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Brenda Harlen. Mending Fences. Susan Laine. Oral Invitation. BJ Hayes. Red-Hot Santa. Tori Carrington. Kathryn Ross. Out of Nowhere. LaShawn Vasser. Jason's Salvation. Kiera West. Winter Oranges. Marie Sexton. Peggy Moreland. Tempted 3. Elizabeth Kelly. Corralling the Stones, Part 2: The Taming. Ava Mitchell. You May Now Kiss the Bridesmaid. Melinda Curtis. Shifted Parts Madeline Freeman. New Beginnings. Demanding His Brother's Heirs. Michelle Celmer. Rachel Lee. Sara Orwig. Father's Day.

Simon van Booy. Belle Calhoune. It was a Thursday. Carol Lynne. Stealth Slushies Make Me Sleepy! Raminar Dixon. Nailing the Foreman. The Muse. Renee Lee Fisher. Home Sweet Home. John Simpson. Sierra Rose. Bride of the Bad Boy. Elizabeth Bevarly. Truth or Dare. Rhian Cahill. Bachelorette Blues. Robyn Amos. Prim, Proper Alice Sharpe. Claiming Mia. Lonnie Stuart has desired that her entire life. From New York to Tahoe, the holiday season brings the promise of a new life for Lonnie, but only if she has the courage to accept it.

The Siren. Every little girl dreams of being a mermaid- but what happens when a freak accident actually turns y Every little girl dreams of being a mermaid- but what happens when a freak accident actually turns you into the closest thing? Sam is a beautiful, brilliant and very unique young woman.

Not only does she have the privilege of being the youngest known Special Ops officer in the Corps, but an unfortunate accident during a dive in the Marinas Trench leaves her permanently amphibious! Her new found ocean freedom, combined with her unique ability with ocean mammals and an overtly defiant and somewhat reckless nature, wreaks havoc on her very loving, but very strict family.

Desparate to keep her safe, the three resort to old-fashioned military discipline. My mother just died and I'm devasted. I have to go back home and put my mother to rest. I should b I should be in and out to get back to cases that I'm working on. But then I laid eyes on Hope. She hasn't changed one bit since high school. Well, thats a lie, she looks even better now.

Her curvy body turns me on. I want her so bad its killing me. There's just one problem. She's being charged with murder. And her lawyer is a fluke. Maybe I can save her from having to spend the rest of her life behind bars. Maybe I'll get her this time around. This is a Small Town Romance Baby Matchmaker. She was never expecting to be left with a baby.

But when her sister and brother-in-law pass away in an unfortunate accident, Lisa was determined to take care of the only family she had left even if it meant working day and night to sustain them both. This is a stand-alone steamy contemporary romance, 2nd in the Romantic Takeover series, sometimes love just needs a little push. Her Master's Wedding. Has an old enemy forgotten her? And will the past return to reveal its secrets?

Their Highland Beginning. Liam Sinclair is less than thrilled to be entering into an arranged marriage even if it will end a f Liam Sinclair is less than thrilled to be entering into an arranged marriage even if it will end a feud between his clan and the Sutherlands. Kyla Sutherland is not sure what to think of this man when she interrupts his less than flattering description of his unseen bride. Brought together in a betrothal made by their fathers, Liam and Kyla find love grows as they get to know one another.

However, when a jealous family member tries to tear them apart, Liam proves that he will do anything to protect Their Highland Beginning. This is a prequel novella that introduces Liam and Kyla, the patriarch and matriarch of The Clan Sinclair, in this five full-length book series. And that gets boring. That is, until I met Roy Butler. He almost had me arrested one time. But, he decided a slap on the wrist was enough. Things are different this time around.

Or, will an airport mix-up screw up everything?

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Will he trust me or will he believe the past? In a world filled with rhinestones, will I be the gem to peak his interest? Collared Desire - Billionaire Romance Book. He is the most talked about Billionaire Bachelor but…. He is notoriously known for his bad He is notoriously known for his bad womanizing ways… Being with a different woman at every occasion… The kind of man your mother warns you about. He is so irresistibly attractive with a body that any woman would kill to wake up next to.

