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When I was older, my mother and I shared long reading lists, and spent hours critiquing plots and characters. But a few years ago, we got into a fight over books.

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In , when I was moving to California from New York, I decided to leave behind most of my books, and to give up print in favor of the Kindle and later an iPad. She spoke passionately about being able to smell the pages of a print book as you read, to feel the edges of a hardcover in your hands. And that the notes left inside by the previous reader often my mother could pause time.

I was convinced that digital was the future.

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This time, she held my hand as we wandered through the digitals worlds of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. But her Kindle and later an iPad sat mostly untouched in her office drawer. On birthdays and Christmases, heavy rectangular-shaped gifts still arrived in my mailbox.

I gratefully accepted. I stared at the message and thought about the irony of the endless debates I had with my mother. Now that she was gone, all I cared about were her physical books.

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Kindles, iPhones and those new smartwatches are designed to become outdated, and quickly. Technology is about the future, not the past.

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They each have their place in this modern world. The group then journeys to Las Vegas where they check into a hotel. Adrian realises that Rose has used his credit and and follows the group to Las Vegas. However, upon his arrival he realises that it was them who broke Victor out of prison and he is angry at Rose for still trying to save Dimitri, her ex boyfriend, when he believes that Rose should forget about him and start making an effort for their own romantic relationship.

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The group manages to escape but due to the fact that they put Lissa in danger, they are punished by Hans, the leading Guardian at court, and are forced to carry out manual labor. Dimitri returns and this time he successfully manages to kidnap Lissa and Christian in order to keep them hostage until Rose arrives.

ARC Review | Free Spirit (The Bound Spirit #2) By H.A. Wills | Book Slaying

Rose leads a group of Guardians to save Lissa and a battle issues out between the Strigoi and Damphir. Rose is determined to kill Dimitri as she believes that he can no longer be saved. However, Christian manages to escape and he casts a ring of fire around Dimitri, thereby trapping him because Strigoi can be killed by fire. Lissa then attacks Dimitri, revealing the hidden Spirit-infused stake tat she hid from Rose, and stakes Dimitri. A burst of light appears and Dimitri is now restored into a Damphir.

He is taken into custody because people are still unsure whether he is still a Strigoi or not. He is wracked by guilt for all the lives he took as a Strigoi and so he hurts Rose by telling her he is unable to love and his love for her has faded. Rose is distraught and goes to Adrian who comforts her.

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The two almost have sex but Rose stops them ad they fall asleep after she lets Adrian drink her blood instead. The next morning, she goes to breakfast where she sees DimItri surrounded by a group f Guardians. She fights them off and DImitri helps her, until she decides to willingly go with them because she does not want DImitri hurt.