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I think even if you had 3 more years of living you could definitely do that. But you have 66 years.

This meditation will generate a full relaxation of all your struggles. You will instantly feel how much time you actually have, to do anything you could want to do in your life.

Welcome to 74th WORLD MEDITATION for PEACE & HEALING – 29th September 12222

It will also make you realize that your life will not be significantly different from now on, as compared to how it was before. This is valid in terms of you needing to take time, every day, to eat, breath, sleep, wash your body, go to the toilet, talk with people, think etc. In this terms, your life will be the same. It will make you feel that what you did until now it was all good and it will be all good in the future. And that is enough just to take care of your basic needs.

Make some relaxation exercises. Then focus for 15 minutes only on your breathing. Alternate your breathing, play with your breathing. Keep your eyes semi-closed. Focus for the last 5 minutes only on the place from your nose where the air comes in and out while breathing normal. This meditation will generate mental relaxation and stomach relaxation. If you sing while you play with your breath it will also relax your throat. If you take very fast the air out while making a short powerful relaxation sound, it will relax your heart. If you move your middle while breathing it will relax your middle.

Basically, any part of the body that you move while focusing on your breathing it will get more and more relaxed, will release more and more the tension accumulated in those muscles. Take 15 minutes to meditate without any method. Begin by sitting in your most common meditation position. Then let yourself be guided by your intuition on what to do. Anything that comes to you, do it. Let yourself be moved from here to there, by your own body.

This meditation will generate more intuition, more connection between your active consciousness and your body and release of tension specific only to you. Re-acknowledge and recollect events that happen to you. Think of 1 to 3 things you are grateful for in every area of your life: yourself, your projects, relationships etc. Think of 1 to 3 things you are not grateful for, in every area of your life, and intentionally say that you are grateful for them.

Do this meditation either intentionally taking 15 minutes of your time or from time to time during the day. Picture that God is blessings you with pure love and light if you are a God believer. Picture that other spiritual entities are blessings you will light, it can be your protective angel, Archangel Michael, Buddha, Krishna etc. This meditation will generate peace in you, self-love, self-acceptance, clearing of negative energies, peace of mind, loving-kindness, and blessings.

Picture that everything around gives thanks to you and you give thanks to them. Do this meditation as you walk on the street, at work, at home or while taking lunch or dinner with your friends. Picture that the trees are saying thank you, to you. Say back thank you to them. The air is saying thanks to you, for breathing it, you say back. The water is saying thank you for drinking it, you say thanks back. And so on with every object around you that you encounter during your day. This meditation will generate a lot of gratitude, awareness for the many things that are serving you, joy, blessings, blissfulness, and magic.

Practice the following three affirmations:.

Meditation: A Healing, Relaxing Breath (24:19 min.)

This meditation will generate faith, hope, joy, and stop negative thinking. Scan this list of positive words and create your small list of positive words.

2. Fall Asleep Fast – 10 Minute Sleep Meditation

Memorize it or keep the list somewhere where you can have quick access to it. Take 15 minutes to reflect on your list of positive words. Repeat in your mind or with a loud voice the positive words. Search the meaning of the positive words on the internet to better embody their meaning.

Be Mindful in Daily Life

This meditation will generate positive thinking, clearing negativity, attract the cumulated energy of the list of positive words. Source of the featured picture: 1. Skip to content. Your heart and the hearts of the other living people Picture that you have a heart, which you do. Once again thankyou for the compilation. Wow what incredible news Leeanne!

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I am so proud of you — what an absolute star you are girl! Keep on feeding yourself that positivity and glowing. Sending you so much love and light x. Most days I can power through but there are times when it feels like nothing will work, ever. The last few days have been low. Your mediation helped to recenter my focus, disintegrate the negative thoughts and emotions, and left me ready to continue pushing forward. Your video went straight to my favorites list and I will be sitting through this meditation many more times in the future. You are so so welcome Jim!

May you continue to believe in yourself and shine. With so much love and positivity to you xx. Thanks so much! Great blog post! I am a brand new travel blogger and so I am looking for ideas and checking out formats and techniques. Thanks again for the inspiration and have a wonderful day!

You are so welcome Jeannine! Good luck with your travel blog — soooooo exciting, love it!!! Pingback: How to De-Stress Wanderer. Thank you for these. Feeling very low today and your calming voice uplifted me. All the best to you…. Hi, Thanks a bunch for your very-helpful collection. I can go deep by using techniques you mentioned. Great share. Pingback: Youtube guided meditation for 30 days: 30 free best videos - Panaprium.

These are great videos Jess! Guided mediation is great for all practitioners, and I found it very helpful especially when I was just starting out. Well done, and thank you! Hi Jess, Thankyou so much for sharing these.

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Wonderful to read some of the comments returning the love you have given! I have tried two of these meditations. Both incredibly blissful and centring. A wonderful new beginning into meditation. Look forward to continuing with them. Blessings and love to you. Super grateful to have found your site and this page in particular.

