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I'd try to get some extra support during this rough time and have someone watch baby while you go out and have a little time to yourself. This is really important to do during the tough times with baby so you don't get too overwhelmed. Even 20 minutes walking around the block will do tons to help you feel better. In fact, walks may also help your baby feel better and relax. During wonder weeks I try to keep things as normal as possible but offer comfort as much as is needed, try not to go overboard during sleep times when it is needed. Some babies won't regress with sleep or will only regress during the wonder week then go back to normal.

Some will still struggle once the wonder week is over so you'll have to work a bit harder on sleep once you get to that point. This is a really great post. I knew about the wonder weeks but didn't know the schedule for the start of the fussy periods. This explains so much! My daughter's been very fussy for the last few days - including sleep disruptions - and I couldn't figure out why she's otherwise content and healthy. According to your post she's right on track for the fussy period for wonder week Monique, Even if you don't end up being able to do much about the fussiness, it really gives you peace of mind to know what is going on, huh.

What's a good awake time for a 18 week old 4months we get usually hr sleep then crying after 1.

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Babywise says 45 min nap are OT are they UT? Also do you think bad sleep this age connected with Wonder Week? Garrett and Denise Stone, Bad sleep any age can be connected to a wonder week, especially right now. But it can be due to lots more too. Check out this post for waketime length. You'll likely be around 1. But often they happen for no good reason. Look at this post for more Wow, so glad I saw this post! My son is 37 weeks and has turned into a different baby!

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Sleeping only an hour and a half at night before waking up with the most horrible crying, not content seems bored and just very fussy! Thought I was doing something wrong and feeling so guilty! Thank you for the information! Ashley joe, It's amazing how much it helps just to know int your fault--even if you can't do anything about it. I hope you're out of it by now. Ha ha Rachel. I was just reviewing this post for my new babies and noticed I must have complained when Liam was little about the months not being posted! They are also varied which actually cover any child behavior.

Also, although the wonder week peaks at a certain time, it says it can strat a few weeks before and last up to 6weeks, by which time you get to the next wonder week early point-which always makes laugh!

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No respite for tired mummies!! I'm sure there is truth to it but i feel more observation is needed to define the different chapters, or make the book shorter instead of repeating the same. Unless it's written with keeping in mind that mums are gonna go straight to the page they need. Anyway, just the thoughts of a sleep deprived mum!!

On another note, thank you for your work on here, I have been reading everything on it since my son was 4 months old and napping only 30min, he is now 9mo, napping brilliantly and almost sttn, I just need to sort out his 5.

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Looking fwd to you next posts. Esmeralda, It is a bit much to go through if you go through more than just where your child is at once. I'm sure to the authors that are so heavily involved with it would think they vary quite a bit, but for me, it pretty much sums up to bad sleep and difficult behavior.

I'm glad you've found this site helpful!

My boy is a premie, he is 8 weeks 4 days, started being fussy exactly in the beginning of 8 week. His corrected age is 16 days he is a 34th weeker.

When are the Wonder Weeks? ~ My Baby Sleep Guide | Your sleep problems, solved!

Mouni, Some babies will start to get a bit fussy as they get past the super sleepy first two weeks which would be about 8 weeks for you. Sometimes there is a cause, like tiredness or reflux, sometimes it is something that you have to wait out during the newborn period. Great advise here. My 9 and a half week old started this lastnight. His isn't accomanied by less sleep, but was sleeping all day, when he was awake he was very fussy, I thought he was getting sick.

Our five and six hour stetches have gone down to 3 or 4 sometimes 2. He has also started drooling a lot? Is this normal?

5 weeks in Boston over winter with a toddler?? - Boston Forum

He normally has short frequent naps during the day, and we already seem to be on track as hes awake longer today, but I was positive he was getting ill yesterday. Can these last just a day or two? You seem very insighful, any advice on the short naps? Is this just him? My other son had long naps. Ashley White-Fougere, Yes, it can just last a day or two.