As fate has a habit of getting its own way, I found myself magnetized to his rude ways of getting inside my panties CWG Publishers. Looking forward to reading this. Red's Magick. A collection of romantic short stories chronicling the adventures of an amorous faery imprisoned in House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome hero and gorgeous heroine, mythology, romance, and suspense.

All a girl needs? When she learns the dark truth about her destiny, a destiny that has her giving birth to a demigod, she wants to run and hide, but soon realizes that there is no hiding from fate. Sam may be the only one who can help her escape her destiny. I can't possibly complement the cover's work enough.

Melinda Kucsera. Vanayssa Somers. Beatrice Sand has the rare, almost subconscious skill to explore the mind of a young woman who does not yet know precisely who she is and what all of that might amount to. The real cliffhanger in her stories is the chase as we follow behind, waiting to see if the heroine realizes her own immensity of personality and character, in addition to the interactions between the main characters.

Growing into who she is, she is a spectacle, one we can't help watching. Sage Rae. Excellent cover here , and compelling description a must read for me. With my qualifications, I could intern anywhere in the tech industry. I chose to work here I chose to work here. Picking the company was easy. Picking my boss? That would be a much harder decision. Hunky Harry and Brainy Ben each have so much to offer.

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So why not have them both? SJ Blake. Perfect for those who want something short and sexy! Best Kept Secret. Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. After her imminent marriage, she will have a stable future to look forward to and a loving husband in the funny and generous Luke Stevens. Everything is very nearly perfect. But her ex-boyfriend has disappeared, and, try as she might, she can't forget about him. Some part of her feels she's about to marry the man of the wrong person's dreams.

The other man in her life is handsome, engaging and passionate, and Natasha is deeply in love with him. But he also has a terrible secret, and Natasha may have to risk everything if she wants to uncover it Olga GOA. Really amazing story about what love can do with us. I like how characters are so real and so vivid, you drown in their story. Natasha is so strong woman and I admire by her. She decided to save her lover despise the fact that they are parted the life gave her to be with another man and forget all her sorrow.

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But she chooses the love! Her men had always been anything but alpha. One thing was for sure - she had never been with a real One thing was for sure - she had never been with a real cowboy. Not to speak of cowboys. This reverse harem contemporary romance will knock your socks off! She needed an alpha male pronto.

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What happens when Mica gets tangled up with the kings of their own ranch, in the middle of hot and steamy Argentina? Chole After Dark. Moving on from a painful break up with her boyfriend, Chole takes a job as a radio host at a steamy Moving on from a painful break up with her boyfriend, Chole takes a job as a radio host at a steamy late night erotic radio station to pay off her debts and make ends meat.

But she gets alot more than she bargained for when she's captivated by the seducing voice of a frequent after hours mystery caller This is a short erotic romance story. Twin Shift. Emily loves her new life as a wolf. Her sexy mates are unable to keep their hands off her, making he Her sexy mates are unable to keep their hands off her, making her feel like she is the most important person who ever lived. Her best friend, although a fledgling vampire, is scheduled to return soon.

She feels life couldn't be better. When a monstrous foe from her childhood resurfaces to kill everyone she cares about in order to enslave her. Will she be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves? Or were these few moments of happiness the beginning of the end. Betty Blue. It is my first book in this genre, I highly recommended, the plot is Aria Adams. Jade Alters. Alexa Quinn.

A hot cover and an even hotter premise! Innocence Lost. My sister mad I can have any woman I want. No one tells me no. And no one has ever had Lynn. He was sexy. He was savage. He burned me once, and I tried to run away. Fate threw us together, if fate was my best friend.

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I wanted to ignore him. He burned me again, but this time it was different. I welcomed the fire, and I craved his touch. He stripped me naked and claimed my soul. I gave him my innocence. Do I dare take his heart? Enter The Lair. As a Park Ranger, she is tasked As a Park Ranger, she is tasked with hunting down the cougar responsible for multiple attacks and kills. She expects the cold welcome of the Cascade family when she arrives on their land. As dark forces converge to annihilate everything she holds dear. Will she be able to trust in a man who was forced to harden his heart, or will she be the catalyst that destroys an entire species.

