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During the second century a.

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Marcion held that the Old Testament God was an evil god of wrath, so he eliminated the Old Testament and those places in the New Testament that favorably referred to the God of the Old Testament. To answer Marcion, the church formulated once and for all the list of true books of the Bible.

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For the most part, the church simply listed the books that had always been recognized as the Word of God. Questions were raised about a few short New Testament books, like Jude and the letters of John, but the church determined that these were truly Scripture because they had always been recognized as apostolic, and because there was nothing suspicious about their content. A couple of other books, such as the First Letter of Clement and the Shepherd of Hermas, were proposed for inclusion, but the church did not include them because the authors of these books themselves indicate a clear difference between their authority and the authority of the apostles.

While the church has had some disputes over exactly which books belonged in the Canon, it always agreed that the Canon was closed with the death of the last apostle. While no Christian today seeks to add to the Canon, there are those within the visible church who claim to have new, direct, binding words from God.

First published in Tabletalk Magazine , an outreach of Ligonier. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. What is the terrifying link that connects all three? During the late s, the actions of a vicious serial killer prophetically dubbed 'Bible John' caused mass hysteria among the young women of Glasgow, holding them in a chilling, vice-like grip of terror.

Then, inexplicably, in late , almost as quickly as they had begun, the killings stopped.

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It is and two teenage girls are dead, strangled. On the surface the authorities appear to treat the murders as unrelated but ambitious young policeman, DCI Mason Blackwell, has other ideas A personal link to the original murders compels him to delve deeply to try and establish a connection between generations.

Blackwell, his good friend and colleague, DI Theresa Bremner, and ex-Special Forces agent, Tom Logan, now a top criminal psychologist, join forces to form a special unit designed to track down the killer. In an age of recession and budget cuts, an already depleted police force is then stretched almost to breaking point by the emergence of another killer — one who randomly executes wife beaters and child abusers.

The scene is set for a nightmarish journey for Mason Blackwell and his team as the crime count threatens to spiral out of control. Expect the unexpected as the story dramatically twists and turns, sending all concerned towards a violent and terrifying conclusion Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.

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