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How to Achieve Artistic Chiaroscuro Lighting in Photography

Chiaroscuro in 15th century Northern Europe became an essential technique for all religious painters following the visions of Saint Bridget of Sweden, who claimed to have seen light being emitted by the Christ-child Jesus. In their consequent depictions of the Nativity and other scenes involving the infant Jesus, Renaissance artists such as Hugo van der Goes frequently made this holy light the predominant source of illumination, relying heavily on chiaroscuro in the process. Leonardo Virgin of the Rocks was another hugely influential pioneer of the technique. A compositional approach which was duly extended to the adult Jesus in scenes of the Last Supper by several painters including Tintoretto If most religious chiaroscuro during the Renaissance era served to create scenes of serenity and calm, Mannerism painters such as Caravaggio, Paolo Veronese , Giovanni Baglione , Georges de La Tour and others - tended to use it for more dramatic effect after earlier efforts by the likes of Ugo da Carpi For another illusionistic painting technique, see: Foreshortening.

Baroque painting relied heavily on the use of shadow for its dramatic effect. It was Caravaggio who deployed dramatic illumination to its greatest effect with his method of tenebrism - a technique which spread across Europe under the name caravaggism.

Due to the influence of Caravaggio in Naples , c hiaroscuro became an especially popular technique in the city, which was the second largest city in Europe, after Paris and a Spanish colony. For a short guide, see: Painting in Naples For more details of the early 17th century, see: Neapolitan School of Painting c.

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Chiaroscuro became a feature of Spanish Baroque art in the hands of artists like Francisco de Zurbaran and Naples-based Jusepe de Ribera , while it was also employed by the German-born Rome-based painter Adam Elsheimer , whose nocturnal scenes occupied a mid-ground between pure chiaroscuro and pure tenebrism. Chiaroscuro During the 18th Century and early 19th Century. The tradition was maintained during the Rococo period by painters like Fragonard in works such as The Swing , Wallace Collection and The Bolt , Louvre , and by Watteau in the leafy backgrounds of his fetes galantes.

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Origins Although the Early Renaissance painter Masaccio - see works like The Holy Trinity and The Tribute Money - as well as High Renaissance artists Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael are commonly considered to have pioneered the use of chiaroscuro to create the illusion of relief - notably in the modelling of the human body - the term is most often applied to works created during the Mannerism and Baroque eras, notably by Caravaggio and his Caravaggisti followers , and Rembrandt Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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