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Jan 29, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , england. I usually don't like books like this, with different authors, some I've never heard of. I'll admit it, I'm a reading snob. I like stories, long or short, that have an ending that makes sense; which is why I don't like psychological thrillers. I want a clear reason: Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the rope for the inheritance in the will.

All the stories were entertaining, had well rounded believable characters, red herrings in a concise plot and a villain the reader loves to hate. Some had funny dialogue, some romance and one or two even had a ghost. What's not to love? Only one failed to grab me from the first page, but even that one was worth sticking with it once it got going. The editor, Martin Edwards, gave a brief biography on each author at the beginning of each story, and even those were interesting. I highly recommend this book, even to reading snobs like me.

Jul 12, Farseer rated it it was amazing.

Murder at the Manor: Country House Mysteries

A collection of 16 reprinted crime stories set in British country houses. Mostly focused on the Golden Age of Detection. One minor complaint, Mr. Edwards: I would have liked to see the year of publication of each story. I'm giving it 5 stars. I guess objectively 4 would be appropriate, after all many of the stories are not perfect, but when I enjoy every single story in a collecti A collection of 16 reprinted crime stories set in British country houses.

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I guess objectively 4 would be appropriate, after all many of the stories are not perfect, but when I enjoy every single story in a collection by different writers I have to reward that. Overall, quite solid, atmospheric and well-written, even if the mysteries were not always the greatest. Quite an intriguing situation and an entertaining tale, although not one of the best stories in the canon because it seems easy to guess what was going on and Holmes did not get to do that much detecting. Again, quite enjoyable, although once more the guilty party seems evident and the police look rather incompetent for not seeing it.

I guess that in a short story it's difficult to plant red herrings. There's just not much room. Still, it turns out that the interest is not in who did it but on whether it will be proven to a jury's satisfaction.

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One of the problems of Golden Age detection, of course: as soon as the detective exposes the fault in the murderer's alibi and makes the accusation, the murderer confesses, even though a theory is one thing and proof is a different one. Not so here. As always in this anthology, good writing and a very enjoyable atmosphere.

The plot is fine, if nothing extremely special. And the moral of this story is: don't hide the body inside your property. Adrian Hyde, and particularly his two assistants. The resolution is on the nonsensical side, with one of the assistant solving the puzzle with just a flash of inspiration and insight, with no real investigation. However, I have to confess that I enjoyed the rather outrageous solution. Blood appears at night on the stairs, every night one step higher, and when it reaches the top floor there will be a death, according to tradition.

A very intriguing premise, although as sometimes happens you have to wonder how no one else was able to find out what was going on. A thrilling but not really practical way to commit a crime. Once more, very enjoyable, and my only reservation is that the investigator did nothing. His role was just receiving news. Quite good, although the resolution, involving a "dying message clue" was not the best part. It's a recurring theme in the anthology: well-written and atmospheric. Once again, the crime turns out to be more thrilling than practical.

Those Golden Age criminals sure came up with convoluted ways of murdering!

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The longest story in the book and enjoyable throughout. Once you know the solution, though, you have to wonder at how many things could go wrong with the criminals' plan. This time, the murderer's plan is better thought-out, although not lacking in complexity and spectacularity.

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There's a lot of room for parody there, and I found this short tale quite funny. Not the best in the book but quite adequate. Nov 20, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. A fun selection of mostly Golden Age country house mysteries. Many were written before the conventions of the genre were established, so felt a little clunky compared to more modern, polished stories.

Taken as light reading, and as a look back at how mysteries have changed through the years, the collection is worthwhile and interesting. Dec 15, Candace rated it liked it Shelves: kindle , mystery , short-stories , netgalley. This book is a part of the British Library Crime Classics. These are classic British mysteries, most of which were written during the golden age of crime writing, that are being re-published.

Not only does this book collect some of the best authors from the golden age era, both known and some less known, but its subject matter is one of my favorites, country houses. This book collects short stories from a span of 65 years when life in country houses was a way of life in British society. I really enjoyed the introduction describing why country houses provide the perfect setting for a murder. It also discussed the many potential suspects provided by the upstairs-downstairs life, the tropes such as "the butler did it" and "the body in the library".

It is one introduction you don't want to skip. Each story has a one to two paragraph mini introduction to the author and the story. The only thing I missed was a table of contents with links to the stories. Because this is a galley, it might be something that is rectified later. I simply note it here and it does not affect my review. The 3 stars is because I found some stories here that I had encountered before and did not find them special enough to repeat them. On to find another of these beauties! This book was provided to me by the publisher and NetGalley and it did not affect my review.

