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In her act, she claimed to be 'Diana,' daughter of Jupiter. Knowing her penchant for the gods, it's only fitting that she would name her brothel after Artemis, who, in Greek mythology is often described as the daughter of Zeus. After introducing a new employee to the rest of the working girls, Gillian lays down some ground rules for New Year's Eve night. She tells the gals that since 'The Follies' were in town expect a visit from Mr.

She's referring to Broadway producer and "glorifier of the American girl," Florenz Ziegfeld, the visionary behind wildly popular "Ziegfeld Follies. When one of the ladies tells Gillian that Ziegfeld was back with his wife, Gillian smiles and answers, "If it weren't for married men, we'd be out of business, dear A moment later, Richard Harrow Jack Huston , the boy's surrogate poppa figure, quickly follows behind and retrieves the boy.

As to not frighten the ladies, Gillian tells them that Harrow, a war veteran and acts as Tommy's caretaker. Real thing. Read more all about flea circus acts HERE. They have a visitor: Dean O' Banion, a hood from the north side of Chi-town.

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By night, he was a notorious bootlegger, thief and gambling impresario. O' Banion was murdered in with many believing that Capone had a hand in the act. For more on O' Banion, see the documentary below:. They discuss a misunderstanding regarding the boundaries of territory and product.

When O' Banion asks if Capone has "mozzarella in his ears," the mood quickly turns ugly. After being as cordial as gangsters can to be when discussing business, O' Banion leaves and sends another zinger Capone's way. Capone promises that his new year's resolution is to relax and not be such a hothead. When Torrio leaves, Capone alludes to a nearby thug some plans he has for O' Banion. Nucky brings up the amount of bad press the Harding administration has been receiving of late. Daugherty raises his glass, "'23 will be better.

Nucky excuses everyone except Daugherty. Nuck says the Harding administration is going down in flames and he's not going with them. Daugherty suggests Nucky get down from his high horse and reminds him that the former treasurer had his own set of problems like his election rigging trial last season. Nucky tells the attorney general that he's now a philanthropist.

Daugherty shows Nucky the headline about the Tabor Heights murder. In order to keep the press hounds at bay, Daugherty informs Nucky that there will be now be a middle-man collecting the graft payment each month. Margaret is on a private tour of Enoch and Margaret Thompson Pediatric Annex, a new wing she and Nucky helped build with their donation money at St. Theresa's Hospital in Atlantic City. She seems pleased hearing all about the advancements in medicine through being a benefactor.

Just then, a pregnant woman stumbles into the hallway from the outside and collapses. A couple of doctors scoop up the woman and call for a gurney to tend to her. Margaret can only gaze in horror at this woman, who is obviously suffering a miscarriage. Later that afternoon, Margaret approaches Dr. Douglas Mason Patrick Kennedy , and inquires about the condition of the woman. The physician reminds Margaret that she is a board member of the hospital and insinuates that her benefactor dollars should be put to better work.

Coli infection," he says. We do not instruct women on nutrition or hygiene. They are ignorant about their bodies. What you saw today was the result. Mason looks at her with an almost mild disdain and answers, "Nothing When we last saw disgraced treasury agent Nelson Van Alden Michael Shannon , he blasted his way out of the Atlantic City Post Office when it was discovered he murdered his partner Agent Sebso and essentially became a fugitive.

By the end of last season, he planted some roots down in Cicero, Illinois with Sigrid Christiane Seidel , the nanny of his child Abigail which he had out of wedlock with former showgirl Lucy Danziger. Not exactly the most charismatic of salesmen, the poor schlub gets many a door slammed in his face. Back in Atlantic City at the flea circus, we see Harrow showing off his sniper skills to the crowd and for little Tommy at a boardwalk amusement stand.

After winning a few prizes, they talk about the late Jimmy Darmody, Tommy's father. Harrow tells the boy that Jimmy was also a good shooter. When the subject of Tommy's 'mother,' comes up, Harrow is dismayed to learn that Tommy thinks Gillian is his mother instead of his grandmother. At Mickey Doyle's warehouse, Nucky and Owen pop by to speak with Manny Horvitz, now a full-fledged partner in bootlegging venture with Doyle.

Owen tells them that they have a location for Roland Smith, the second thief and wheelman to the warehouse robbery. It's in Willow Grove. Nuck suggests to Manny that he should spare any interrogation and to leave the body as a warning to anyone else that wants to rob them. Manny agrees, but he says that it's New Year's Eve and that his wife wants to celebrate. Do you remember how I helped you? Manny folds his arms is semi-protest. Manny agrees to kill Roland Smith but as payment he wants his own still for bootlegging. He's your friend?