They were too tempting. In heat, they pulled alphas like me across a h In heat, they pulled alphas like me across a hot, dangerous line. My extravagant world crashed around us as our bodies and hearts collided. His taste brought me to my knees. All this time I thought I was different.

I thought I could change this city, choked by corruption and greed. But one omega, struggling to find his way, showed me the frailty of authority, and the power of acceptance. S Luis. Night Moves Hot Wire 1. Nikos Petrakis is a mechanic who's found himself on the wrong side of the law because of a secret of his own. Brought together by circumstance and a '65 Shelby Cobra, they'll have to navigate L. Rated M for mature.

Beholden to You. Those deep blue-gray eyes and gentle smile caught me off guard Those deep blue-gray eyes and gentle smile caught me off guard, threw me for a loop. I tried to keep my feelings buried, locked away like the vault that held our diamonds. I refused to be beholden to anyone, not even him. Until he kissed me and changed everything. Work was no longer enough. I needed more. I needed him. I took a leap of faith. I followed my heart. Only to have the rug ripped out from under me.

He tried to catch me, to ease my fears. But can I trust him The Art of Hanky Panky. What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting? And, by the way, did I mention you'd have to be naked? Honestly, it's mortifying enough to stand naked in front of my own mirror, but to do it in the same room with my mind-blowingly hot, totally off-limits art instructor? This is so not something that I, June Cooper, had planned for this college semester.

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  2. Paths To The Heart: Sufism And The Chris: Sufism and the Christian East.
  3. Chapter 26, Inhibitory and Excitatory Systems in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

What I should be focusing on is working my butt off to pull in awesome grades and get into my choice of law schools. No distractions allowed.

Especially if they come with male parts attached June Cooper has everything she needs to get into the law school of her choice, the grades, the test score results and she's done it without help, but she could use some help because the one thing that will get her there is money and she doesn't have enough to pay her fees.

Then she sees a way out. It involves posing nude for a world famous artist who wants her as his subject. Problem solved right. No chance. He's the most gorgeous man she's ever met and she finds herself drawn to him like no other man she's known.. This man will see her naked all day long for the duration of the project. Naked in the bright light of the day from day one with the man of my dreams. How will things not go wrong. The Memory Thief. Fill out the form, download the book, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you can get o Fill out the form, download the book, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so you can get other free books and short stories and hear about other exclusive offers!

She will do anything to retrieve her memories, even if it means crossing the galaxy. Felicity is betrothed to a British noble of rank and fortune. Her life should be perfect. Yet she will never achieve happiness—until her memories have been returned by the man who stole them. In pursuit of her past, Felicity returns to an alien planet.

Her only hope for finding answers about her mysterious past is performing the Jomon courtship ritual of memory exchange. Only when she learns to let go of her fears can she learn the secrets that may aid in the freedom of the Jomon people—and herself. Sue Hollister Barr.

Sarina Dorie's The Memory Thief is perhaps not all that probable, but a fun romp through an off-world steampunk romance with fascinatingly elaborate plotting. John Hennessy. You can't beat a good witch story, and as a fan of them, this one rocks, and should be an essential part of your reading collection.

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Is Lauren Sanchez, former anchor & pilot, behind Mr and Mrs Bezos's divorce?

Wesley Britton. Just think if that was possible? This story has so much exciting potential when it comes to 'what-if' scenarios. Add the sci-fi element to a thrilling romance, I believe this book has every ingredient needed for a great book. All the best. Cassandra Morgan. I downloaded this book as something to read over my lunch break and completely fell in love! I found the characers so wonderful and believable.

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The world-building is just amazing! I definitely will be looking up the rest of the Womby's School for Wayward Witches books! Getting dumped on Valentine's Day sucks. Just ask Lexi. After her boyfriend dumps The Sassy Submissive. Love and Bravery: Sixteen Stories. From the award-winning author of The Fish Tales and the Venery series comes Love and Bravery, sixteen stories of romantic courage.