Jun 19, Kerrie rated it really liked it. This anthology contains 16 short stories, some written by masters of the genre and others by less well known. I never cease to be amazed at how many people were writing crime fiction in England in the period covered by this anthology. Short story collections are among my favourites as they offer the prospect of quick delving, of a variety of approaches. Each of the stories in this collection relates somehow to a crime, often murder, committed at a country house. They also offer an interesting ins This anthology contains 16 short stories, some written by masters of the genre and others by less well known.

They also offer an interesting insight into a period of English life where society rapidly changed because of the advent of World War One. I was surprised however that the editor - and there was probably good reason for it - allowed this volume to go to press without page numbers on the Table of Contents, and without the short story titles being repeated in the top margins of the printed pages.

Dec 05, Mystica rated it really liked it. It has to be my colonial history that makes me nostalgic for manors, country lanes, country scenes and characters as well. Lady and Lords abound, vicars and curates, butlers, maids, parlour maids, groomsmen and of course murders most prolific. This was a joy to read as it dealt with all of them and country charan, stable hands the lot. Downton Abbey in all its aspects combined with a hint of mystery and murder.

Fabulous collection of crime. The best crime fiction authors coming together under the It has to be my colonial history that makes me nostalgic for manors, country lanes, country scenes and characters as well. The best crime fiction authors coming together under the theme of country manors. I was in heaven An interesting assortment of stories--not all of which are set at country houses, nor do they all contain murders strictly speaking. Despite the many laudatory references to Christie and Sayers in the introductory matter, there are hardly any works by women in this anthology, which was rather disappointing to me.

Still, a few of these tales will stay with me. Oct 30, Nessie rated it it was amazing. I have always been an admirer of short stories.

A gathering of strangers

Anyone who can develop characters and plot a story in a short amount of pages is deserving of respect. I also love love love a well crafted mystery. This book has both of these and I couldn't be happier! I read them slowly to let them sink in and to really follow along. I am in awe of these writers. One of them even creeped me out! A fabulous find at my library!

Aug 14, KayKay rated it liked it Shelves: british-library-crime-classics , fiction , fiction-mystery , poisoned-pen-press. For a person who never have the penchant for short stories, this collection of 16 country house mysteries, surprisingly, does offer me some excitement. Few stories are incredibly engrossing, few are slightly stale. Overall, a highly enjoyable collection published by Poisoned Pen Press and are tastefully chosen by editor Martin Edwards.

The bigger names included in the collection are Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Berkeley, the rest I have either heard very little about or simply never heard of th For a person who never have the penchant for short stories, this collection of 16 country house mysteries, surprisingly, does offer me some excitement. The bigger names included in the collection are Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Berkeley, the rest I have either heard very little about or simply never heard of them.

Not surprisingly, Arthur Conan Doyle is a master of writing short stories and the piece chosen for this collection is action packed that happens on a quaint country manor. Berkeley's story, in fact, is my favorite among the rest. His ability to think outside the box, his sense of humor and the mastery of writing crime pieces always surprise me. Not many writers could excel in composing both long and short stories but, in my humble opinion, Berkeley is certainly one of them. Few stories in this collection do stand out and create the long-lasting impressions but few are just okay.

Martin Edwards introductions and his knowledge on the mystery genre, as always, highlight and elevate the delectation of reading these classic crime stories. Overall, a nice compilation that worth to check it out. Dec 22, Annette rated it it was amazing. This is another British Library Crime Classics book. Martin Edwards has gathered together some short stories by some very well known and some not quite so well known classic British mystery authors. Within each story, there is a manor house.

Some of them are grander than others, but each of them play an important role in their story. There are families who are not warm and cuddly. Some staff members are not to be trusted. And friendship only goes so far. Each story is interesting and entertaining. Some of them are familiar but others are completely unexpected.

If you are a fan of classic mysteries, this is a book you will like. Jan 18, Mike rated it liked it. A mixed bag. If you like this kind of thing, buy it. If you don't Some of the stories have only the most tenuous link with country houses. If you really are interested in country house murders, you really need to read a full-length novel rather than a short story collection - you need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. If you insist on reading this collection of short stories, the best are God, I really can't remember. May 10, Skylar rated it it was ok. This was the first book I've read that is a collection of short stories and I did not enjoy it that much.

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