Manny tells Nucky that in three months he'll be stuffing Nucky's pockets with cash. Later that night, Nucky and Margaret throw a lavish New Year's Eve party at their mansion complete with a decadent Egyptian theme. As they mingle with guests, it's obvious no expense was spared in the decor celebrating the pharaohs. The guests are eating it up as Nucky gives the gracious credit to Margaret. Says one guest: "Imagine A worthless desert as far as the eye can see but right there under foot, a treasure of untold millions".

A sly tongue-in-cheek reference to his stockpiled booze, no doubt. We can only assume that this charismatic flapper is a 'Follies' showgirl akin to Nucky's former squeeze Lucy Danziger Paz de la Huerta. And what of the charming Ms. After explaining some pleasantries, Cantor and Billie who likes her booze are off to perform for the crowd. After studying his momma's painting, Tommy tells Harrow that he wants "to make a picture" so they start drawing.

Just then, we see Gillian overlooking the scene.

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Find it on Facebook sensoryexplore. Our family continues our sailing adventures on our J44, Spirit Bird. We live in Mattapoisett, and I enjoy volunteering at Tabor. Contact me for class get together ideas: sailhoward aol. We had a great time celebrating, catching up, and being together! In August of , my wife and I welcomed into our lives our daughter, Lilly Grace. Looking at our smiles, I am not sure which one of us is having more fun!

We are living in Northern Virginia and love living so close to DC and all the opportunities it affords us. Cannot believe our daughter, Shelby, is graduating from high school in June and heading out to Purdue BoilerUp to be part of their engineering and honors program. Our son, Reed, is a freshman, loving school and playing lots of soccer between his club team, ODP, and as a starter on the varsity team. I am working part-time for one of the soccer clubs and enjoying life. Ditto for all of his Tabor friends.

That said, John remains steadfastly grateful for the admittedly flawed innovation that is Facebook and the opportunity it affords us to keep. He is happily reminded of Tabor every time news footage shows Robert Mueller speaking at Tabor graduation. There was plenty of old school, nostalgic TA lax story-telling. Good to get an updated senior English reading list from SeanO, too! He described three historic journeys he took through the Northwest Passage. In , he took his first trip, the th boat to do so.

Hooked, he went again in via another route, becoming the ninth boat in history to cross the passage from west to east and earning the Boat Internationals Voyager Award. In , he took his vessel, Latitude, to circumnavigate Svalbard, coming within miles of the North Pole.

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  • 'Boardwalk Empire' premiere recap: 'I got money, you got booze'.
  • Latitude is the only vessel ever to do this and was nominated for another Voyager Award. He was also nominated for a Boat International Design award for his innovative designs and modifications after the Svalbard trip. Sanders, M. The group was setting off for the mile ride. Later, Chip Johns learned.

    We are proud of their efforts to protect our most precious resource: Buzzards Bay. Tabor students got into the act as ride management volunteers. We love our partnership with BBC. Unfortunately, the Class Reunion photo was lost in editing and therefore not included in the fall issue of Tabor Today. Tom Sarris noticed and shared this one for us to enjoy. Here is the gang, enjoying the festivities together. We are mostly retired and have the opportunity to enjoy the people, water, weather, and history of the area. I really look forward to our 45th TA reunion in June.

    I am retiring from my pediatric practice on Long Island and moving to Charleston, SC, where my children and grandchildren live. For the third straight summer, classmates Kenny Golding and Winder Heller traveled to the West on a history trip. John shared with us the death of his classmate, Steve Eriksen.

    He was a goalie on the Varsity Hockey team for his two years at Tabor and played on the Varsity Golf team. My wife, Gigi, and I continue to enjoy retirement in St. Petersburg, FL. We have four sons: Conrad Jr. We have ten grandchildren and enjoy babysitting for them. Thanks again to all who supported my induction into the Tabor Athletic Hall of Fame! George D. Justus A. Donald W. Sanford N. Constance A. Samuel C. Phillip B. Edmon G. Luke Jr. John S. Leonard Jr. John G. Steven E. Arthur G. John F. Callahan Jr. Jackson O. Stephen G.

    My education seemed to go on forever after Tabor: first at Penn, then Oxford, followed by the University of Illinois, and then the University of Connecticut. When all that was over, I moved to Canada to take an academic position. After a few years, I decided to go into practice as an orthodontist and moved to Brandon, Manitoba.