I always listen to meditation music and and hz music which is truly life changing. Lots of energy blocks release just by having that music and these types of videos in the background or in full focus. Love and light, Deborah.

Breathing Meditation - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Pingback: Gratitudes Sept 4 — improvingmylifenowblog. Pingback: Four steps to lower blood pressure - Nourish Holistic Nutrition. He was more interested in my husbands neuropathy than me! Jess, Would love to private message with you about your credentials for a research paper I am doing. Only positive comments here—excellent work.

Pingback: How to Reach Success? I feel so much gratitude to you for putting these together.

Contemplative Science

Every one of them speaks to my heart. Thank you for bringing peace and joy to so many by making this list. I appreciate the kindness in you xx. Pingback: youtube boost empower Hearing Products Report. I think this would be a great meditation for me, but the background sounds overwhelmed the audio most of the meditation. Wow, thanks so much for putting all of this together. I just started making my own meditation music. For years I made other types of music but recently have felt very inspired to make music which can have a positive influence on people. I hope to make more, maybe one per month.

I also love this channel for simple guided breathing, and general calming videos. Hi Jess, I found you when my 13 yr old granddaughter needed help at bedtime recently… I played the forest meditation for her for a few nights, she now goes to bed every night playing it on her own phone…I enjoy your site during the day and evening…. Love, Love, Love. Joy, Peace and Love to you… yasy.

Connecting with beautiful souls like you fills me with huge joy! I am so happy that your granddaughter likes the forest meditation — I hope she is having magical dreams I love that special forest place.

Meditation Classes, Pranayama and Sound Healing, Bergen County NJ

Thank you for your appreciation and support — and for being you. The world is becoming more and more fast-paced, and the more we resist having to catch up, the more exhausted we become. Life can quickly become a treadmill of anxiety and stress — two culprits that catapult an even longer list of ailments that we increasingly find hard to control. What if you learn that you actually have the power to access everything that you need to get through your day, to unwind from the overstimulation of demands placed on us by society?

And what if you have a scientifically proven, hassle-free, natural process targeted for a specific purpose? You meditate in response to guidance provided by a trained meditation practitioner, either in person, a sound recording, video, or written text, mixed media with music or spoken instructions, or a combination of both.

Guided meditations that target specific areas of improvement are not merely trends or passing fads. They are highly researched and proven approaches that have lasting benefits for vibrant health, happiness, and self-empowerment. You can find a huge variety of easy, effective, and enjoyable guided meditations online or on your mobile so you can practice anywhere and anytime.

Meditation is something you should enjoy and look forward to — not stress about. So without further ado, below are our favorite guided meditations to ease you into a regular meditation practice, to target specific areas of healing, or to generally tap into your inner sense of peace and well-being for a better you. We hope that these collections of best guided meditations are helpful enough to get you started on your meditation journey and a path to a more peaceful and productive mindset.

If you need to be on the top of your game every single day and you find it challenging to set time aside for taking your mind and soul to the gym, this is the most efficient guided meditation you can find. Combining compassion, gratefulness, forgiveness, creative visualization, and connection with the divine, this 6-Phase meditation practice will up-level all areas of your life in a fraction of your busy schedule. This imagery-rich guided meditation is highly recommended if you are soothed by beautiful images, especially ones vibrant in color. The first six minutes provides easy instructions for a deep-breathing exercise, and the rest of the video is accompanied by quiet music to access your inner stillness.

Perfect for sun-seekers, this summer meadow guided meditation allows you to escape to the warm breeze of a summer meadow. Relaxing tunes and the light ambiance of the imagery allows you to think back on your favorite summer day. The narrator helps you bring your mind at ease by trusting your body to relax in its own time, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.

Suffering from insomnia? Meditation for sleep is an effective, natural solution for anyone who wants a more natural approach to achieve deep, rejuvenating sleep, and waking up feeling refreshed and recharged. For best results, listen with headphones while falling asleep and set your audio player to replay for uninterrupted hours of sleep. Here are the top 5 guided meditations for deep, rejuvenating sleep click on the title or images below to enjoy these meditations :.

This minute meditation incorporates brainwave resonances, a tonal track, and guided calming visualizations designed to bring you to a relaxed state of body and mind. Cuddle up with your favorite pajamas and expect a blissful slumber within minutes. This minute deep sleep meditation pulls you into a deep, rejuvenating slumber by gently guiding you to replace your everyday thoughts with comforting dream imagery. Tranquil soft music enriches this minute guided meditation featuring a soothing male voice — powerful for people struggling with insomnia. In time, you are brought into a deep meditative state, and in complete contentment by surrendering to a still and comforting sleep.

Enjoy this heavenly 1-hour meditation to put your mind at ease as you drift into an adventurous, yet calming, journey into the skies. Fortunately guided meditations are a proven way to combat anxiety, panic, and stress.