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9 Famous Faces Who Started Out as Beauty Queens

Other Non-Flash Media Players. Guests include leaders throughout the pageant industry who will discuss important topics so you can be up-to-date about trends and issues in pageantry. Plus, Valerie answers listener every week on the show!

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Please Visit Our Sponsors:. Every contestant knows that the swimsuit competition can either make or break you at the pageant.

Contestants spend hours and hours in the gym, eating plain chicken with veggies and agonizing over every aspect of their competition swimsuit. Then Valerie will talk with Brian Attebery, of Results Fitness USA about how to structure your workout and nutrition programs in order to get a top swimsuit score at your next pageant. Every year smart, motivated, beautiful women from all across the country come together to make new friends, experience the glamour of pageant competition, and compete for a title than can change your life.

Pageant Success Tips from Miss America's Outstanding Teen How you prepare for your next competition can either make or break you as a pageant contestant. Join Valerie as she talks with Miss America's Outstanding Teen , Leah Sykes , about what it takes to win over the judges and find success at your next pageant! Leah will share her down-to-earth advice about impressing the judges during both your personal interview and onstage competition.

Plus, David Hatfield of Studio D Photography will share his tips on how you can get a winning headshot that impresses the judges before you even walk in the room.


Smith has been battling liver cancer for some time, according to TMZ. She was the first biracial woman to win the Miss Texas pageant in The following year, she travelled to Nambia for Miss Universe, where she was the first woman from the U.

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Before a live audience, Miss USA Selection Committee, and Fox television broadcast viewers, Sarah made history as the first woman from Nebraska to capture the coveted crown. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated. Congratulations to Miss Universe and Pageantry magazine cover girl, Olivia Culpo on being named a rookie of the year in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Most previously serving Directors have resigned from the Board. According to Dan Meyers, the interim Board Chairman, resignations from the Board were timed to ensure the organization had a continuing governance structure. Incoming Chairman Gretchen Carlson thanked the Board of Directors for their personal and financial support to the organization over many years. In the end, we all want a strong, relevant Miss America and we appreciate the existing board taking the steps necessary to quickly begin stabilizing the organization for the future.

Before college, Demi-Leigh excelled at her high school as president of student council as well as in her community where she served as Deputy Junior Mayor of George City Council. After being the victim of a violent carjacking earlier this year, Demi-Leigh created the Unbreakable Campaign where she partners with self-defense experts to educate, empower and train women on how to handle similar situations including sexual harassment and assault.

As Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh hopes her workshops will expand internationally to help as many women as possible. Fans once again had a virtual seat at the judging table to help their favorite contestants advance with over 90 million votes tabulated from around the world leading up to the competition, and an additional 24 million submitted throughout the final event.

TV personality and fashion expert Carson Kressley and supermodel and pageant expert Lu Sierra provided analysis and commentary throughout the telecast.

A Sample Beauty Pageant Competition Business Plan Template

Miss Universe trended worldwide throughout the three-hour special event, and prior to the competition, fans joined an exclusive forum on the official Miss Universe Facebook page to share their thoughts and opinions about the competition. Fans were encouraged to submit the final questions they wanted to see posed to the Top 5 on stage during the telecast.

After being immersed in multiple different cultures, McCullough has a penchant for cooking specialty Italian and soul food cuisines. It felt good! So I went to Miss South Carolina with the same mindset, and I ended up making the top 10 — I shocked myself and I think I shocked a lot of other people too.

HOW TO WIN A PAGEANT - WITH MISS USA - Chai Tea Tuesday with Nia Sanchez

I cried over it. A judge came up to me and said, 'If you got plastic surgery, you might be able to win next year. But it made me even more determined to win [on my own terms]. When I went back to [the state pageant] the next year, I was back in a great mindset. I won the swimsuit award during preliminaries that week — it was the proudest moment of my life.

And I won Miss South Carolina that year, and I got to share my [weight loss] story with people all across the United States and even the world. I was able to go into schools and speak to kids about having self-confidence and loving themselves.


But then came social media with, "oh, she looks old" and, "she needs to lose a little more weight in her thighs. When I got to Miss America, I was at my lowest weight. I was struggling to even keep the stamina that [the pageant requires]. So after Miss America, I came home, got help, and focused on taking care of myself — and on taking care of my body.

I had to learn to live life in moderation. To eat in moderation, and to exercise in moderation. I think the Miss America Organization could have done something a little bit different [with swimsuit] and embraced people of all shapes and sizes. This is worth a scholarship. I wanted to perform on the Miss America stage. But I knew that, in order to perform my talent and talk about the platform that I was so passionate about, I'd also have to deal with [the swimsuit competition].

It was worth it! I feel like Miss America is taking this opportunity to really help redefine the meaning of beauty. I would love to see a woman in a hijab on the Miss America stage, I would love to see African-American women with natural 4c hair. Girls gotta eat! I consider myself to be a master shopper in that I love to thrift shop, and I actually found my interview dress for Miss America at a thrift store.

So I think opening Miss America up to diversity of size, but also diversity of background, culture, diversity of socioeconomic status is a real gift.

But I will tell you, I totally support Carlson's decision. I was not a fan of swimsuit myself. Not because I thought it was degrading, but just because I was 5'4. I was a cheerleader, I had bigger thighs; I was never going to win swimsuit. But it was part of the competition, so I did it.

Pageant Stars USA: Books and DVDs

Swimsuit gave a lot of girls confidence. It gave a lot of girls discipline. But at the same time, there are some for whom it was not healthy.