    Brandon is a town surrounded by farms in the middle of nowhere. Bob Griffith and his wife, Johana, are happy to report the arrival of their second grandchild, a boy, Rohan, on December 10, Everyone is thrilled except his big sister, Harper, who has yet to accept that he is not a girl.

    Conveyors of Common Sense…

    Peter L. Kenneth B. Paul J. Alfred M. Sheehy Jr. Thomas L. Life in the middle of nowhere has been relaxed and peaceful. I spend most weekends and vacations at a cottage just outside of Riding Mountain National Park and regularly spot moose, elk, wolves, and black bear. I was married for many years but divorced. Never had children but have been lucky enough to enjoy the children of good friends and now their grandchildren. Overall, life so far has been as good as it gets. I retired from teaching sculpture at Messiah College in , but I have continued working as a sculptor and have been fortunate to have some public commissions.

    James Lard, a woodworker and ceramist, and I designed, fabricated, and installed it, finishing in June of The units on both walls are made of various woods, cast aluminum, terra cotta, and 3D printed forms organized around two iterations of the Fibonacci spiral. Douglas Buck and his wife, Virginia, have converted their old barns to house an art school.

    Wethersfield Academy for the Arts is one of the finest schools of classical fine art between Boston and New York. It adapts the principles behind the Constitution of the United States to governments at any level. Doug believes the best way for a class of students to learn about the Constitution is for them to practice writing one.

    They could act as a charter revision committee for their city or state or write one for a colony on Mars. Make sure to order the revised version published by Mill City Press. It was written with my son, Alex, who lived until recently in San Francisco. Marty and I still travel when we can, most recently to Yellowstone and points west, Aix-en-Provence, France, and to Baltimore where our daughter and son-in-law have three young boys with whom I try to keep up in squash and chess.

    Standing left to right are Dr. Thanks for the visit! My wife and I took a river cruise in August from Budapest to Amsterdam. It was very enjoyable, and I was able to use my nautical experience from Tabor. I would love to hear from Will White, Al Fried or other classmates. Hello from an Admiral from ! Wow, we are getting old! I enjoy spending time with my friend, Caryn Mofenson my wife, Hon Beverly, died almost 3 years ago. I recently moved from Boston to Chestnut Hill and am keeping busy by taking classes and piano lessons, community rowing, going to Sox and Celtics games, and visiting friends.

    I would like to be in touch with alums from 55 or either side; I miss my roomie, John McGrath, almost every day! My contact info is or Mirob11 comcast. Happy ! A bit of number crunching places the Class of at reunion 75! Most of us joined a military service at age 17 or 18, and with the end of WWII, we came home and went to college.

    Fast forward: my wife, Brooke, and I are enjoying and rejoicing with our first grandchild, Zachary, born in August He welcomes us with a smile when we arrive on Fridays as designated nannies. Other activities include travel, participating in continuing education courses, and weather permitting, puttering around in the garden. David A. Clement C. Jason L. Anthony G. Peter T. Kristiane C. Angus H. Jennifer C. John H. Garrard K. Jack B. Smith Jr. James A. Sumner J. Louis S. Geoffrey H. John W. Keith N. Deborah C. Albert Fried Jr. Phillips G. The answer is simple: you can do it today with a gift through your will.

    In the interest of sustainability, we are now sending one issue per household. If this magazine is addressed to a son or daughter who no longer maintains a permanent address with you, please e-mail us at alumni taboracademy. Thank you! Tabor Academy's alumni magazine, spring issue. Quirk, Head of School At great schools, there is perpetual tension between the historic nature of the place and the creatively bettered future we desire. Follow us taboracademy www. It is a team effort: coaches, teachers, college counselors and, of course, families and fans En j oy more campus news at all play a part.

    We are so fortunate to have such strong support for our athletic www. Admission and C ollege C ounseling Hit the R oad For the first time, we combined an Admissions Open House program in a distant city Atlanta with a college counseling seminar for our parents who travel less frequently to campus due to distance. Student D iversity Leadership C onference Strong interest remains in attending this powerful conference that teaches students about different perspectives and empowers them to embrace their identities and support each other while serving as allies to others.

    Tabor Academy has been long recognized for the iconic research we have done since the early s on coral reef ecology in the D aily Schedule at Caribbean. National Park Day 1: Service, and the U. Geological Survey, but also has developed Arrival and orientation procedures for coral surveys that have become a standard in the Day 2: research community. Research methods instruction, snorkel This March, Tabor students had the opportunity to expand their French Bay for population reach and enjoy a new research experience at the Gerace Research analysis of new coral Centre in San Salvador, Bahamas.

