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Although it is a major political and economic centre, its reputation still rests on its beautiful situation between mountain and sea, its cosmopolitan population, and the liberal outlook of many of its citizens. A railway line reached Wynberg in and Muizenberg in , and another line ran eastward from Cape Town across the Flats to the interior. Freezing occurs infrequently.

On the average, rain falls on 69 days of the year; about half of the 26 inches millimetres of annual rainfall occurs between June and August , the southern winter. The amount of rainfall varies with proximity to the mountain, with areas close to the slopes receiving as much as twice the precipitation of areas farther away. The winds, generally strong, come from the northwest in winter and vary from between southeast and southwest in summer.

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The narrow streets of the early settlement ran parallel to the shore. Originally called the Heerengracht, for the canal in Amsterdam of that name, it was renamed Adderley Street in Other main roads paralleled it as the town grew. Near the Castle are the Botanic Gardens, which are bisected by Government Avenue and overlooked by government buildings.

A parliament building, constructed for the use of the colonial government and first occupied in , became the seat of the Parliament of the Union of South Africa in and of the Republic of South Africa in Additions to the building were opened in The opening of the Alfred Dock in led to renewed development along the shore.

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The breakwater was lengthened and piers were built in —95, and the newly sheltered area was named Victoria Basin. Dredging for the Duncan Dock, built between and to accommodate larger vessels, and for the Ben Schoeman Dock in , resulted in the reclamation of acres hectares along the shore, referred to as the Foreshore.

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Home Shop Departments Appliances. Not available in store. We are now limited to using 13 gallons of water per person per day. I figured I could save an extra couple of gallons by forgoing the daily flush in favor of a dry composting toilet.

Hippie friends living off the grid in the country do it. How bad could it be?

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According to current projections, Cape Town will run out of water in a matter of months. This coastal paradise of 4 million on the southern tip of South Africa is to become the first modern major city in the world to completely run dry. People queue to buy water at a grocery store in Milnerton, a suburb of Cape Town, on Feb. Millions of people around the world live without sufficient access to water. But Cape Town is no developing-world urban quagmire.

It is a prosperous metropolis, a well-managed global tourist destination responsible for 9.


Cape Town | national legislative capital, South Africa |

Cape Town running out of water is like San Diego going dry. Which, if you factor in the looming threat of climate change, may not be that far off. As with the California dry spell, climatologists at the University of Cape Town say man-made global warming is a likely factor in the continued drought and that we, like many other cities around the globe, are facing a drier future with increasingly unpredictable rains. What is happening to us in Cape Town might not be an outlier. It could happen to you too.

The Cape Town crisis stems from a combination of poor planning, three years of drought and spectacularly bad crisis management.

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The rest of us prayed for rain. It was only in September that Capetonians were given a limit of just over 23 gallons of water per day per person. By then the reservoirs were at a third of their capacity. But less than half of city residents met that goal—the tragedy of the commons, in action. As a result, with reservoirs down to the last dregs of accessible water, the gallon limit we are asked to meet is less than the minimum U. An even grimmer scenario now looms: Day Zero, when the government will turn off the taps for most homes and businesses in the city to conserve the very last supplies.

Hospitals and other vital institutions in the city center will still get water, according to officials, but the majority of residents will have to line up at communal water points to collect their daily allotment of 6. This dystopian scenario is no bluff.

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As of Feb. The looming shutdown has prompted chaos, with a run not only on bottled water but also on water tanks and jerricans. Once lush city parks and golf courses have withered, and public restrooms now urge visitors to flush only when absolutely necessary. Many fear for their livelihoods; analysts estimate that the water crisis will cost some , jobs in agriculture and tens of thousands more in the service, hospitality and food sectors.

Which brings me back to the composting toilet.

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  • Come Day Zero, there is no way I am going to flush more than a third of my precious daily water supply down a conventional toilet.