From a joyful retiree in Bali to a terrified journalist in Syria, Laqueur explores valiant chances taken in love. A blind date in Manhattan. A secret crush in Canada. An ancient aphrodisiac in St. A Brazilian street block during Carnavale. A box seat at the Paris Opera How far will you go for your heart's desire? How passionate a chance will you take? The Duke's Daughter. The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answer to what ails him.

His friend has found a baron who apparently helps people find matches who have a hard time being matched. The duke is interested in these services for his daughter. Later, the duke finds out a secret which may spoil all of his hopes and dreams of a good future. Illegal Pleasures. Seduced By A Billionaire. Smitten By A Badboy.

Love - A Day Devotional. There is no greater feeling than the love that people show towards us. To be embraced in love and to To be embraced in love and to show it to another is beyond comprehension and words. In this Day Devotional, you will learn what it means to love God, to love others, and to love yourself as described from the Scriptures. Love is more than just a feeling. It is an act of deepest gratitude and devotion to the One that we love. And it is through this devotion to the Lord that we are truly able to prove our love to others as well as ourselves.

Hard Miles Ahead. Jensen seemed to fit the bill nicely. Until they go to a Biker Rally in Florida and he willingly disappears into the crowd. Daric Miles finds her cooling off in an alley. Things really heat up when Tavia agrees to cool down with Daric. She wants him to totally dominate her and their foreplay is as sexy as it gets. The next morning, after exhausting bedroom romps, Daric asks Tavia to stay with him and forget the boyfriend. Is she ready to do that?

Will she reject her current man to be with the completely satisfying Daric who fits none of her conservative standards? My friend wanted me to meet him. I was a single mom I was a single mom who had priorities, but she was trying to convince me. I thought that Tyler was going to be a man of many words. It is just like the rest. Gorgeous front cover. I love the plotline.

Suzy K Quinn. Abigail Raines. Love the cover and the description! Jillian Riley. Amy Heighton is so awesome! Her books capture me more than most. An accidental Meeting. Followed by disaster after disaster. I came to the city th I came to the city thinking my life would turn around. And things were looking good:new job, nice apartment Or so I thought.

I was whisked away by my childhood sweetheart — Robin Thornton — bad boy turned handsome billionaire. How was I supposed to resist? But, I should have gone home. And not stayed the night with her. Instead, I allowed old emotions to guide me. How am I ever going to get out of here?

Will my knight in shining armor come through for me? Isabella has just suffered a heartbreak, and she is finding it quite difficult to cope with her new Isabella has just suffered a heartbreak, and she is finding it quite difficult to cope with her new reality and decides that she completely hates men. She shoves a man who tries to talk to her in a bar and her best friend is there to come to her rescue.

However, when she finally gives Frank a chance, she sees this as an opportunity to finally become whole again. They end up getting married, but things are not as rosy as she expects because Frank is so caught up in his work. She seems to have a type and it always ends with her being unhappy. But when Larry swoops in with his alpha male aura and totally sweeps her off her feet, she realizes that what her love life needs is a real man like him.

All she needs is happiness. Prisoner of Avrox. Hot Confession. By the w By the way, he treats her, she knows he has special feelings for her too, but he is not the showy type of guy. But things change as they grow older and older. Dylan starts avoiding her as if she does not exist at all. Worse, he changes a lot and he starts dating other girls, So, to forget her heartache, Julia decides to start moving on and starts flirting with another guy. However, Dylan is not pleased with the idea. He drags her away from the partying crowd and irresistible that Julia is starting to doubt herself now that they are all alone in the parking lot of a deserted building.

And surrender her virginity to him this time? There was a reason why they called him Long Pole. I knew the reason but I had never seen it for myse I knew the reason but I had never seen it for myself, I wanted to though. There had been plenty of times that I had watched him through the curtains. That I had stared at him without him knowing about it.

Now, now, everything was different. Things had changed and I didn't know what was in store for me I just hoped that in the end my dreams would come true. The ones that haunted me, the ones that made me touch myself thinking of him and only him. I ached for him with every part of my being.

Naomi Beckham, a middle aged woman, has just gotten a promotion and has to move to work in the compa She is elated at the fact that the chairman of the company, who she has never seen before, has sent a car to pick her from the airport. She already feels special and can smell the new life gliding through her nostrils, especially since she gets her own driver.

