the organization overseeing a period of intense business change, including a project to restructure the organisation and launch three new major policy initiatives which ultimately led to a change in law through the introduction of the Modern Day Slavery Act.


In , Gavin left to lead the Here East project and stand up the original vision and bid team. His vision for Here East has been instrumental in creating what has become the most successful re-development of an Olympic Press and Broadcast Centre globally, and one of the fastest-growing technology business clusters in London. He has published several papers in qualified conferences and journals and has published three books and several book chapters related to his research interests which includes global software engineering, agile methodologies, innovation ecosystems and software startups.

He is currently chair of the advisory board of the IEEE Software magazine, one of the top magazines in the field of Software Engineering. His research focuses on developing smart automation solutions with plug-and-produce capabilities, active data processing, and highly dynamic management of production resources making possible the sustainable mass production of highly customized products. He is also active in large educational projects in the field of Industry 4. She has worked in serveral positions and as an Editing Manager as well as the Head of the publishing department at the national news at the swedish bradcasting corporation, SVT.

She is the founder of her business, Winclude, and a board member in other companies as well as the President of a larger swedish soccer club. The park hosts over companies and 10 sharp minds that creates the future within the focus areas Smart Cities, Future Transportation, Healthtech and Smart Materials. Mrs Rolf is furthermore a professional Board Executive and a dedicated Rotarian. She believes that we can change the World for the better if we collaborate across borders.

A trained sociologist, he is an expert consultant and senior advisor to different Science Parks worldwide and chief co-ordinator of more than 20 international conferences on Science and Technology Parks, regional development and innovation policies. He is the author of numerous papers, books, articles and presentations on this topic and has participated as an invited speaker in over 80 international conferences and seminars all over the world. He is a serial entrepreneur and has previously started two companies and has over 15 years of product and technology experience working at some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley like Cisco, HP etc.

In addition to his passion for building good products, he also spends time mentoring other startups and entrepreneurs to build great companies. Ram and his work has been recognized as a Top 50 technology leader, Top 10 AI startup, Top 20 Dev Ops startup and several other global awards.