    Still working to protect coral reefs growth through population and health assessment of the reef communi- Day 3: ties, students tried their hand at creating a fragment coral reef Snorkel Long Bay, survey stand to help propagate healthy coral reef specimens. Cooperating with a researcher Continue work in Long from Northeastern, we developed a procedure to find the Bay, visit Sandy Beach healthiest and best fit fragments for outcropping by searching Day 5: for and identifying significant genes in coral fragments that are Fragment tree construc- resilient to disease.

    Day 7: Assess and adjust work on fragment trees, swimming at Grotto Beach Day 8: Clean up and departure 9 by Steve Downes, Director, Center for International Students A Ways Away Through the many travel opportunities we offer to introduce our students to new worlds and cultures during spring and summer breaks, our students are now seeking longer term opportunities for immersive study. We are fortunate to have such a creative drama teacher who is willing to take students beyond the craft of acting to enlighten them to the purposes of theater beyond entertainment: to teach people 22 something about themselves, their society, and our common humanity.

    Heading Off Stage Phil, at Tabor since , and Mark and Bob, since , have each encouraged students toward ever higher achievement in the arts. Will B ecker Will Becker was described as an embodiment of professional excellence by his colleague Matt Voci, a fellow math teacher. She is passionate in her subject area, a self-described, the model representative of Tabor. He displays unabashed science NERD, always looking to stay current in her field a real commitment to and love for his work.

    She sets clear expectations and a high bar, and gives the students who come to Tabor from far-flung students the tools to succeed in an engaging environment. In addition places. Most of all, it is the way Steve relates to this, Ms. Wright is always looking to step up and improve the to the families of our international students scientific experience for students through research trips. I saw first-hand how much Tabor meant to my father, and that love, in conjunction with my own—and knowing that every donation helps Tabor continually strive for better—is why I give today.

    Club for the event in Auckland, New Zealand. We reached out to Buckley to ask him more about the challenge ahead as he reaches for the highest H ow does recruiting an all-A merican team standard of achievement in his sport. W hat can you tell us about the value do you place on both your Tabor AC 7 5 race yacht , and how are you going to connections and what you learned here?

    What lessons did you learn from coaching I would love to have Tabor and the Tabor family join our team as we attempt to win the 36th Sportsmanship?

    Falling into the Bible 3 -- Mt. Tabor; Above All, Jesus!

    For many students, athletics is the benefits of contributing to multiple sports at what drew them to Tabor, hoping to learn, grow, Tabor, they shared some common themes. These student- benefits of playing on three very different teams. While for the ice hockey season. Staying in shape is great, many of our most serious athletes come to Tabor but she also enjoys being able to compete in multiple specializing in the sport they hope to pursue in sports with her closest friends.

    The amount of commitment, dedication, well as train together, creating tight bonds. Annie and hard work our student-athletes bring to their also mentions the joy of being with people who are sports is inspiring, and they are the key ingredients naturally competitive. A junior who plays varsity soccer, varsity different coaches and peers. Annie and Jake prove hockey, and varsity lacrosse, Jake has been active and there are benefits for themselves, as well as for the competitive throughout his entire youth. He values community, in sharing their athletic talents beyond the lessons in leadership he has been exposed to their favorite sport as they recognize the importance through Tabor sports.

    From the competition, the conditioning, advantage of his opportunity to participate and excel the leadership, and camaraderie, I tell them they will in multiple sports. They provide excellent leadership, deter- experiences, perhaps uncovering new areas of mination, and athleticism to the teams we love to interest. In doing so, many of our athletes discover watch while creating memories that will last a how much they value being able to apply what they lifetime for themselves and their fellow Seawolves! Class of 5th Reunion in June!

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    My days are filled 5 with story times, book recommendations, and Makerspace projects. As the veterinarian, I manage the entire aquarium collection, the whale and dolphin hospital, the sea turtle rehabilitation hospital, and I oversee the entire research collection. For more news, please see our W eb Site w w w. See story page Life is good, and I am thankful every day for that! That said, John remains steadfastly grateful for the admittedly flawed innovation that is Facebook and the opportunity it affords us to keep up with old friends and teachers from a time that feels at once like yesterday and approximately two to three lifetimes ago.

    Later, Chip Johns learned he was the top fundraiser on the ride for the second year in a row! Class of 45th Reunion in June! Class of 55th Reunion in June! James J. Nicholas L. Marylee Burke Mrs. Jennifer Forker, R. Bart Nourse Mrs. Mary Lee Trautman Mr. Class of 65th Reunion in June!

    Come explore a summer by the sea, filled with friendship, activities, enrichment, and fun!