They both can feel the heat of attraction and love takes its natural course. However, there is so much that Naomi does not know about Jake. And she is about to find out that her driver is not who he says he is. This is a standalone approximately 26,word Reverse Harem novella with sizzling hot romance, for Destined love. Sounds grand, doesn't it? Not so much when you're on the other end of the equation. My groom-to-be dumped me the day before our wedding, but when the mysterious pack Alpha offers me the chance of a lifetime—to choose my own mate—my circumstances change overnight.

Now I find myself torn between the ex-friend I've never quite gotten over, the pack's resident Mr. Right, and the one man I can't have: my ex-fiance's father, the Alpha himself. I thought being abandoned hurt more than anything, but this choice is tearing me apart. More than just my happily-ever-after depends on making the right one. Underneath my Uniform. Finishing her studies is the most important thing for Nathalie. The only way to save their business is to merge with MC Corporation, but first, she needs to marry its gorgeous and sizzling heir of the empire, Lancelot McClain.

At their engagement party, Everyone in the crowd is cheering and congratulating. He recalled meeting her at a New York flea market where she told him a 'terrible thing' about Epstein which is when he first became aware of the other life he was leading. Pivar claimed he attended lavish dinner parties hosted by Epstein along with scientists and other philosophical thinkers, despite he said, Epstein having 'no knowledge whatsoever about anything'.

Pivar claimed that Epstein 'did stuff with underage girls, by the hundreds, who knew what the hell they were doing' and made an industry out of it.

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Pivar claimed he attended lavish dinner parties hosted by Epstein along with scientists and other philosophical thinkers, despite he said, Epstein having 'no knowledge whatsoever about anything. Thomas then shuttled them over to his island on a boat named after his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite accused of soliciting young girls on his behalf.

It was a subject changer. And it revealed what was really in his mind. Pivar claimed Epstein asked him to take care of Ghislaine Maxwell while she was depressed following the death of her father, the media mogul Robert Maxwell. Pivar described Ghislaine Maxwell as a 'basketcase' and he had helped her following the death of her father Robert. Asked if this happened when he first met Epstein, he claimed: 'No, that was much later.

I knew Jeffrey a long time before that. But when she arrived, after her father jumped off the boat or whatever happened, she was a total wreck. And the idea that no one has recognized that Jeffrey was profoundly sick, with a male counterpart of nymphomania, which he could not control. Pivar claimed that Epstein 'did stuff with underage girls', by the hundreds, who 'knew what the hell they were doing' and made an industry out of it.

Nor, on the other hand, did he actually rape any of them or anything like that, which happens, you know. Jeffrey never did anything like that. Everything he had to do with these girls was complicit. Pivar recalled bringing Epstein to a prominent art dealer to buy furniture along with an assistant who was a 'very attractive young girl. He claimed Epstein grabbed her from behind and squeezed her as he interjected and said: "Jeffrey put her down! What are you doing?. He was out of control. Have you ever seen anyone do a thing like that?.

He claimed Epstein would rely on him to help him furnish him with art at his numerous residences , adding that it amused him to 'have fake art in his house. Maria Farmer claimed she and her sister, Annie, pictured , were both sexually exploited by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maria claimed in her deposition that the pair flew Annie to a ranch in New Mexico and 'touched her inappropriately' on a massage table in He thought that he was seeing through the fallacy. The conversation between Pivar and Mother Jones reporter Leland Nally took place and was posted on its website. He concluded by saying: 'I had no idea of what the hell Jeffrey was doing in all the years I knew him until it became clear, and then I divorced myself from having anything to do with him.

The reporter also claimed that Pivar apparently referred to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, now 33, as a 'trollop. Giuffre accused the pair of keeping her as a 'sex slave' in the early s when she was underage, after meeting Maxwell in Mar-a-Lago where she had a summer job. She alleged in a May 3, deposition that she was trafficked by the pair to have sex with and provide erotic massages for politicians and affluent businessmen. He claimed: 'That trollop, who, for months, or whatever the hell she did.