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Facing the possibility of torture and execution, Lisa and her family must move away from the troubles, before they become victims themselves. This is an inspirational story of human bravery against a tyrannical regime and a story of how honour within that family asks the extraordinary from one woman in particular. For those in the U.

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Also by J. Whether people find themselves comforting someone dealing with loss, or dealing with a death themselves, people are often unsure of the correct way to act, and thus need guidance. The ability for a physician to intervene and engage the patient and his or her family in early care planning is a very important aspect of the profession today. It allows patients to reflect on their goals, and lets them live out their final days the way they would like to.

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It also initiates an honest discussion among the patients and their family, which ultimately provides closure for for individual family members facing a loss, but even more importantly for the patient. Speaking from a personal perspective, a loved one entering end-of-life care is a hard concept to grasp and accept.

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However, the sooner one addresses and accepts this topic, the fewer regrets one has after the death and the more closure one is able to have. My hospice experience has helped me understand all the factors that play into end-of-life care that are more than just palliative care. Surviving family often view the final days as a nightmare of noise, suffering and pain.

Although we would rather not prolong suffering, we do it because we never know what the outcome will be. Perhaps we can bring our loved one back and if everything is not done, will be saddled with the guilt of hastening a death. Everyone should make their family aware of their wishes so that they are not forced to make difficult decisions when death is imminent.

Everyone must have a living will, advanced directives and a designated family member who has the durable power of attorney to function as a health-care proxy in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself. For those with known illnesses from which recovery is not possible and where further aggressive care would be futile, comfort and hospice care is the ideal choice.

I have made my decisions crystal clear to family. If I am unable to make decisions for myself, if there is virtually no hope of meaningful recovery, I do not want aggressive care.


If am not hungry do not feed me, If I am not thirsty, I do not need to drink nor do I want to be fed through a tube in my stomach or receive fluids intravenously. And if I get an infection that is not causing suffering, do not give me antibiotics.

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Prior to antibiotics, a minor infection led to dehydration and a comfortable death.